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Faceit so shit
United States ropzGOD 
So i made thread about how i wanna grind to lvl 10 so i started.. 1 good thing probably 10 bad ones.. The good thing: i actually made it to lvl 3 The bad things: - i played 5 matches. (3 soloq 2 with friends) in all of my soloq ones i only got russains, turks or portugese people. Not just in those 3... every faceit match i play i always get these 3 types of people. Why never germans? Never idk, dutch people or skaninavian.. - in 2 of those games i had toxic russains and turks.. in first game all of them were litterlary screaming at eachother and i was in the middle.. like this is faceit not mm. I actually won the 2nd game somehow with equal toxic portugese people and one uk gypsy. - in the matches i played with a friend, it wasnt that bad that my mates were toxic because we were toxic aswell.. i hate faceit.. should i live with it and try to get higher level so i get less toxic mates? Or buy ESEA or just buy a rope and kill myself?
2018-02-14 23:39
2018-02-14 23:41
Buuuuump i gues ill kill myself
2018-02-14 23:43
you start at lvl 3 you have to start playing as 5 stack
2018-02-14 23:45
Look at my previous thread so youll know what i mean and most of the time i try to play with 5 it never works out
2018-02-14 23:46
Brazil Chiptole 
First of all, you probably need to get better. Second of all, after reading about your experiences, it seems like you are most likely playing free faceit which is really bad. It is probably even worse than MM due to people not caring about losing as they won't lose their competitive rank.
2018-02-14 23:48
Im already good enough to be lvl 6 i just never took faceit seriously due to reasons like teammates trolling or being toxic.. ill find some people to play with to get higher level and maybe start soloqueing.
2018-02-14 23:50
Brazil Chiptole 
Read what I said below
2018-02-14 23:51
Portugal luK,ws 
Soloq in level 6 is actually the same.. Toxic toxic toxic ... Lol
2018-02-14 23:54
Woth prem/supporter?
2018-02-14 23:55
Portugal luK,ws 
Its the same if you start losing
2018-02-15 00:01
Portugal luK,ws 
If you want to LVL up you should allways play with teammates
2018-02-14 23:55
Yeah found that out already
2018-02-14 23:55
Brazil Chiptole 
Oh, and if you think that ESEA is less toxic, then you are COMPLETELY wrong. You either get REALLY toxic team mates, or super chill ones. There is nothing in between. Being toxic only makes the atmosphere, you, and the recipient worse. If someone is toxic, just mute them, and try not to be toxic yourself. Hope this helps.
2018-02-14 23:51
I had esea for a while and youre kinda right yeah.. id just prefer faceit cuz its free and higher chance to go pro (fplc/fpl/gpl - im only 14, csgo gonna stay 7 more years probably, got enough time to get better)
2018-02-14 23:53
Brazil Chiptole 
Of course :) work hard, go pro! Once you're good enough you might want to apply for GPL.
2018-02-15 00:34
Thank you bro! The thing with GPL is.. i got banned i think because i didnt talk fir one match.. kinda stupid but yeah xD thank you anyway!!
2018-02-15 00:36
Be happy you didn't encounter any dutch people. We are a new level of toxic
2018-02-14 23:49
I have dutch friends, they are toxic but not in an annoying way.
2018-02-14 23:50
2018-02-14 23:54
jOELZ | 
Finland TiltedAF 
Benelux community is the next level of toxicness
2018-02-15 01:16
Yeah try benelux community league and you are guaranteed to kill yourself
2018-02-15 13:41
my mom gey
2018-02-14 23:51
subscribe to GPL on Faceit, problem solved only Germans and people take it rather seriously ;)
2018-02-14 23:52
The thing is, i had gpl for free somehow (idk how) i plsyed couple matches and one game i didnt wanna talk cuz i was tired af so i got banned i think (gpl div4).. also everyone was toxic sometimes.
2018-02-14 23:54
well, the point of the GPL is playing seriously to some degree so if you dont talk dont wonder why you get banned, CSGO is literally about communication lmao
2018-02-15 00:21
Yea i know my bad
2018-02-15 00:21
Most of the times "taking it seriously" means baiting the whole game.
2018-02-15 13:45
i have same problem and i will buy premium one so propably i will get better teammates. you should think about buying supporter/premium
2018-02-14 23:52
I thought when i got better elo
2018-02-14 23:55
Poland mmsucks 
there are toxic fags on global faceit lvl10 and rank s esea the only way to get rid of them is to make a premade otherwise you're fucked
2018-02-14 23:55
Well faceit here is absolutely cancer, even worse than mm. Esea also a fucking cancer with toxic people and semi pros that don't even talk in game.
2018-02-14 23:55
Sunde | 
Denmark Cabbi_OP 
Btw its almost the same at premium, jsut avoid faceit all round, play MM it;s more skilled and friendly in majority of the cases
2018-02-15 00:37
q with 4 people then grind to lvl 10 destroying Russians and turks
2018-02-15 01:07
Sweden Ozt 
I play soloque faceit and my experience is that in Lvl 1-5 you will get alot of toxic teammates. But from 6-10 it gets better (Im only lvl 7) right now. Yeah you will still get toxic teammates but it reduces from 80 % to 30%
2018-02-15 01:14
Europe EUR0PE 
Meanwhile I've soloQ to 2500 elo mostly trolling around
2018-02-15 01:17
jOELZ | 
Finland TiltedAF 
I honestly enjoy playing on Faceit, i do have premium and que allot there. I play now for 8 days straight on Faceit and i don't encounter that many of toxic people. In free que it's a whole different story.
2018-02-15 01:18
flusha | 
Sweden Dunisz 
i got to lvl 9 solo so grind more nibba
2018-02-15 01:19
nex | 
Germany Xirif 
" - in the matches i played with a friend, it wasnt that bad that my mates were toxic because we were toxic aswell.. " so you are toxic yourself but complain about others being toxic?
2018-02-15 01:20
im only really toxic when its useless to try.. ill try avoid being toxic anyway
2018-02-15 10:22
fnx | 
Cyprus endoinho 
Level 10 on faceit is the worse experience with cs i've ever had, not even enjoyable playing this game anymore
2018-02-15 13:58
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