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Denmark Astralis_no1 
nobody wants to draw Liverpool in the champs league rn
2018-02-14 22:31
Netherlands Syliaca 
I think Porto would have loved a draw tonight.
2018-02-14 22:32
2018-02-14 22:33
Denmark Astralis_no1 
well played sir
2018-02-14 22:33
Petra | 
Netherlands taorus 
2018-02-14 22:43
s1mple | 
Ukraine istop1 
nice one
2018-02-14 22:51
Slovakia misk0 
Good one sir
2018-02-14 23:10
2018-02-14 23:17
Yugoslavia ToBeHonest 
Hard to say after lowPorto. Liverpool no a strongest opponent
2018-02-14 22:40
2.35 odds in my country on Liverpool so fucking retarded lol
2018-02-14 22:44
Croatia feelsbadmane 
Liverpool 2+Salah daje 4.95 :))
2018-02-14 22:45
lol ja cekam samo jos Milana i Arsenala sutra za 150e Pogodio Real pogodio Liverpul i pogodio juce Juve tote x
2018-02-14 22:47
Croatia feelsbadmane 
Sretno,samo da wenger ne stavi djecu da igraju haha
2018-02-14 22:49
Verovatno oce mamu mu jebem kao i protiv Zvezde
2018-02-14 22:50
english forums only ez report (for being faze fan)
2018-02-14 22:50
Jebem ja tebi mater po sred picke xD Admini ovo ne razumeju tako da sak maj dik idiot
2018-02-14 22:51
ez report and translate xd
2018-02-14 22:51
Sednes mi na kurac sa tim reportom nabi ga mami u dupe :) That's the translate :()
2018-02-14 22:53
xd cu tommorow :))
2018-02-14 22:53
They underestimated Liverpool's pressing & counter attacks. Played defensively high line, get rekt.
2018-02-14 22:46
Yugoslavia bleaq 
+1 can score at least 3 goals against anyone on a good day
2018-02-14 22:47
obviously gonna get smashed by a top side in quarters or semis, no way their inner midfield and back four can hold up to a bayern/barca etc
2018-02-14 22:48
Denmark Astralis_no1 
yeah they aren't going to keep the top sides at bay, but their defenses won't be able to keep liverpool at bay either.
2018-02-14 22:50
to be fair their midfield will be so dominated that the service will be close to non-existent, it's not fifa mate ;)
2018-02-14 22:52
Denmark Astralis_no1 
lol u obviously know nothing about football :) or how liverpool play for that matter. Klopp mixes up the midfield depending on the opposition, playing with an energetic midfield ala Ox and Wiji +Hendo/Can who will harry and bother the opposition midfielders to the point it doesn't matter how good they are. Or they can play a defensive midfield that provides more balance ala Henderson, Milner +1. Go watch how they dominated cities midfield. Your point about not making chances is ridiculous too as most of liverpools chances comes from their press and a lot of the time the midfield aren't even involved. Feel free to bookmark this thread and i will give you some further education on football when they knock out one of the favorites for the competition :)
2018-02-14 22:57
i'm not sure how a biased deluded wish is a football education, it's quite clear that you won't be chasing the game with a energetic midfield, that would be a one way ticket to redmentv and chill. you're gonna lay deep and try to get a miracle win on counters but obviously over two legs there will be so many mistakes made by your back four that you will most likely be absolutely smashed. liverpool fanboys always think so highly of the team and it's always so fun to watch them jinx the shit out of their team, their team that are professional chokers. sure i'll bookmark this thread and laugh my ass off as Suarez gets a hat-trick at anfield LMAO
2018-02-14 23:04
Denmark Astralis_no1 
really nice counter points proving again you know nothing about football. Please show me a game where Liverpool have laid deep under Klopp. Please actually watch football before giving an opinion and trying to pass it off as fact wont waste my time on uneducated football fans who support whoever wins the champs league each year :))) Have a nice day kid
2018-02-14 23:06
you're obviously gonna have to lay deep in the sense that you can't chase the midfield, if you do Can is gonna get tearen a new asshole. Either way you're gonna get it. Not sure whats gonna be funnier, Liverpool getting fucked up in the quarter finals or watching Salah getting sold to Real and Liverpool sinking right back into their mediocrity. Always hilarious watching fans of ex-great clubs getting a big head only for them to fuck it up. Oh and if you werent mad enough already kiddo:
2018-02-14 23:23
Yeah barca's midfield are so dominant that's why they got trashed 4-0 by Liverpool and when was the last time Barca beat Liverpool? Too much blabbing.
2018-02-14 22:58
Denmark Astralis_no1 
retard4sure edit: (him not u)
2018-02-14 23:07
smashed bayern 3-0 in the preseason!!!!!!!11111
2018-02-14 22:50
Bulgaria BySorax 
Liverpool the only team to beat City this season
2018-02-14 22:57
Let's see how they will do against better teams like Real or Barca. I don't think they will be able to get past them in 2 games.
2018-02-14 23:08
Sweden drakendilf 
2018-02-14 23:12
device | 
Yugoslavia mrmojo 
Porto is one thing, but a more tactically adept team will be tougher. Liverpool on their day can beat anyone and lose to anyone
2018-02-14 23:16
Ireland ConorMcGregor 
Porto is trash, Liverpool have no chance agains't tier1 teams.
2018-02-14 23:18
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