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Does bad pc really matter
Azerbaijan LowestKek 
if coldzera played on a macbook, could he still be #1? could a scrub get GE with 20 fps? what about extras like dollar store mouse and ear buds, how much do they matter?
2018-02-21 14:15
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
no he couldn't lol
2018-02-21 14:16
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
it matters a lot, when you are taking it to extremes such as 20 fps and bad gear. But if you have the basic gear you can for sure go far if you got the talent. But good gear is extremely important
2018-02-21 14:17
BnTeT | 
Germany cucKing 
You just need a PC that gives 24+ fps, the eye can't see more than 24 fps anyway
2018-02-21 14:17
2018-02-21 14:19
Germany Delf1n 
But I still feel a difference between 40 fps and 120 fps ,try harder.
2018-02-21 14:24
only homosexuals feel that. because you need more fps to see that dick coming in your mouth more smoothly.
2018-02-21 16:28
2018-02-21 16:29
we can see much more than a 1000 fps
2018-02-21 16:33
BnTeT | 
Germany cucKing 
people still fall for this bait in 2018? wtf
2018-02-21 16:38
A macbook can definitely give more then 20fps...Its a 60hz screen but other then that it does 100fps+ easily on low settings... On pro levels you definitely need 300fps and a 144hz monitor tho...
2018-02-21 14:20
144 hz not really 300 fps yes
2018-02-21 14:22
What are you talking about, if he would have 60hz monitor, then he wouldn't see the difference between 60fps and 240 lul
2018-02-21 14:25
with 60hz i can see difference between 60fps and 300fps in csgo the difference is huge even with shitty monitor
2018-02-21 16:20
But how is that possible??
2018-02-21 16:23
because the eyes get used to a certain fps level, if you're used to play at 300fps all day and then u switch to 60 it will feel really really slow. 60hz doesn't mean maximum 60fps cap
2018-02-21 16:24
it does mean that your screen gets a new frame 60 times a second, so you're looking at 60 fps.
2018-02-21 16:26
wrong, u can see the diff between 300 and 60 on 60hz
2018-02-21 16:29
honestly never tried it because i always get 250+ fps on a 60hz monitor, i'm curious now tho so will try
2018-02-21 16:32
Try it yourself, you'll feel the difference.
2018-02-21 16:32
#24, probs commented at the same time as you
2018-02-21 16:32
Dacht ik ook al. :p
2018-02-21 16:33
But if the screen refreshes 60 times a scond, and u have 120 fps ingame, will u be able to notice it? Cause in the end, the screen is still just 60 hz
2018-02-21 16:29
in a fast paced game u can notice it easily
2018-02-21 16:29
I only camp in palace
2018-02-21 16:29
do you camp in tspawn with awp on d2 aswell? lul
2018-02-21 16:30
I never play dust 2, i hate it.
2018-02-21 16:31
60hz monitor = max. 60fps, u won't see difference between 60 and 144fps 144hz monitor = max. 144fps, u will see difference between 60 and 144fps, but not between 144 and 240fps. 240hz monitor = max. 240fps, u will see difference between 60, 144 and 240fps, but not between 240 and 300fps. thanks
2018-02-21 16:39
2018-02-21 18:04
I will not argue with you, if u think i'm wrong - i don't care. I just know that i'm not.
2018-02-21 18:28
2018-02-21 21:15
You can reach global for example 30-50 fps shit mouse and decent headphones but if you wanna go further you need atleast 200-300 fps its night and day
2018-02-21 14:22
200-300 fps wont do anything if you have a 144 hertz monitor thats all you need 144 is all you need and its what most pros use.
2018-02-21 16:39
I play on a macbook air, and is fairly "playable", it gives around 70/80fps in most maps. I think he would still destroy. The drops in fps and stuttering when it overheat can be a really drag to your confidence when it comes to creating plays tho.
2018-02-21 14:23
wouldn't destroy against any pros
2018-02-21 16:41
Good headphones/earphones are underrated imo. I see so many players in mm who don't hear anything coming (gn1 though so that might be a problem aswell)
2018-02-21 16:27
gn1s are mostly deaf
2018-02-21 16:39
If you have less than 30 fps in csgo, you aint doing shit. I know this cause i get 20 fps :(
2018-02-21 16:34
I get 19 sometimes :(
2018-02-21 16:39
144+fps on 2013 macbook
2018-02-21 16:39
I got to dmg on 50-20fps, regular keyboard and a gaming mouse that was like 2 years ago tho.
2018-02-21 18:44
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