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friberg laugh thread
World fanboy124a 
Time to retire, you bot. IGL? What a joke.
2018-02-07 22:29
HAHA big headed ugly nip bitch
2018-02-07 22:30
Europe kvvach 
Optic extend his carrier but he is living dead since 2015
2018-02-07 22:31
I'm still mad at NIP for not kicking him for two years, I hope NIP fails as long as they still keep xizt
2018-02-07 22:32
Yeah he's washed up af but i won't laugh at him he's lovable, should just go full streamer/desk analys tbh
2018-02-07 22:31
Mythic.EU with Pimp, fox(when Kinguin will disband) +2?
2018-02-07 22:34
Europe kvvach 
2018-02-07 22:38
and pasha, im on it
2018-02-07 23:13
Namibia banned_so 
he should become analyst or streamer
2018-02-07 22:33
probably, or a streamer
2018-02-07 22:36
Sweden godname 
he will never stop! he is a god
2018-02-07 22:35
:( (Reply needs to have actual content)
2018-02-07 23:14
>Literally the EU peanut brain >Decides to become an IGL >Optic ussing MM strats
2018-02-07 23:22
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