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Sweden gayvela 
First of, this is just a proposal. This is not the new rules of HLTV. Also, it’s a pretty long read and no TL;DR will be given at the end. When browsing the forums I sometimes comes across what is allowed on the site and what is not, and unfortunately there isn’t always a clear answer. I took it upon myself on my own time to see if I could come up with some rules that would clear up some mistakes. Didn’t really have any intention to post it in the first time, but when it got longer and better I thought “Might as well post it”. So instead of a PM directly to the admins, I thought it would be interesting to see what the community thought about it, bad/good or if it feels like I have missed something. Admins are allowed to use some, all, or modify the existing text to their own liking. Some of it I felt like an explanation could be of use so I have added the “*Attention”, just to make some things more clear. In this proposal the rules will follow 2 different groups: Netiquette, Rules. Lets start with the Netiquette. Users who violates the Netiquette may be handed a warning. This is to ensure everyone have a pleasant usage of the site, smaller misconduct can be tolerated but excessive abuse after a single or multiple warnings, can result in a ban. Netiquette: 0.1 Title: The thread's title should give a true and fair view of what the thread is about. If the post is essentially a question, the title will end with a question mark. *Attention: Baiting with such is against the rule 1.8 (discussed later on). You are allowed to have an ongoing discussion with yourself and even contradict yourself, but overall whatever is posted and it’s true meaning, should be reflected in the title. 0.2 Starting a thread and deciding where to post: Do not start a new thread if there is already a suitable thread. Be sure to post your posts in the correct sub forum. Your post should be related to the topic the forum is about. *Attention: Some topics can be discussed multiple times without it be considered abuse. But if there already are 1-3 topics surrounding a recent tweet or something similar, made by a pro player, known person or such, there is no need for 1 more. 0.3 Nonsense and off-topic: Post that clearly are off-topic or nonsense can be removed without motivation or a heads up. *Attention: If your post is removed you should most suitable see it as a small warning, even if a warning is not given. 0.4 Cross-posting: Don’t post a topic in different sections of the forum at the same. 0.5 Actions of the Moderators: Unless the topic is about the Moderators, where they are the one’s being asked question, don’t question whether specific comments were removed in a thread. Such comments will be removed as they are considered off-topic. If question still arise whether your post were removed, the question should be sent in a PM to the Moderator. 0.6 False rumor: Spreading false rumors about persons, companies or other organizations with the intent to expose them to dissatisfaction of others, or to intentionally spread distorted or false information with intent to mislead, is against the rules. *Attention: Being a journalist is one thing, but just spreading false rumors is prohibited. Most users are not journalists, and claiming to be doesn’t justify all posts. Netiquette ends here so lets get to the second part of this proposal, the rules. Any user who violates any of the rules as follows risks warning, limited or permanent banning. Unless another specific time has been declared later at the document, the bans are limited to this time frame: At the first barn, you will be banned for one week, second ban is one month, and for the third for six months. (Just as an example.) Users who commit serious violations may be suspended from the forum for six months without prior notice. They can also be permanently banned. Rules: 1.1 Advertising: Private or commercial ads, such as buy, sell or exchange ads, posts containing advertisements or posts with other content that the user earns money or other benefits on, is prohibited. *Attention: This would also mean that post about streams or such, in a purpose of advertising, could be removed and punished. Would be up a moderator to decide whether the thread is suitable. 1.2 Racism and contempt: It is forbidden to threaten or express contempt for particularly vulnerable groups, with racial, skin, national or ethnic origin, creed or sexual orientation. *Attention: You are allowed to question and think freely about your country or any other country, but constant disrespect towards other countries will be punished. Question your own before ‘hating’ on others. 1.3 Child pornography: It is forbidden to request or distribute links to pornographic images or movies with people under the age of 18. *Attention: Just making the previous clear. But, don’t know whether porn should be allowed on the site or not. If allowed, posting links of pornography should then include the [18+] tag or be held at a specific thread. If pornography is not allowed, the rule 1.3 would then include all pornography. Something to be decided by the Admins later on if they decide to change the rules. 1.4 Users anonymity: To on the forums threatening of posting, post, or PM personal data or other information, intentionally revealing another users identity is prohibited. Except for such information as the user themselves has already published in the forum. Linking users alternate accounts or accounts to other forums or sites is prohibited. 1.5 Alternative accounts: The abuse of alternative accounts is prohibited. In case of shutdown, it is only allowed to use the forum to discuss its shutdown with a moderator or admin. 1.6 Personal attacks: Violent personal attacks, harassment, threats or harmful threats directed against other users are prohibited. 1.7 Viruses or other malicious code: Spreading links to computer viruses or other malware is prohibited. 1.8 Immoderate abuse: Baiting and spamming is and can be considered immoderate abuse, doing or confessing to such behavior will result in a ban. A warning can be given, but is not needed for it to be considered a bannable offense. *Attention: If you bait, and later reply with ‘get baited’, you will be punished. 1.9 Disobedience: Ignoring repeated warnings result in a ban. And here it ends. It did get a whole lot longer than I first thought, but I did enjoy writing it. If you feel like I have missed something please comment about it. Feels like it’s a pretty good template but as told in the beginning, would like to know what the community thinks about if these rules were enforced.
2018-01-28 20:56
GruBy | 
Sweden MJeyy 
I say no to your proposal Im married already
2018-01-28 20:57
-On HLTV -Married pick one
2018-01-30 03:53
fnx | 
France ntBait 
i pick two
2018-01-30 04:57
United States pSilent 
that wasnt an option u gonna get banned kid
2018-01-30 05:24
2018-01-28 20:57
African Union KFCManager 
didnt even read it its too long for a typical hltv user
2018-01-28 20:57
if you ban racism, 80% of the community will die
2018-01-28 21:00
2018-01-31 15:28
Italy EzForMagiskb0Y 
Coming from the guys whose name is "gayvela"
2018-01-28 21:01
Can for the record say that it's "gayv-ela".
2018-01-29 02:14
dont ban autists, the page will die
2018-01-28 21:15
Australia t0rrent_ 
Who would prefer a hltv where rules don't hinder people's expression in an attempt to protect people's feelings?
2018-01-28 22:57
Now I don't really know what these 'feelings' of yours are, that you are talking about. But HLTV is a forum for CS, other things can be discussed sure, but mainly for CS. But please, comment which of theses rules you feel hinder peoples expression in an attempt to protect others feelings.
2018-01-30 03:51
Australia t0rrent_ 
Insults and politically incorrect statements are not allowed. I've been banned for calling someone a "europoor" and saying "hitler did nothing wrong" I was joking on both occasions but even if someone says these things seriously it should be their right to as a human being to say that and the possibility that someone else would get butthurt shouldn't supersede that right. At the end of the day hltv as an organisation needs to make money and I believe more people would want freedom of speech on the forums rather than a safespace that treats them like fragile snowflakes
2018-01-30 05:05
As I see it in this particular discussion , europoor doesn't have to be a bannable offense, but AFAIK you could have spammed it for the last 20+ comments, which would make you banned under rule 1.8, instead of 1.2. See where I'm getting with this? It's not all about new rules, but also that new more clear rules would clear up some confusion. If 'europoor' is a bannable offense, it should be written that such comments will be come with a punishment. I do agree with you that people really do like their freedom of speech, and so do I. But also this freedom can also sometimes be very cruel, and other companies don't always want their adds on such a site.
2018-01-30 05:20
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I like it. Obviously normal users will not read this and that is a true shame, but this definitely deserves a bump. :) I've been thinking of making something like this for a while now as I make these things all time on the others forums I work on, but I was waiting for blogs to come back before making one. Something like this shouldn't just be a "thread", it should be a page of it's own.
2018-01-29 15:26
I'm glad you liked it, you are one of the few that I thought would actually read it :) I do agree with you on that one, would be simpler if you just could revamp or update it in a form of "revision 1.1.. 1.2 etc" but this will have to do in the meantime.
2018-01-30 03:58
United States pSilent 
I think the rules definitely need to be more properly defined. At the same time, one of the main appeals of this site to me is the fact that things are what some people would refer to as "toxic". It's a bit hard to explain, but there is something endearing about seeing a comment respond to me like "nt burger na education LUL" or something like that. It's weird. Maybe because it's strangely refreshing to see people be so straightforward in their comments and opinions compared to other websites. I think having stricter rules takes a way part of what makes HLTV special, in a weird sort of way. I dunno. /shrug
2018-01-30 04:07
Israel Kryst1 
HLTV user who believes in equality, respect among others and the integrity of the CS:GO pro scene. Below are the rules, please follow them to your absolute best ability. Rule-breaking is an absolute no go in my book and I will generally act on such measures if you purposely rule-break or indefinitely act disrespectfully/maliciously towards another user.
2018-01-30 04:41
I like it. But it wont work. Many people spend much of their time breaking the rules you suggested. These people will simply leave HLTV alone a lot more than usually. This will hurt HLTV's ad revenue. HLTV is a business above everything else.
2018-01-30 03:56
Agree that HLTV is a business but also that it doesn't hurt to be treated as a serious one also. A well moderated HLTV 'could' bring pros back, and hence more people would follow.
2018-01-30 04:35
It would hurt this site. Serious users would go the all infamous reddit. Which, despite what reputation it has, a place where people involved in the scene are posting with a confirmed identity. They would be in direct competition if HLTV implemented the mentioned rules. I am by no means against it personally, I just believe it would be a huge mistake business wise, which is what matters most for the owners/employees I would be believe. They would basically risk their personal economy.
2018-01-30 05:42
Might be the case that the survival of HLTV is in it being the community that it is. But as it is somewhat explained in #38 it's not always about how often or much the moderators actually enforce the rules, but that the rules are clear but also not confusing at the same time. But yes I do agree with you somewhat that there sure can be a risk to it. Anyways, thank you for your input!
2018-01-30 10:27
United States pSilent 
I disagree wholeheartedly with 0.3. Too subject to personal bias by moderators. 1.2 I disagree with. Only if it's something completely stupid like spamming racial slurs. I think race-related humor or racial banter are perfectly acceptable. 1.5 is too abstract. What exactly constitutes abuse of an alternate account? 1.6 I don't necessarily disagree with this, but I don't agree either. This one is pretty unnecessary. Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned rivalry, as long as 1.4 is followed. 1.8 What constitutes a bait? Also, what exactly makes baiting negative?
2018-01-30 03:58
0.3 isn't really a rule in that way that it's supposed to be a bannable offense, it's under "netiquette" so it's more of a guideline. You know a "Try not to keep it off-topic or just posting nonsense guys, try to keep it civilized" kinda vibe over it. The comment might be removed if it brings nothing to the discussion. Example: "who is better in cs?" comment 1: NA>EU in csgo. comment 2: EU>NA in csgo. *comments approved* comment 3: doesn't matter NA is a shithole with a lot of immigrants. *not approved* 1.2 Well humor to one might not be to others. While som think it's fun to drop the n-bomb, well others don't really enjoy it, and I do agree that such comments should really be banned. I do agree that banter between nations is one thing, and there can be some humor to some things but well yeah this is kinda a first revision of it, so we will see when/if rules are changed what will be accepted and not. 1.5 Newly signed up "[ACC 2] Remove ban of [username/ACC 1] please did nothing wrong". More that bans should be treated in PM. Not like we need a new thread anywhere on the forum of why users were banned. Some people tend to spam everywhere when they are banned, not often it happens but sometimes. 1.6 Well it did kinda make the list just because if not listed, it wouldn't be against the rule to be sincerely cruel in comments against others. Rivalry is one thing I agree with that, but some comments just make it faar over the line, and rule 1.6 could be enforced. 1.8 Baiting tends to spiral down to shitposting. It's just to try and keeping it at a minimum. Honestly, thank you for your input!
2018-01-30 04:29
United States pSilent 
Your explanations of my concerns is actually the reasons why I have an issue with these specific rules. All of it will be based on the person who happens to be moderating the comments on that particular day. A moderator could easily mistake light hearted banter between countries for sincerely discriminator and ban-worthy comments. This happens to an extent nowadays, where a stricter moderator will ban things that a more lenient moderator has no issue with, which leads to ban inconsistency. Other than that, I think the idea of clearly defining the rules is a fine one, and this thread is definitely a good first step.
2018-01-30 04:37
I do agree with you, but I mean I see an opportunity, if you had more 'clear' rules, unjustified bans due to bias wouldn't have to happen as often. It still would probably, since as you say light hearted banter could be seen as discrimination. It's a tough one to crack, and inconsistency in bans will probably continue to happen, but hopefully not as often. Guess if 2 people are having a conversation/banter and the phrasing gets out of hand, there would just be a report from one of them, instead of saying "yooo bro thats to far...", showing that there is another way is also a way of helping. I'm happy for your input and that you keep writing about what you think is needed in a change, it really does help the thread out. Feels like it has been a long time since having a discussion in a mature way of what should and shouln't be allowed. Glad there is a change!
2018-01-30 04:57
All about money, bro. Nothing will be moderated and handled differently.
2018-01-30 03:59
+1 OP is clearly over complicating stuff. hltv rules are really simple: don't mess around too much or cross some imaginary boudnaries (which are entirely subjective and to be decided by the admins on a whim, who by the way aren't bound by any rules and may break them to their heart's content). most importantly keep visiting and refreshing as often as possible to generate that tasty ad revenue.
2018-01-30 04:35
Germany VeryNiceGuy 
TL;DR pls Have a nice day! -VeryNiceGuy
2018-01-30 04:02
He wants to bring school to hltv
2018-01-31 15:21
New Zealand NewZealand 
hltv actually has no rule about child porn :happycrank:
2018-01-30 04:08
bad b8
2018-01-30 04:31
You wasted your time posting this on a site meant for CSGO news, stats, pictures, rankings and matches. Forums don't generate any money for HLTV, and are just a garbage dump for some of the worst children that have access to the internet.
2018-01-30 04:32
I 'wasted' my time writing it when I had nothing better to do, so not really wasted! Posting it took 2 sec, and that might be wasted but it's only 2 seconds. If the forums were such a waste, I'm surprised to see that the admins haven't removed it yet.
2018-01-30 04:39
They haven't removed it yet because it is something that does keep a lot of people on the site, but there is no point in improving them.
2018-01-30 04:56
I'm not going to say that you are either right or wrong, just that we disagree with each other. Having new rules (either stricter or looser) doesn't make moderators care more or less about the forums, more that users know that "this is cool, and this is not". This proposal is actually directed to the users, and I did ask if people think new and more clear rules would be good or bad. I have gotten both good and bad as comments so I'm still happy that you took your time to speak your mind. Thank you!
2018-01-30 05:07
You're welcome, good luck with what you are doing. Have a good evening.
2018-01-30 05:08
Rules are irrelevant. If the mods ban users, HLTV loses page views, and therefore ad revenue. It is against HLTV's interest to moderate their forums effectively. and that's why they'll always remain an utter shithole.
2018-01-30 04:38
I disagree with the part that rules are irrelevant. And I wouldn't say that banned users don't use the forums. Just as some people don't respond in every thread, some banned people still lurk around on the site. This thread is more about having clear rules than actually enforce them. Just as the police enforce the law, but still they don't give a ticket to everybody that goes over the speed limit. But let me ask you this, if clearer rules were applied, would you still use the forums?
2018-01-30 07:37
I guess my point is that without effective and consistent enforcement (in my view, enforcement and moderation in these forums is abysmal), what good will better rules accomplish? Better rules are only as good as how well they are enforced.
2018-01-30 18:19
Sure I do understand your point of view and yes I do to some extent agree with you. Most likely the moderators pretty much know in their head what is okey and isn't, therefore clearer rules might not be that relevant, so yes I do pretty much understant your point. The problem I have with the rules as of right now, is that so much is applied by 'common sense' and here on HLTV it isn't always that common. So more mature rules where there isn't all these loopholes, and more concrete and well writen rules could be of use. Example as follow is the infamous 'remove ban' thread, ( I do think there is somewhat good that people can ask why they were banned) where people ask why they got banned, and instead of just using a simple 1.9 respons, moderators respond with something like 'burger comments', so people just don't use the word burger anymore instead of reading the actual rules. So to some extent the 'bad' behaviour continue. And on the point of moderation being abysmal, I surely do think that moderatos do care more than most people think, I can only imagine the amount of reports moderators deal with on a daily basis. But that's not something I'm going to dig into, that is something a moderator have the answer to, not me. But anyway thanks for your respons, it does add value to the thread!
2018-01-31 15:01
-1 kys.
2018-01-30 05:44
Austria mhm_ 
I only come to hltv for the shitposts. and there would be no shitposts with your new rules
2018-01-31 15:04
Well it's not that a lot of people come to HLTV for the quality posts. I would rather read good quality shitposts instead of shit-shitposts. The rules says nothing about quality shitposts.
2018-01-31 15:17
>1.2 Racism and contempt: It is forbidden to threaten or express contempt for particularly vulnerable groups, with racial, skin, national or ethnic origin, creed or sexual orientation. >MFW that's the whole purpose of this website if we weren't allowed hltv wouldn't be hltv anymore
2018-01-31 15:23
The new rules doesn't suggest that banter always comes with a punishment, but contempt does. A big difference in the two.
2018-01-31 15:38
cool story bob
2018-01-31 15:24
Finland sadmen)))) 
2018-01-31 15:37
Germany VeryGuyGuy 
tl;dr Have a guy day! -VeryGuyGuy
2018-01-31 15:24
rumor is a rumor. I mean, everyone knows that a rumor is thing that it can be (or not) true. can you please explain what is a false rumor? I see so many hated threads towards against brazilians and never saw an admin deleting the thread.. I got banned once because I wrote "cyka bliat" without any offensive intention, I was just replying a funny russian guy who said something to me. In my opinion, HLTV staff has to make the rules clear and should get more admins from all continents, so this website would be overwatched 24h
2018-01-31 15:36
On the point of rumors. Discussing them doesn't have to be bannable and in most cases, probably shouldn't. Rumors are one thing and should absolutely be allowed by the rules to be discussed, (to some extent) but spreading false rumors to the point of dissatisfaction of others should come with a punishment. We are not talking just some small rumor about a person or company but more like, spreading false information intentionally to make people think less of a specific person or company. Maybe hard to put in words without an example, and I can't come to think of any right now unfortunately. I have seen some of the threads you talk about getting removed, but I will not comment on what line you have to cross with the rules that apply right now for them to be removed. Discussion about other nations is AFAIK still allowed (and should be), but some is just pure racism and should be removed. And I have seen people being banned for calling Brazillians 'monkeys' so I can most likely say that threads that starts with something like that or similar is probably getting removed, sooner or later.
2018-01-31 16:03
I have a different opinion about a person who spreads the rumor as if it is the absolute true.. But it's hard to take these thread serious (even if they are). I mean, honestly, most of threads are bait or something unuseful like "rate my diet" or something like that.. I think it should not be allowed any content that are not related to CS/PC spec/PC config (HLTV forum would probably die with this). I saved some threads that promote hate toward brazilians and they are still open to receive more comments. I even PMed admins and got no response at all..
2018-01-31 16:13
The "netiquette" part doesn't make sense. Especially 0.6 and 0.3. It's a forum, why wouldn't rumours be allowed? "Krimz to NIP" -> yeah, that's a rumour, gotta chop it. It sounds to me that this will not be easy to conclude what is allowed, and not. "Krimz to NIP" -> THAT IS NONSENSE, chop it. What do you even mean, nonsense? "f0rest's beard is starting to get too big IMO, it lays down on his keyboard, that is why he missclicks so much" is this nonsense? Is it a rumour? Is it off-topic (I guess it is on topic as it relates to cs)
2018-01-31 15:54
Touched on the subject of rumors in #53, and it feels like you missed the part of ' with the intent to expose them to dissatisfaction of others'. It's not that all rumors should be banned. But as with pretty much everything, it depens on how you say or write it. And with the title "Krimz to NIP", if the author bring up some good points in the post, of course it should be allowed, it's not like netiquette will hinder all discussion. And on the point of f0rest's beard, such a comment could easily be proven false just by looking at it, since his beard (AFAIK) doesn't get in the way of his keyboard. Nonsens? Maybe and by the netiquette, posts 'shouldn't' contain such. But as also written before, it's not supposed to be a bannable offense, and in most cases it would probably be seen as humour. I think you zoomed in a bit to much on that and found this small grey zone, and sure such a problem occour on that level, but I do think moderators would look more at the bigger picture in such a case. And in 0.3 it feels like you missed the words 'clearly and 'can'. It's not like all such comments will be removed or come with a warning, just that they can if it gets out of hand. Since blogs isn't available it can't really be updated weekly or such, and this is more of a 'revision 1.0'. So whatever the end result would look like is impossible to tell right now, but it's just a proposal to see whatever the community would think about something like this, and you clearly have raised a point of what you think, so thank you for your thought of it all, it adds value to the thread!
2018-01-31 16:31
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