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It's rough to be a Fnatic Fan
Switzerland WhyHasHeDoneThat 
2018-02-19 11:36
Australia JonoMate 
Not for the Aussies
2018-02-19 11:37
gg, but I don't think they will go any futher
2018-02-19 11:38
Australia JonoMate 
It depends on who Renegades draw tbh, but I'll always have faith in the boys.
2018-02-19 11:39
I'm probably gonna support Astralis now, who knows, maybe they surprise
2018-02-19 11:41
they had their era, major wise they're the most successful team in CSGO history.
2018-02-19 11:56
sure thing, but I don't think I can let that team go just because they don't perform like they should. These 3 games were very frustrating to watch.
2018-02-19 15:21
Sweden flippig 
lets hope this was a oneoff and they will perform again on katowice next week
2018-02-19 11:57
hope so, they were really frustrating to watch these 3 games
2018-02-19 15:16
Australia Dadecum 
its worse being a renegades fan, inconsistency and losing to pistols plagues us every day. the discord is a massive plus tho, we have a VERY active community that talks every day and watches together, so while the team sometimes shits the bed its fun being an rng fan.
2018-02-19 11:59
Renegades has the potential to be a very good team, but somehow they don't perform like that. The Fnatic community is alright now, it got purged from all the fake fans, because the team didn't really perform for some time now.
2018-02-19 15:20
Australia Dadecum 
they really do but as i said they're plagued with inconsistency a player will be an absolute monster one game then shit the best the next best example is azr against fnatic, first map he carried to come back, then the second map he got like 10 kills or some shit
2018-02-19 21:33
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