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major final predition
s1mple | 
This is how i think the pick bans will go cloud 9 ban nuke their perma ban Faze ban cobble, their worst map cloud 9 pick mirage maybe train but probably mirage they have been sick on that map this major. faze pick overpass, cloud 9 is ok on overpass and faze is the second best team in the world on the map only being behind sk with boltz, and being far ahead of anyone else. faze ban train/mirage depending on what c9 picked c9 ban cache honestly their fucked on cache or inferno i'm guessing they will ban cache because they just beat sk on inferno to get to the finals. If it goes this way i think faze easily wins 2-0 because they are the favorite on every map expet cobble. This is how I think tarik should do the pick ban, even though he will still probably lose 2-0 with this pick ban cloud 9 should ban overpass. faze is not going to pick nuke it is their second worst map, and even so c9 probably has a higher chance to win on nuke then overpass. faze bans cobble c9 picks mirage faze picks inferno cloud 9 bans cache faze bans nuke train decider The only map c9 is the favorite on is cobble which is the map faze will ban. Cloud 9 has about a 15-30% chance to win on train, and mirage. they have a 5-14%chance to win on nuke and a 1-5% chance to win on cache, and inferno and a 0.000003% chance to win on overpass Honestly the maps work out horribly for c9 ther is a reason they have never gotten double digtis agaisnt this faze lineup. If c9 wins this bo3 it will be one of the biggest upsets in major history. player wise karrigan is a much better IGL then tarik guardian is way better then ska niko is better then young stew rain is better then tarik olof is normally a little bit worse then automatic but olof is going of this major so they are roughly equal rush is a better fragger then karrigan. this is c9s worst matchup they could possibly face in a bo3 i'm predicting faze comfortably wins 2-0. I give cloud 9 a 3% chance of winning the bo3, and a 20% chance to get a single map.
2018-01-28 04:22
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byali | 
Poland BYALl 
that I are think boring trash final it will for sure be
2018-01-28 04:23
Not a bad prediction BUT c9 miracles do happen every now and then sooo im all in c9 in 2 maps xd
2018-01-28 04:25
4% Canada know this info
2018-01-28 04:30
I aren't think that
2018-01-28 04:33
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