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Letting Inferno through again LUL
2018-02-23 09:07
Finland hotdog^ 
2018-02-23 09:09
They won’t need a 3rd map
2018-02-23 09:10
Still shouldn't be letting probably your second worst map through
2018-02-23 09:13
Well did play well against C9 and NaVi, maybe they have put some work on the map
2018-02-23 09:46
RIP I dont understand why they keep pushing inferno as if they were a good team on it they could have just played train wtf would they even ban train? They clearly have no clue on what they're doing on it, they lose to force buys almost every single time, when they are on the T side they keep buying round after round, they don't eco properly, their inferno is just a mess. Also TACO being TACO LUL
2018-02-23 14:42
Maybe they are now more vulnerable on train? That’s a really bad sign since now you have 3 maps that you can’t really play
2018-02-24 07:53
I highly doubt their train is as bad as their inferno, also they were playing really good on it last year with boltz.
2018-02-27 16:06
United States caliprep 
boltz is literally a bot....a stand in bot.
2018-02-24 09:04
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