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Top 10 teams and players
s1mple | 
This is not based on titles in the last 3 months, the teams is based on if there was a tournament with the perfect format today who would be the favorites. teams with bolts 2. faze 3.c9 4.g2 5.astralis if device is back in form which is an unknown. 6.fnatic 7.mousesports 8.Na Vi 9.gambit 10.liquid now for players, once again not based on titles this is based on if all the teams were scratched and you have a draft for players who would you pick. Skill as an IGL will not be considered, if it was fallen would be top 5 1.Coldzera 2.s1mple 3.niko 4.fer 6.kennyS 7.rain 8.device 9.oskar 10.fallen.
2018-01-30 09:20
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