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fnx | 
Brazil access_denied 
who is igl now? I hope not dennis f0rest's berd maybe? or get_right
2018-02-14 11:43
yes its will be fail
2018-02-14 11:44
ScreaM | 
Georgia nawledge 
no, hes pretty much the only one in NiP that knows how to igl, they already have firepower, they need strats which dennis will bring to the team
2018-02-14 11:44 you remember his style of calling? he has no strats at all.literally pug style which somehow worked back in the days in different meta with good players.
2018-02-14 11:46
he is good aimier, but not igl imo
2018-02-14 11:48
thats my point...
2018-02-14 11:48
ScreaM | 
Georgia nawledge 
so? its not like anyone in nip knows how to igl
2018-02-14 11:48
thats the reason why they will fail imo...because they dont have normal igl.
2018-02-14 11:49
yea i know, but theres not really a good igl in sweden anymore, pronax strats doesnt work anymore, golden is already in fnatic.
2018-02-14 11:49
i would surely rather try barbarr or maybe freddieb.worked for fnatic pretty well with unproven igl who is actually willing to improve and who is trying his best...
2018-02-14 11:50
freddieb isnt igl tho
2018-02-14 11:51
as far as i remember he was calling aswell sometimes...still i would rather try him than force dennis to take this role
2018-02-14 11:56
2018-02-14 12:08
ScreaM | 
Georgia nawledge 
dennis will be igl
2018-02-14 11:44
thats bad
2018-02-14 11:45
flusha | 
Sweden Knaskydd 
dennis style might work. they did pretty bad trying to play structured. i dont see how it can get worse.
2018-02-14 11:48
dude, if i could teach you 1 thing about life it would be, it always can get worse
2018-02-14 11:51
yeah thats true. i should have said: i dont think it wil lget worse
2018-02-14 12:01
Portugal GODliazz 
Dennis will be IGL. I think the team will play a more loose style now and probably be a very aggressive side. I think it could work great. Draken is at his best when he’s being aggressive. It won’t be as structured but I think that loose style will suit the players a lot better.
2018-02-14 11:52
IGL in 2018 LUL
2018-02-14 11:59
Poland slamcsgo 
I'm pretty convinced that they'll try with draken as he was the IGL of his original Epsilon squad.
2018-02-14 12:00
what the hell are you taling about rofl...he wasnt igl at all. and no,they will not try draken as an igl,dennis will be calling
2018-02-14 12:12
Poland slamcsgo 
idk about dennis calling. From what I heard he really doesn't want to do that. But Draken was IGL of Epsilon I'm pretty sure.
2018-02-14 15:30
no,draken wasnt never.barbarr was calling and sometimes freddieb. btw from that article about dennis and nip,there is stated that he will be igl
2018-02-14 15:37
Poland slamcsgo 
in the original squad from dh summer 2016: draken, disco_doplan, freddieb, REZ, xelos. Actually now I think that xelos was the IGL. I feel dumbo now.
2018-02-14 21:37
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