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C9 laugh thread
Morocco FastestUserInHltv 
You can laugh here after SK wins 2-1 you are welcome
2018-01-28 01:15
2018-01-28 01:15
Norway duffz00r 
Eat shit Isabella
2018-01-28 01:16
eych gl tho, if they win 2-1, FaZe will be waiting, NiKo is angry to cream pie them all
2018-01-28 01:16
Sweden flippig 
sk are exhausted from playing a 5 hour game vs fnatic, the human mind cant be on top focus for that long and then recharge for another game in only a few hours vs a fresh team. Sry SK aint going to turn this around bro, not fair tho to make them play 2 games in the same day, cant belive they made it like this on this lvl of competition tho
2018-01-28 01:17
You are right, but Faze fans and C9 fans will be like "Excuses excuses blah blah blah" Well, lets see what happens in the 2nd map
2018-01-28 01:19
United States SirFoxy 
2018-01-28 01:19
s1mple | 
Turkey solfex 
+1 unfair for SK
2018-01-28 01:20
eat that 16:3 ma boi it for breakfast
2018-01-28 01:20
are you getting ready to laugh ?
2018-01-28 02:11
Mirage9 its their new name
2018-01-28 02:15
nice prediction r tard
2018-01-28 03:23
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