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Ex6TenZ | 
Belgium jelacy 
First team ever to go 0-26 in EPL soon ???
2018-02-14 01:02
omfg i want to see this
2018-02-14 01:05
France r8ter 
i mean, they kick ex6 for LOGAN, not that LOGAN is a bad player, but skillwise he is worse than ex6tenz + he can't lead, so Devil has to lead and his performance will go down because of that. No firepower, No Brain ... They won't 0-26 because at the end team's won't play them seriously, but yeah, soon back to ESEA MDL for sure
2018-02-14 01:08
Poland wiktorex 
LOGAN is not that bad, give him time
2018-02-14 01:12
France r8ter 
Nothing wrong about him dude, just saying that he is not what LDLC need. I don't understand why removing Ex6, he was IGLing and not bottomfragging, he even manage to stay in FPL for 2 season with a way less skilled team than every other team on the league
2018-02-14 09:40
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
this is very possible We dont have a lot of teams who can drop single maps vs ldlc
2018-02-14 01:08
they got rekt by the 2nd worst team in EPL (AGO). So I can see it happening tbh. They are 100% being relegated this season. No firepower, no brain. This kick may be a blessing in disguise for Ex6TenZ. At least now that Mixwell is taking french lessons, xms is a free agent, and AmaNEk and devoduvek is back to the french scene.
2018-02-14 01:11
Poland wiktorex 
AGO 2-0 G2, sad
2018-02-14 01:13
Wow, now this is a great idea. ex6 mixwel xms devoduvek+amanek nice tier 2 hot team
2018-02-14 09:54
Belgium Ex666TenZ 
+ Ex6TenZ Most beautiful player
2018-02-14 10:03
they can possibly win against SS, bunch of good aimers with no tactics tbh
2018-02-14 01:14
Germany Cyasera 
They will somehow find a way to win at least 1 or 2 maps. Against who? I don't know. SS? EnVy? But pretty sure they wont go 0-26
2018-02-14 09:45
they will win inferno vs ss today
2018-02-14 09:55
2018-02-14 10:12
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