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navi fix
Other not_bad 
-zeus +ange1 -edward +mir ez major win
2018-02-14 04:48
Canada p100n 
what exactly would it change?
2018-02-14 04:50
they can get decent IGL (not garbage zeus w/ 3rdworld "calls" but they should add iksou aswell, they really need good coach
2018-02-14 16:18
Easy major? They have made multiple finals with worse teams (skill wise) the problem with Na'vi is team play and strats not that they don't have enough fire power why you even take the time to make a thread like this if you don't understand the basics of CS ?
2018-02-14 04:53
Russia ez4u 
1st of all Zeus is shit as an IGL, so they need to get rid of him asap. Angel is the best replacement among CIS IGLs. 2nd Edward is shit as a player and there are many CIS youngsters who can ezly replace him in his role(I'd look at Avangar players, they're better than Vega in terms of skills but not that hyped).
2018-02-14 05:21
ange1 is not good, I mean he is playing lower level cs and he isn't a good IGL but he can frag, I've seen HR play many times already and they just look like mix team which they are but you can really see how bad their tactics and strats are when you watch them play and they are relying on some player to make a big play instead of playing together which is always bad signs of a shitty IGL, I do however agree that Zeus is not really improving any of the tactics and strats in Na'vi since he rejoined and he's also very poor fragger with slow reactions, bad aim and bad movement. For me Edward seems more like a support role player these days, he isn't really meant to be getting so many frags, you can replace him but most players these days don't want to play those shitty spots and roles, sometimes its hard to find a player who is willing to sacrifice his stats for the team. I do not know what will help Na'vi at this point I see all the new CIS talent coming up now and none of those players stand out to me, Mir & JR are the only players I seen there that have potential the rest I feel already at their max level and are not going to be getting much better it might be good move for short term success but not for long term. Na'vi might just be like NiP & VP and we will have to accept that, they are not a top team anymore but they will still have some tournaments where they show a good performance here and there.
2018-02-14 05:45
Other not_bad 
+1, except mir is better than all of the avangar players. That's why I chose mir over someone like Jame or buster.
2018-02-14 16:16
Australia anxy 
Na'Vi will always do badly as long as s1mple is in the line up
2018-02-14 04:54
Germany 0x5F3759DF 
2018-02-14 04:58
Other not_bad 
2018-02-14 16:16
Germany 0x5F3759DF 
real navi fix -kane +starix -s1mple +guardian -electronic +seized
2018-02-14 04:58
-s1mple +compl1cated
2018-02-14 05:31
Canada Herodionus 
-simple honestly
2018-02-14 05:52
-Zeus is the most important. He has low skill and he knows 2 tactics only. They r cloud9 and fake cloud9. Thats why.
2018-02-14 16:26
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