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ESL most stupid company?
Albania albanianmarxist(govegan) 
They are gonna loose every single sponsor cuz no one is paying for advertising when nobody is watching, even FaZe - G2 was like 4k viewers. Next Season on Snapchat or Tinder btw?
2018-02-15 00:46
Netherlands Deji 
not worth watching on facebook
2018-02-15 00:47
Sweden drakendilf 
Yeah they really fucked up, RUhub on twitch gets 40k+- viewers while their fb channel gets 3-4k
2018-02-15 00:48
yeah, almost haven't watched a single ESL stream since they switched from twitch.. atleast youtube is better than fb tho
2018-02-15 00:56
+1 but your username aren't think that
2018-02-15 00:59
1v1 me
2018-02-15 01:00
Sweden drakendilf 
Yeah YT was ok, not near twitch but I still watched, FB is unbearable........
2018-02-15 01:03
They will probably feel the backlash when choosing facebook, still if facebook was the highest bidder maybe they got 'forced' to choose them.
2018-02-15 00:49
Sweden drakendilf 
Well they are getting paid good now but it's gonna come back and bite them when their numbers are much lower next time they sell the rights.
2018-02-15 00:50
Norway VladimirPootin 
they're making so much money that they dont have to care that much about viewers on facebook
2018-02-15 00:50
its not about viewers its about sponsoring
2018-02-15 00:51
Germany Roflcopter234 
they are not making a lot of money, thats WHY they have to take money from facebook
2018-02-15 00:54
why even watch live? watch vods, save some time.
2018-02-15 00:56
Snax | 
Tunisia Dupix123 
bro facebook lives are shit they were succesful on youtube why changes FUCKING WHY
2018-02-15 00:59
youtube was okay, at least there was a living chat lul
2018-02-15 01:12
suNny | 
Vietnam Oida 
HAHA next season on snapchat indeed :D
2018-02-15 01:18
wouldnt be a big suprise
2018-02-15 01:19
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