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Sweden f0restWC3 
Should be banned from having e-sport teams, you guys are so rigged thanks to capitalism =D Look at both of their results on mirage, lfao beating mythic, iceberg raped by bravado 16-10 OMEGALUL inb4 how much, I bet 150 on iceberg with no logic, because I knew that rat znf would throw sometime
2018-02-23 05:25
2018-02-23 05:27
+1 North America HAHA
2018-02-23 05:29
United States f00bar 
Another dumbass that thinks chain logic works...IN FUCKING BEST OF 1s AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
2018-02-23 05:32
inb4 how much, I bet 150 on iceberg with no logic, because I knew that rat znf would throw sometime >Flag USA HAHAHHAHAHAH
2018-02-23 05:32
United States f00bar 
You have zero reading comprehension and tried to greentext on hltv. A fool and his money are soon parted. You'll be broke by tomorrow LMAO
2018-02-23 05:35
"tried to greentext" HUH? what are you on dude? drunk? I won't be broke, you don't know me or my bankroll LMAO. NA trying to defend his noscene LMFAOOO
2018-02-23 05:38
United States f00bar 
You just responded with even less reading comprehension, and are talking shit about throwing scenes while being a Tyloo fan. Stop, my sides can't take much more man
2018-02-23 05:41
Again north american autism reply OMEGALUL I can't even imagine living in your mini syria country Xddd
2018-02-23 05:42
what was odds
2018-02-23 05:31
I had like 2.16 for iceberg ml
2018-02-23 05:33
nice very nice give 1$?
2018-02-23 05:37
no, sorry, because fan of NA TRASH NA = SHIT
2018-02-23 05:38
moe is best na player and he would do good in tier 5 eu team imo
2018-02-23 05:39
2018-02-23 05:40
North America noahborel 
Who TF cares about these TIER 5 teams. Literally only ppl that watch are ppl that bet on the game.
2018-02-23 05:50
Denmark ghostan11 
Autism strikes again
2018-02-23 07:16
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