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NIP 2 down....2 to go???
United Kingdom wellhyper 
AND THEN THERE WERE 2! Do you think that NIP will "lose" their identity if they "remove" any or both of the last 2 remaining legends? At this point I will still follow them regardless.
2018-02-14 05:40
Canada Herodionus 
Honestly yes, no one treats teams like SK or Dignitas the same way as they did with their OG rosters. While NIP will still be synonymous with veterans, it wont be looked at the same
2018-02-14 05:46
United States b7a 
Probably so, GTR and f0rest are arguably 2 of the 3 most famous NiP players (friberg being the other) and do the best at maintaining the team's identity. Though given their pretty good rating and decent performances in recent months, I see them sticking around for a while.
2018-02-14 05:50
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