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Why does he get so much hate? He has transformed Brazilian csgo scene. He might be the best csgo igl of all time. He is a very humble player. He is definitely more impactful than coldzero as a player and a person.
2018-02-07 06:05
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+1 nothing but respek for fallen
2018-02-07 06:08
Macedonia kolcha 
who's hating on fallen ?
2018-02-07 06:09
2018-02-07 06:10
Turkey dogboi2001 
no we hate faze
2018-02-07 06:14
Faze best team
2018-02-07 06:15
Brazil davidzor 
HLTV doesnt like brazilians in general.
2018-02-07 06:23
Let me tell you fam. Hltv doesn't like br cs fans cuz , as you know after every br team win every br fan has to make 42 threads about how top1 their team is , speaking of which they say like they own the teams or are a part of it. Now im not saying you shouldn't have emotions attached with the teams as they're representing you as per but tyere are people who think logically and don't share the same emotion and not think about the teams as a representation of themselves. To many people that exact thing is excruciatingly irritating and that's why the br hate.
2018-02-07 06:34
After c9 won the major there were at least 42 threads about how c9 was the best team in CS right now, mostly from americans :> Only difference is SK wins a tournament every month while c9 wins one per year.
2018-02-07 06:43
omg best rekt of his shitty life
2018-02-07 06:46
Look whos talking sk fan from tina
2018-02-07 07:17
Nah man there weren't . On the other hand there were 76 threads about faze top 1 and sk still top1 cuz not got beat in a b03 with boltz and shit and ofc c9 won the first NA major you're like philly won the superB and yo need everyone to shut themselves in their houses wtf logic is that. I can recall there were posts of c9 CAN BE top1 if they keep this up Idk what rock you live under
2018-02-07 07:16
Brazil junera 
Have you ever been on HLTV whenever FaZe wins a tournament? Or C9, NIP, VP, G2? Most recent example was when C9 won the major. Every fanbase floods hltv, when their team wins, with shit like: “My team #1” “My team era” “My team haters come here” It just happens that there are tons of fakeflaggers with br flag and SK has been winning more often than other teams the past 2 years, so obviously SK fans will look like they’re more annoying. But as soon as any team that is popular wins hltv becomes a land of lunatics.
2018-02-07 06:47
Ofc and thats why people hate br flaggers anyway I can assure you just to troll people there are like tons of br fakeflags here , they all mimic the initial br fanwave as a meme like now its a thing. 5/8 posts after sk loses or wins are made by faieflags
2018-02-07 07:19
Ignore typos typing on a potato
2018-02-07 07:20
Brazil davidzor 
You must be new here (or really naive) if you truly believe that all of that threads are made by brazilian ppl.
2018-02-07 13:59
Im like the oldest normal guy here. Been here since 2007
2018-02-07 17:58
FalleN | 
Brazil Feio91 
Fallen is the one!! <3
2018-02-07 06:12
Turkey dogboi2001 
ohhh i thought he was the two...
2018-02-07 06:14
FalleN | 
Brazil Feio91 
Fer is the two
2018-02-07 06:15
France Deadfish 
LOL don't let those baiter get to you.
2018-02-07 06:13
which baiters?
2018-02-07 06:41
France Deadfish 
So, who hated fallen again?
2018-02-07 07:30
World fox>Kennys 
becouse he has two face
2018-02-07 06:23
Brazil xxSync 
You are a new user here? LUL
2018-02-07 06:26
Japan 0x0 
hes a scum who advertises a rigged gambling site and paid hltv mods to delete the thread
2018-02-07 06:29
zneel | 
Sweden Bigdick 
He seems kinda 2faced, he acts nice on camera but cries on twitter a lot, and he defended Kng
2018-02-07 06:30
Brazil junera 
#kNgdidnothingwrong #proveitorillkillyou #tuckfhooorin #RUNKNG
2018-02-07 06:36
Brazil Mirekz 
stop lying, he never defended kng
2018-02-07 14:39
zneel | 
Sweden Bigdick 
He said something like KNG shouldn't be kicked or something.
2018-02-10 05:09
f0rest | 
Kuwait Wow_HG 
2018-02-10 05:26
Brazil Mirekz 
that's a fuckin lie he never said that
2018-02-10 19:23
He is Mr two faced Toledo. He thinks that wearing those 1870 glasses are cool and that people respect him more. Pea brained igl too. -230000/10 awper
2018-02-07 06:34
best igl ? Only 2 majors, nothing exceptional.
2018-02-07 06:37
IGL capabilities are based on how many majors you've won with your team. Good to know thanks.
2018-02-07 07:33
Because he is twofaced. One day he is cool guy, other day he fuck your wife.
2018-02-07 06:43
like he fuck fer gf
2018-02-07 07:21
And he accused fnx on it. RIP fnx. He is innocent.
2018-02-07 07:24
Fallen is alright, his fanbase is retarded.
2018-02-07 07:25
i heard he is promoting gambling to his -12 years old audience. perhaps some mo-brazillian friend explain.
2018-02-07 07:38
Your sources are bad and so is India.
2018-02-07 14:17
Reported for calling Indian people bad and evil.
2018-02-07 14:18
Brazil PrettyMuchIt 
2018-02-07 14:22
Germany VeryNiceGuy 
but he is right lol Have a nice day! -VeryNiceGuy
2018-02-07 14:19
india > brazil
2018-02-07 14:36
Brazil > All
2018-02-07 14:40
2018-02-07 14:40
gob b | 
Germany CSin2K19 
Gabriel "TwoFaced" Toileto
2018-02-07 14:20
Brazil PrettyMuchIt 
You are right about everything except for the humble part, he is absolutely not humble.
2018-02-07 14:22
shox | 
France mythhhhhh 
fallen is the special one. he was born to play this game. such a master. goat.
2018-02-10 05:17
Ex6TenZ | 
Latvia paole 
fak fallen fak brazil
2018-02-10 19:23
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