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StarSeries Bets r8 pls
Mexico Drogadicto_ese what do u think?
2018-02-15 02:14
United States mook_ 
yeah pretty standard but hr could possibly beat navi and liquid vs astralis is a tough one
2018-02-15 02:16
ye Liquid definitely has a chance
2018-02-15 02:18
I think Liquid will beat Ast unless dev1ce can go off.
2018-02-15 02:21
Ukraine Ch1caqO 
pretty solid, but hr has a big chance to beat navi and liquid can upset aswell
2018-02-15 02:27
i have a feeling navi will do really well this tournament
2018-02-15 02:32
Ukraine Ch1caqO 
maybe yes, maybe no. Who knows. Its a fucking NaVi They throw vs epsi and a few days later they beat FaZe 2-0 :\
2018-02-15 02:34
Ukraine Ch1caqO 
but actually hr with adding bondik looks very solid as a team I would pick them as a "dark horse" of Starseries
2018-02-15 02:35
ye can happen for sure last starseries i think they did really well
2018-02-15 02:46
Ukraine Ch1caqO 
ye, semifinal and 2 close maps vs FaZe
2018-02-15 02:47
Namibia banned_so 
everything bo3? wtf
2018-02-15 02:35
Germany VeryNiceGuy 
yeah like Epicenter its really nice format! Have a nice day! -VeryNiceGuy
2018-02-15 02:35
Namibia banned_so 
nope, it lower chance for the upsets
2018-02-15 02:36
good but HR might beat Na'Vi, I'd stick with Na'vi tho, Liquid > Astralis TBH
2018-02-15 02:43
ye i wasnt sure about Liquid astralis its 50 50 but with those odds i have to go astralis feel more safe
2018-02-15 02:45
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