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TaZ was not the problem!!
Poland unclejoe 
Taz was not the problem - VPstill sucks without him. MICHU fragged well it didn't help them. Byali is the rager who tears this team apart from the inside.
2018-02-17 21:00
Latvia zef7 
It`s the end of VP, chill
2018-02-17 21:00
taz cn go make cappuccino
2018-02-17 21:00
no, he can go to museum
2018-02-17 23:14
s1mple | 
Yugoslavia Szczurii 
VP is just tier 3 its how things are. They wont comeback cuz they are at their peak already. They would dominate 2k15 playing like that but now scene got stronger and they are tier 3. As sad as it is, you have to accept this.
2018-02-17 21:01
Faroe Islands memento_1 
+1 2015 competition is LE compared to 2018 global
2018-02-17 21:31
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
We will see
2018-02-17 21:32
Netherlands PugCS 
2018-02-17 21:01
Poland Spanksss 
yeah, cause u know whats inside the team lmaoo
2018-02-17 21:01
When out of form VP can take a map off a top team, it obviously did fix something. VP would usually get 2-0 destroyed by a team like Mouz.
2018-02-17 21:01
"top team" It was mouz. A pretty decent team, but not worthy of being called a top team yet.
2018-02-17 21:08
Mouz top6
2018-02-17 21:15
Top 7. Astralis definitely looks the better team with this new roster. Also, Mouz is struggling with the same thing that C9 was last year. They can beat all the teams ranked below them, but they can't beat teams ranked higher than them.
2018-02-17 21:26
Astralis is not the better team. Mouz is a top 5 team right now, G2 is not in the top 5. Fnatic playoffs at all these tournaments consistently, deserves top 5, and Mouz has had playoffs at pretty much all the tier 1 tournaments they've attended with this roster too. Sadly they weren't invited to any tier 1 tournaments before ECS. 1. FaZe/SK 2. SK/FaZe 3. C9 4. Mouz/Fnatic 5. Fnatic/Mouz Astralis looks good on paper, but they haven't shown anything, they have gone out early and haven't proven anything in the past months. Mouz has even directly beaten them, twice in a row now.
2018-02-17 21:33
Astralis failed out of the major with their old lineup. With this new roster they've been looking pretty great so far. G2 is definitely still a better team. Their ceiling is the highest of any team. I'll give top 6 if you want to put G2 out of it, but Astralis in 1. Faze/SK 2. Faze/SK 3. Cloud9 4. Fnatic 5. Astralis 6. Mouz Mouz still hasn't proven themselves to beat top teams. If you wouldn't mind linking me to Mouz beating Astralis, because unless I'm forgetting something those matches were with their old roster.
2018-02-17 21:45
They actually did. Even took faze far in a final. I don’t consider g2 consistent enough for top5. If all the stars align for them they can win any tournament. But this almost never happens. But lets be honest. Besides faze/sk top1/2. All other teams are pretty inconsistent or havent shown form long enough to really make a final top 5, maybe even top10
2018-02-17 21:52
C9 had consistent results all throughout the latter half of 2017 with this new roster, and so far have placed 1st at the major and 2nd at cs_summit this year.
2018-02-17 21:53
Hm only 2 notable thing c9 did right? Major and summit. Other placings where qualifiers and tier2/3 things. Correct me if im wrong.
2018-02-17 22:02
3-4th ESL NY 3-4th Eleague Premier 3-4th IEM Oakland Winning some tier 2/3 events isn't a great accomplishment, but it's still something.
2018-02-17 22:06
United States jaeger_steam 
top 4 at esl new york, eleague premier, iem oakland as well as topping ecs online NA portion and several regional tournies. they have been rather consistent for the past several months...
2018-02-17 22:09
Yeah thats true indeed.
2018-02-18 05:14
What the fuck is this logic. They failed with their old roster, and now they've won some online games so they have proven to be top 5 again? What the fuck? Mouz, Fnatic and C9 are the consistent teams of this time. Astralis is going out groups half the time and making playoff runs the rest of the time, without wins. C9, Fnatic and Mouz have been making every single playoffs possible in the past 4 months or so and have proven to not be inconsistent and yet still capable of competing with any team. Times change, get used to it, Astralis has fallen off and these new rosters have taken those 3rd-5th spots from the old giants like G2 and Astralis.
2018-02-17 21:55
Have you seen fnatic... no top 5 bro
2018-02-18 11:53
You say that after they lose to Tyloo. Wouldn't have said that before the match. :|
2018-02-18 17:25
I told you before. And then they played shit vs gambit which alot of people dont consider top10 and tyloo..
2018-02-18 18:04
CS:GO is the problem. I view matches just occasionally and still I am bored to death. Just imagine what professional players who play 4 years on the same maps must feel.
2018-02-17 21:02
Gtfo of hltv newfag
2018-02-17 21:11
CS:GO community for ya. LOL
2018-02-17 21:12
If u wanna recreate the Blitzwar, fite me irl spaghettiarms
2018-02-17 21:14
"same maps" It's not like Valve has swapped out maps multiple times over those 4 years, and also made changes to said maps.
2018-02-17 21:27
Sure. Mirage and Inferno are so fresh. Pleasure to both play and watch.
2018-02-17 21:30
First off there are more than 2 maps in the map pool. Secondly, Mirage needs changes, but the new inferno is definitely good to watch. Also teams are still developing strats on Mirage, look at Sean Gares video on how C9 played mirage really well at the major.
2018-02-17 21:32
IK there are other maps, but somehow all matches are played on those 2. I may watch the video but I am not holding my breath, as I was not surprised by any strat/play in ages. (Except for Dosia's nade maybe, LOL)
2018-02-17 21:38
Train is played quite a bit in NA and CIS. Nuke still gets some time in the sun. Cobble is not that uncommon. Overpass is played quite a bit. Cache also gets it's fair share of time.
2018-02-17 21:49
Last major Mirage + Inferno: 24 times Rest of maps: 24 times Mirage + Inferno in the final, both semis and most of quarter-finals.
2018-02-17 23:09
Yeah they are the 2 leading favorites, but that doesn't mean other maps aren't being played that much. Also I'm guessing since those add up to 48 you aren't including the new challengers stage. Also there were 50 maps played if you don't include the new challengers stage not 48.
2018-02-17 23:17
United States jaeger_steam 
There's a flaw in your argument. If the players must also be bored of the same maps overr and over, why do they keep picking them? I don't know if you've heard of the veto system? It's where the teams get to pick and ban which maps they do/don't get to play before the match starts. So clearly if mirage and inferno are the two primary maps being played right now, they are the popular ones and the scene as a whole is NOT tired of them. Just because your spastic ass needs something new every 5 minutes doesn't mean the rest of the community feels the same. In fact, whenever new maps are added or old ones heavily changed, we see a general trend to stay AWAY from those maps. Cs is so much about minute timings, effective utility usage, map awareness, rotations, information gathering and so on and so forth that new maps suck for the first 6 months to a year. I do think ONE brand new map is due into the rotation soon, but certainly not an overhaul of the map pool unless you want to see shitty vs for the next 12 months
2018-02-19 16:35
> why do they keep picking them? 1) Because they played those map so many times and they are so experienced that they think one change, new "strat" will help them break the losing streak. The fact is the preparation / "strats" / and skill does not matter so much. There is only so much you can learn and the skillcap is low, lets face it. 2) Because x00.000$ Leaving the old players performance on old maps aside, those maps are fucking pain in the ass to watch. And no, I don't need something new every 5 minutes. But I also can't stand watching same shoulder picking on banana or those 2 smokes and hiding after plant on B on Inferno for "30 x number of matches" times. Good God, how many times we have to watch it, again and again. Those prefires are not enough now, now ppl pre-spray 2-3 corners after a frag. Spraying smoke on some prelearned angles. Old players must be unbelievably tired with this also. Even coldzera said they game was 'robotic' in the last tournament.
2018-02-19 18:21
You make a great argument. Your opinion is true.
2018-02-18 05:24
Nepal permyxd 
hmm when you play in lol you have only 1 shit map for 3/4 years. Its not boring?
2018-02-18 11:57
Kyrgyzstan FlushaGOD_TOP1 
2018-02-17 21:04
Ukraine take_away 
just time has come, now its equator, u can not have 2-3 lowskilled guys only on experience anymore, alternation of generations.
2018-02-17 21:08
United Arab Emirates DuncanAK 
Pasha was always the problem Taz also want a good fragger
2018-02-17 21:09
Poland icelake 
++++ VP struggle so much with him in 2015 2016 he was mine reason of all this stupid in team changes like swaping positions role etc...
2018-02-17 21:20
yes he was.
2018-02-17 21:09
Poland icelake 
hard to do it something against TIER1 team when you are force to play 4vs6 and your fucking mine AWP make 11 frags in BO3 with this weapon
2018-02-17 21:16
Canada akirox 
2018-02-17 21:25
Mouz isn't tier 1. Other then that I agree with you.
2018-02-17 21:28
"I'll give top 6 if you want to put G2 out of it, but Astralis in 1. Faze/SK 2. Faze/SK 3. Cloud9 4. Fnatic 5. Astralis 6. Mouz" that's what you said before, so top 6 team isn't considered tier 1? What teams are considered tier 1 for you then?
2018-02-17 21:56
Honestly the top 3 are tier 1 at the moment. There's a little sub-tier 1.5 for teams like fnatic and mouz who don't consistently beat top teams, but still do really well considering that.
2018-02-17 22:01
taz is really the problem though. it's just they have more than 1 problem.
2018-02-17 21:20
just wait, not this tournament, next they will in final :) if you are fake fan pls kys - today you hate, tommorow you will love.
2018-02-17 21:24
Europe fahadinho 
VP will come out 3 1 mark my words
2018-02-17 21:29
Poland ddmeister 
so many kids talking shit here
2018-02-17 21:35
with taz instead of michu this would be 2-0 for mouse
2018-02-17 21:35
Poland icelake 
and max 6-9 rounds for VP in this BO3
2018-02-17 21:36
Poland sHEEYmON 
ye and people cant see this
2018-02-17 22:04
I say this since months. byali is their biggest problem.
2018-02-17 21:47
yet he was their best player in recent months
2018-02-17 21:54
Denmark ENCE|jW 
2018-02-17 21:55
he was problem but actually not only one D:...
2018-02-17 22:10
He was A problem, probably the biggest one. However, him being kicked brought about OTHER issues (see pasza saying he'll retire if he doesn't perform up to standards)
2018-02-17 23:09
pasha was always the problem, he is just too dumb to play on this level
2018-02-17 23:35
Myanmar AstralisGoat 
"Taz was not the problem" HAHHAHAHHAHAHAH
2018-02-18 05:29
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