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L.K.S | 
Slovakia Reve_nant 
2018-01-28 12:21
2018-01-28 12:22
rain | 
Greece rRevz 
Thank god they didnt give to esl ... Imagine a facebook only Major ... I would cry
2018-01-28 12:34
probably a reason why esl didnt get it. Still the money from facebook is good enough for those money grabbing fucks :)
2018-01-28 12:37
rain | 
Greece rRevz 
They'll realise that was a mistake when they see the views on esl events dropping below 100k , but it'll be too late then . You got more money from facebook that's cool and all , but I dont think long time sponsors will be happy with the viewership
2018-01-28 12:38
Yeah, they already streamed some dota on there and they got a solid count of 2000 viewers.
2018-01-28 12:39
rain | 
Greece rRevz 
Same will happen with CS , like the views dropped when they went from Twitch to YouTube , Facebook will be even worse ... Like who the fuck is going to sit and watch a Facebook livestream ... ?
2018-01-28 12:40
Well, I just googled their page, and the last map in the final of a dota 400.000 dollar tournament gets 65.4K views. Fucking horrendous
2018-01-28 12:41
rain | 
Greece rRevz 
Let's just hope that the Facebook money isnt enough to keep them there after the views flop.
2018-01-28 12:42
Switzerland Graubunden 
next major: DH Masters Stockholm
2018-01-28 12:38
United Arab Emirates DuncanAK 
would be perfect .. i like DH events
2018-01-28 12:40
I'd prefer that, but this article is likely correct. Having said that, I can't remember one time the next major was leaked.
2018-01-28 12:49
Portugal ArChii_cs 
2018-01-28 12:40
atleast then they wil have fucking booths...
2018-01-28 12:42
Someone in another post said that NA has a law that makes it impossible to add booths for the players cause of some fire hazard law.
2018-01-28 12:46
then fuck NA
2018-01-28 12:53
Makes sense. Logical. No other countries have problems during their majors...
2018-01-28 12:55
BRA71L does but fuck them too
2018-01-28 12:58
Every major has problems every year, you can't have that many games going on, that many people in one place, that much run-time, and that much money involved and not have problems. But yes, fuck Brazil cause Krakow was actually disgusting. Everywhere else is fine.
2018-01-28 13:00
Yes because not wanting people to die in fires is a bad thing. Please tell me is fire the #1 cause of death in the netherlands?
2018-01-28 13:03
You don't randomly die in a fire lmfao 37 people died in a Fire in the Netherlands, add 7 for suicide and 2 for a fire caused after a natural death. That's not alot, yet we do have booths. 3,280 in USA That's 1 in every 100.000 people In the netherlands it's 1 in 460 000
2018-01-28 13:16
Don't count any south of the mason-dixon they are too incompetent to understand emergency exit signs. But seriously though you don't want to have an instance where the door gets jammed and players die in a fire. The liability is way too high and the law suits would be plentiful. Also booths don't add that much.
2018-01-28 13:57
Booths add a lot. They can decrease sound with 10 decibels easily, which means 1/8th of the sound comes through.
2018-01-28 14:25
Xizt | 
Czech Republic davskal 
Dota events in Boston had booths and np. Eleague are just cheap fucks.
2018-01-28 13:15
Just posting what someone else said in another thread. I have no clue how true it is or what exact kind of booths make it a fire hazard.
2018-01-28 13:17
Xizt | 
Czech Republic davskal 
I think that's a reddit hoax, the thing with the fire hazard.
2018-01-28 13:18
I mean I guarantee its possible to have some form of sound proof booths, its probably just some certain kind that is illegal or something.
2018-01-28 13:24
September... Does Valve want CSGO to die? Half the fans don't pay attention at all to the game/scene except during majors... This game won't exist by September
2018-01-28 12:45
3x majors a year format needs to come back. I feel like the only reason Valve changed the format is because the prize pool went up to $1,000,000 and they didn't want to pay $3,000,000 in prize money alone each year. Back when there were 3 majors a year, the prize pool was only $250,000.
2018-01-28 12:58
I want ESL and Dreamhack back D; I want to be Dota and have $20,000,000 majors (lel)
2018-01-28 12:59
ESL Cologne should be a major every year. It's the most iconic event in CS GO. However, I'm happy that Dreamhack is out of the major rotation. The Cluj-Napoca major was one of my least favorites. If I had it my way, MLG and Eleague would alternate hosting the first major of the year in the U.S. ESL Cologne would be the 2nd major and 3rd major would be given to the TO that had the best bid that year (Dreamhack, PGL, Epicenter, etc....)
2018-01-28 13:04
No, not cluj. I want 2014 back. Nowadays I'd want ESL (good ESL, not FacebookSL), Eleague to either both do 2 majors a year (one every 3 months) or alternate and each year one does 2 and the other does 1 that year for 3 majors in the year (one every 4 months) fuck waiting 8 months for a major, valve is actually retarded if they don't get someone to run another major in june or something
2018-01-28 13:08
That's true. Viewership would be a lot greater in the summer. Valve is brain dead confirmed.
2018-01-28 13:11
100% +100
2018-01-28 13:14
Germany szily 
Cmoooon... Don't be delusional:
2018-01-28 13:06
delusional about what? the fact that csgo numbers have been steadily declining since the peak in 2016? and that if you take out the months that include majors it gets much worse?
2018-01-28 13:13
Germany szily 
The avg. players are consistent. It's always over 300K, never got under and hitting 400K in Feb. 2017. I mean, it's not that difficult to read such a table. If you read it and you see a decrease in player base, you are not capable to get the facts out of it. Slight changes of a few thousands players mean nothing. If the player base decreases heavily, you can definitely tell that it is dying. I don't see a significant decrease in the player base at all. Most months in 2017 got even higher avg. players than 2016 - Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep and Oct. Read it properly, thanks. ;)
2018-01-28 13:31
so fast
2018-01-28 13:05
I miss good old times when we had 3 majors a year, and there were dreamhack majors too
2018-01-28 13:12
Probably because major pools were 250k and now they are 1mil
2018-01-28 14:29
Portugal ArChii_cs 
Portugal pls
2018-01-28 13:27
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