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hey Rain...
??? | 
Ukraine B A R V I N O K 
rain: "I want to play Cloud9 in front of their home crowd" give me an interview pls.... was it ez to s*ck balls in the grand final in front of NA crowd????? :))))) arrogant dick got punished.
2018-01-29 00:44
heheee!!! :))))))))
2018-01-29 00:45
dupreeh | 
Bulgaria Crossz 
*We are gonna 2-0 them as usual.*
2018-01-29 00:45
hahahah +1
2018-01-29 00:47
Japan hirohito 
what was "arrogant" in his sentence lul
2018-01-29 00:45
Sweden JLS^ 
hey Rain... i fck your girlfriend in doggy while she's screaming my name
2018-01-29 00:47
2018-01-29 00:47
Rain chocked in this finals so hard same for NiKo
2018-01-29 00:49
So how is it arrogant to wish to play against NA team in front of their home crowd :D? Are u a bit ill or something :D:D?
2018-01-29 00:48
Europe wai7ing 
Rain's play was on point on the first 2 maps. It can be only unfortunate for him to be that weak in the last one. Although I think it's nice to see some cocky messages, rivalry or some banter before the matches, not matter the outcome. He got rekt on last map, but I can definitely see him rekting anyone anytime next maps :)
2018-01-29 00:52
BnTeT | 
United States EdgyBlob 
2018-01-29 00:53
Norway GnillePille 
arrogant xd. Have u smoked a shrimp?
2018-01-29 00:54
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