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Starseries rigged
n0thing | 
United States Shadow272 
How much u wanna bet that liquid is gonna get renegades And then faze c9/mouz G2 Navi Sk astralis I’m sure that the 2 worst teams are gonna face each other
2018-02-21 14:05
Australia starpyur 
You cant rig a shuffled random draw lol
2018-02-21 14:06
Sweden Akoulad 
2018-02-21 14:11
say that to a magician that wants u to shuffle his deck.
2018-02-21 14:13
your mum shuffled my deck
2018-02-21 14:14
ye she told me was really small deck and she was dissapointed
2018-02-21 14:27
yeah i've been meaning to extend my deck i'm just waiting until after winter as it's a bit cold to be laying decks
2018-02-21 14:46
2 worst teams would mean c9 faces renegades
2018-02-21 14:06
That’s impossible tho
2018-02-21 14:48
it should've been hr - mouz and c9 - rng
2018-02-21 14:06
United Kingdom THERISKK999 
if u think its rigged actually watch the draw
2018-02-21 14:06
Australia starpyur 
2018-02-21 14:14
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
How much you wanna bet: FaZe vs Rng facing liquid on the semis while SK are on the other side of the bracket, just so FaZe can get another free grand final spot
2018-02-21 14:12
How are they facing liquid Who would liquid get on the quarter finals ?
2018-02-21 14:49
nothing new really that panda guy is super shady. also liquid and rng are good. c9 and sk gets fucked with the draws delibaretly it seems like.
2018-02-21 14:12
Bet on faze they will win
2018-02-21 14:16
JW | 
Colombia Escobario 
c9 got eliminated
2018-02-21 14:50
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