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Major in CIS
Russia orlani 
4 team in TOP 16 2 team in TOP 8 I think we deserve this. Starladder and Epicenter so good events for major. What do you think?
2018-02-15 02:14
2018-02-15 02:15
Canada aigisK 
An event in Moscow would be pretty cool
2018-02-15 02:17
that's a mistake, the most trash city which gets the most credit when speaking about Russia? there's dozens of nice cities, everyone recognizes only one and why make it in Russia? Ukraine is also a fine place - StarLadder does great job at hosting events, in 2014 said it is their favourite tournament in terms of organization.
2018-02-15 02:27
Russia e1em3nt 
ukraine ahah worst political country in the world. no1 will go there. all players after epicenter in 2016 said that its the best tournament the ever had because of comfortably and organizatio
2018-02-15 02:58
Canada p100n 
only NA relevant, CIS EU SA better stfu and hide their ugly flags
2018-02-15 02:17
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
Krakow is basically CIS, tho I'd rather a CIS major than another NA major.
2018-02-15 02:19
you're fucking retarded if you think Krakow is CIS it's like saying London is basically american...
2018-02-15 02:28
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
From a cultural perspective I'd guess that your comparison is about right, but locationally you'd be wrong.
2018-02-15 02:35
Locationally??? Are you braindead Poland was always toward western europe since 1000 year so please do research becouse you basically dont know map of europe!
2018-02-15 02:49
CIS is Commonwealth of independent states and Poland does not belong to it...
2018-02-15 02:51
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
Yeh but Krakow is like right next to ukrain
2018-02-15 02:51
No it isnt to Ukraine it is 250 km. it is like you would say that Berlin is in Poland :) still not CIS
2018-02-15 02:55
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
yeh basically what u said
2018-02-15 03:00
thx we went clear with that
2018-02-15 03:04
Sweden drakendilf 
2 team in top 8? But yeah, a major in kiev, st petersburg or moscow would be cool.
2018-02-15 02:22
+1 to Moscow, HenryG and Sadokist wouldn't be allowed at the event due to them being homosexual couple (No homophobia, they're just shitty casters and shouldn't be invited to events)
2018-02-15 02:26
Switzerland Schwandi 
2 Teams in TOP 8? What are you talking about. There is only 1 in Top 10.
2018-02-15 02:25
Switzerland Schwandi 
I mean besides this. CIS had great showings last major and with that many CIS teams at the major it would be nice to have the major on homeground for them.
2018-02-15 02:26
Yeah, I agree with you, Major in Epicenter please Valve, we beg u <3
2018-02-15 02:25
Poland Spanksss 
EPICENTER MAJOR would be great
2018-02-15 02:39
After a Major in Brasil, who knows...
2018-02-15 02:43
Please Volvo do favela major. Brazil best country of the world
2018-02-15 03:09
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