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Namibia ProfessorChrono 
Dude hasn’t played on lan in ages. Give the guy a break he’s been pretty good online so far, he’s a veteran player,give the dude some time - he’s nuts.
2018-02-17 14:34
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some ppl hate because he looks like semmler
2018-02-17 14:35
2018-02-17 14:57
+1 LOL
2018-02-17 14:58
kNgV- | 
Poland Mleko1 
2018-02-17 14:38
2018-02-17 14:38
>give the dude some time >hes a veteran player hmHMhmhmh
2018-02-17 14:39
To settle into new team. What’s so hard to get
2018-02-17 14:40
i know it but 1-17? come on now
2018-02-17 14:54
f0rest | 
Macedonia w1re_ 
He is a veteran player who hasn't played lan for long time,that's why he needs time to get back to his best on LAN. I guess too hard to understand for you.
2018-02-17 14:41
real veterans dont need "time to get back to his best on LAN." hes just bad, and youre triggered
2018-02-17 14:53
u cant define a player for 1 bo3
2018-02-17 14:57
he was underwhelming for most of his career tho
2018-02-17 14:58
yep winning epicenter was definitely underwhelming
2018-02-17 14:59
Norway BBonden 
when he steped in for Astralis, he were not that good the first turnement but the second one he did pretty good
2018-02-17 14:41
He had some good games in North, mainly when they won Epicenter but that was ages ago. Bottomfragged hard in Dignitas vs T5 opponents, but that was to be expected. He is the type of player who is just very, very average at what he does. Hes not the type of player who will turn a game around or win clutches. He can be solid and usually if his team performs then he will rise his level a tiny bit and perform as well. Which is why he was decent as standin for Astralis and why he played pretty good in North. If he has really skilled players around him they can create space for him and he can play his role pretty well, but I don't think he will ever play well on Heroic because they arent on the same level as some of the teams they are fighting with in tournaments. They can probably beat most T2/T3 teams however, but I find it very unlikely that Rubino will improve them at all
2018-02-17 14:49
hes nuts ? where u take that from? in his whole career he never stood out. always been that guy who is doing average or bad. hes getting overhyped imo
2018-02-17 14:55
He’s always been a T1 player
2018-02-18 15:10
if you are a veteran and you are going to a war you need to prepare for that war or you die fast
2018-02-17 14:57
If you look at it that way
2018-02-17 20:14
Brazil NubBaiter 
0.08 rating in the most recent game omegaLUL
2018-02-17 15:00
*0.5 in the bo3
2018-02-17 16:45
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