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Philippines Holy_Kaiser_Karl 
only good player is TS , Neymar, and Veratti, others are nonamers or just garbage. Cavani is the biggest nut head I’ve seen, Neymar is better than you stop fucking with him, probably why you got raped 3-1 LUL
2018-02-15 01:04
ez for lebron
2018-02-15 01:05
2018-02-15 01:06
2018-02-15 01:09
Portugal JUNiOR107 
Leflop, legm, LeShit
2018-02-15 01:55
he got "raped" 3-1 cuz Penaldo have fucking lucky and you forget PSG coach do not let Di Maria play he stupid or what z:
2018-02-15 01:06
Di Maria very on/off player tho
2018-02-15 01:08
he would play against his former team, he played well in Spain, he comes well, he would play against Real Madrid he like that , now they need 2-0 in their home, PSG cheer's not be strong not scare at all. sry kebab boy PSG is over
2018-02-15 01:12
Turkey evansgc 
just wait for home match xd calm
2018-02-15 01:06
Nepal hpbaxx 
ez 6-1
2018-02-15 01:08
Netherlands Deji 
Mbappe sucks?
2018-02-15 01:08
United Kingdom Iamasheepo 
how much?
2018-02-15 01:10
Romania Zadro 
Whoever has a clue about PSG knows that they are insanely strong at home. I see them going through. Also there was no penalty against Ramos' handball and the second Ronaldo goal shouldn't have happened since he fouled Kimpembe when they recovered the ball. Moronic referee was probably mad because Neymar hit his retarded face. UCL refereeing is a joke, just add virtual refereeing already.
2018-02-15 01:11
Thiago silva didnt even play, no wonder they lost lmao
2018-02-15 01:11
Romania Zadro 
That's why he didn't play. He was a disaster against Barcelona last year. Marquinhos and Kimpembe were good enough, they didn't lose because of them.
2018-02-15 01:16
Fair enough. Besides, Meunier at RB got exposed so many times, the whole right side of PSG was absolutely awful.
2018-02-15 01:20
Romania Zadro 
Yeah, Meunier is an average player but you've also got to mention Asensio's brilliance. How is this guy not in the first team already is beyond my understanding. You don't need to know much about football in order to be able tell that when he plays, he lifts this team so much. They were drained and dominated by PSG, all of a sudden he comes in and it feels like it's the first minute again. Zidane is an absolute idiot for not starting this guy or a regular basis.
2018-02-15 01:26
Yeah, asensio should start, but both him and isco are pretty good. This game may have made a case for him to start but isco can play just as well at times too, its hard for zidane to choose between the two. Maybe just ditch benzema since he has been awful lately?
2018-02-15 01:42
Bulgaria bUHALOVIC 
Marco Asensio is like my child :D I was buying him on every different save in fm 15/16/17 back in the days and he also made it in real life aswell lul
2018-02-15 01:43
s1mple | 
Iceland cy_ro 
2018-02-15 01:25
United States Potassium39 
Mbappe isn't bad
2018-02-15 01:33
Myanmar AstralisGoat 
PSG are over rated/ over hyped anyone who knows literally anything about football knows they were going to win shit ever.
2018-02-15 01:47
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