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Coldzera buyout?
Turkey tastemycobra 
How much would it cost for another team to buyout coldzera? 1 mil? 2 mil? What?
2018-02-14 15:39
id say 1k cuz brazilian player
2018-02-14 15:40
id say you suck
2018-02-14 15:40
reported for toxic behavior
2018-02-14 16:01
I gotta be more positive, damn
2018-02-14 16:03
Germany svNNN 
positive like his HIV-Test , haHAA :)
2018-02-14 16:13
Bahrain player XD
2018-02-14 17:58
Turkey spaceSfanboi 
which he got from ur gay mother
2018-02-14 20:32
f0rest | 
Latvia Kroz1ks 
2018-02-14 15:59
ill try to put it in terms u can understand, alot of goat
2018-02-14 15:40
2018-02-14 15:41
am i wrong or u still dont understand?
2018-02-14 15:43
i understood and reported
2018-02-14 15:43
ok, so goat cost many lira, therefore alot of goat = big lira more clear?
2018-02-14 15:45
Shut the fuck up and pls dont try to act smart. You re an ignorant racist asshole. So just shut the fuck up please. Thx
2018-02-14 15:47
Germany felo 
You remind me of someone
2018-02-14 15:54
LOL goota admit i laughed hard to this.
2018-02-14 15:55
Europe tweekzter 
one taco
2018-02-14 15:42
2018-02-14 16:28
I don't know, I'd guess 500k.
2018-02-14 15:42
Brazil Heus 
2kk at least (based on immt played that were purchased by 1kk the 3.)
2018-02-14 15:42
why do you want to buy out coolest monkey in the jungle?
2018-02-14 15:43
Brazil Julio_Marck 
''coolest monkey in the jungle'' your mom?
2018-02-14 18:07
hey thats racist, racism is a crime and crime is for black people pls no ban, ty
2018-02-14 18:08
Brazil AnthonySilva 
its a reference to h &m but most niggas here too poor to afford h&m
2018-02-15 05:10
Slovakia Legeden 
if 1M was 100Thieves ... then I'd say maybe even 350k - 500k?
2018-02-14 15:43
Brazil Heus 
are u crazy comparing coldzera with hen1? lucas1? or only fnx?
2018-02-14 15:51
Slovakia Legeden 
They were bought out at the peak of their price, why shouldn't I compare them. At that moment they were closer to being interesting purchase than Coldzera is now with SK underperforming. And despite his significant skill (I still believe he can be top 1 player) his marketing value is not that high. When you say Brazil CS ... you're more likely to think of Fallen first
2018-02-14 15:57
Brazil Heus 
but who wants to buy him did not think on brazil CS the person thinks in skill and top 1(cold) if the person want skill and igl (fallen)
2018-02-14 16:00
Slovakia Legeden 
Well, if Faze like really wanted him, who knows, maybe they'd pay even 2M ... it really depends. But right now I don't see it happening above the 500k
2018-02-14 16:08
Brazil Heus 
i dont think cold will play far from fallen
2018-02-14 16:10
Slovakia Legeden 
Probably not, but this thread is all in a "realm of possibility" anyway. Who knows, even VP changed player when it was painfully obvious that something has to change. SK is faaaaaaar from done
2018-02-14 16:14
United States _waterrr 
Coldzera is far and away the 2nd best player to ever play CSGO; the unarguable best player in the world at the moment. And is soon going to pass Olof as the best player to ever play CSGO.
2018-02-14 18:04
2018-02-14 15:43
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
270 pesos
2018-02-14 15:44
mOE | 
Iraq Bad_Guy 
cigarettes Have a bad day!
2018-02-14 15:45
its probably 1m
2018-02-14 15:46
Someone said stewie2k was worth 2m months ago. But that’s murica.
2018-02-14 15:49
Coldzera's buyout is very low, since his contract is expiring very soon. Maybe 500k max.
2018-02-14 15:51
Really? When is it expiring?
2018-02-14 16:04
Brazil pedivo11 
august probaly
2018-02-14 16:42
In Summer. June or July I think.
2018-02-14 19:10
smooya | 
United Kingdom Nokzide 
-olof +cold
2018-02-14 17:57
-rain +olof ??? profit
2018-02-14 20:29
just buy a freezer it's cheaper.
2018-02-14 15:53
knowing SK they always want to get the best out of it so i would say coldzera worth around a mil.
2018-02-14 15:53
Xyp9x | 
Denmark QBE_ 
Maybe 250K.. each Astralis player is worth around 160-170. So i would max say 300k but around 250 is close i think.
2018-02-14 15:55
haha u dont know the SK organisation. they will not even sell coldzeras big toe for 250k
2018-02-14 15:58
r o f delusional
2018-02-14 15:58
Cold is far more expensive than that If Niko was worth 500k then cold would definitely be worth a little above that. Also, considering that SK wouldn't want to let go of him he would probably be worth even more than just a little over 500k.
2018-02-14 21:17
Xyp9x | 
Denmark QBE_ 
I wasn't known this detail
2018-02-14 21:18
10 g of cocaine
2018-02-14 15:59
prob around 75-100k
2018-02-14 16:04
1-2ml i guess
2018-02-14 16:05
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
depends on his english, if its equal to kng (for example) = not much, since what is the point of player if he cant communicate properly
2018-02-14 16:05
I'm more than sure that teams are willing to pay him at least 500k + free english lessons he is one of the most valuable players in the world
2018-02-14 16:13
Brazil rate25000 
coldzera only plays with fer, FalleN, taco and +1 decent BR
2018-02-14 16:05
1000 tons of potato
2018-02-14 16:06
I'd say 300k MOST. NiKo was about 250k and olof +Guardian was like 170k
2018-02-14 16:14
soon out of contract + if they became free agents , will cost n.o.t.h.i.n.g
2018-02-14 16:31
i would've thought someone like fallen would be more expensive than cold, cause his skills will probably have more of an impact to a team buying him.
2018-02-14 16:37
vsm | 
Brazil olocoxd 
he probably worth more, because of his IGL skills.
2018-02-14 18:25
Brazil EnzoAirezZ 
if 100T paid 1M for 3 players out of top 20 (and 1 on top 20 2k16) i say 800k - 1.1m, obviously if SK are smart '-'
2018-02-14 16:37
why would anyone pay for that baiter? he blows ass
2018-02-14 17:58
suNny | 
Vietnam Oida 
not worth it because nobody knows how coldzera will be outside of Fallen's system.
2018-02-14 18:03
Denmark xieZ 
50 bananas, 2 assassinations, 1 rape and 3 kidnappings.
2018-02-14 18:05
You don't have enough my guy, most times you can't buy people like that.
2018-02-14 18:50
France Underbre 
2 bananas with nutella
2018-02-14 18:52
1 million yen
2018-02-14 18:54
Europe p1peb0mb 
coldzera is average without taco will be around 100K maximum
2018-02-14 19:16
20 chocolate bananas
2018-02-14 20:26
People don't understand how much this industry has actually developed in the past 6 years. People still talking 2013-2014 prices. Get Right at the time was around 300-500k. Coldzera would have been around 1.8M-2.5M at the end of 2016 and now probably around 1.5M because of not being a constant top1 with his team as the year before and because of his contract coming close to its end this year.
2018-02-14 20:28
Coldzera has never performed on a high level without Fallen. It seems like some people are forgetting how much SK means for Cold's success. They mean the world, and I highly doubt he would be top 5 world on any other team.
2018-02-14 20:56
Canada Surzz 
only reason cold is the player he is, is because of taco. without a player like taco, cold wouldn't be performing like he does.
2018-02-14 20:57
4 bananas
2018-02-14 21:02
Australia weapon_ 
i dont think a buyout would be necessary soon because SK's contract is almost up and they are going to MiBR.immortals
2018-02-15 05:11
REZ | 
Sweden R_EZ 
1 banana farm
2018-02-15 05:13
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