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Why SK are so bad?
Brazil kNgVdidnothingwrong 
Really, SK will never win anything again with TACO, is so obvious that TACO is f**** the team
2018-02-23 16:27
-taco +fnx
2018-02-23 16:29
2018-02-23 16:31
Fer fnx Pick one
2018-02-24 05:38
Portugal luK,ws 
volta fox lol
2018-02-23 16:32
sk cant win anything if 100% of the team doesnt give 100% of them
2018-02-23 16:34
6+6 = 10
2018-02-23 16:35
4-1=3 quick maffs
2018-02-23 16:37
Portugal NotRlyPT 
es burro que mete nojo
2018-02-23 16:35
2 majors with taco cry
2018-02-23 16:36
without him can be 5
2018-02-23 19:52
no taco no cold without taco cold would be average player
2018-02-23 19:54
2018-02-24 03:10
Australia kTw0 
he's right tho
2018-02-24 06:04
Brazil MrJanitor 
2018-02-24 03:51
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
2 majors 4v5
2018-02-24 05:42
2018-02-24 03:24
NiKo | 
Denmark happyDane 
Like all SK members
2018-02-24 03:26
not even remotely true lmao are you a north fan or some shit?
2018-02-24 03:34
2018-02-25 05:16
Cheats outdated. Taco is just a scapegoat.
2018-02-24 03:27
Who would bait for cold then? All that does is just make fer's job 2x as hard
2018-02-24 03:28
United States Venom_ 
They lost confidence
2018-02-24 03:29
They are getting older People are more used to how they play They have been at the top for some time now and know how it feels like to be the best so when they are losing to teams that are worse and they know that they should win against makes you lose alot of confidence when you lose And they keep saying we will come back we are best team in the world still and all that and when they lose after saying all these things i think they tilt And they were poor they had a big goal to become the best team and earn money and now they are really rich for being a brazilian and living the dream so the drive to win is not as big anymore i think
2018-02-24 03:51
Just perfect
2018-02-25 05:16
Brazil Apol0_1705 
I disagree. It's a slump. It isnt like VP, NIP or Fnatic that need some roster changes to do well again. They just need time to adjust their playstyle. From an agressive style combo Felps and Fer to a passive style with Boltz. Just give them time and I think they will play out of their minds again. P.S: My opinion
2018-02-25 05:29
-taco + steel back to original luminosity squad. steel developed very well as a player and i think he can fit in very well
2018-02-24 05:46
2018-02-24 23:24
2018-02-25 05:10
2018-02-25 05:12
2018-02-25 05:14
Portugal R0cketOG 
You guys never learn do you? After every break you burry SK and after a few weeks you have to idle for 5 months with your words up your ass...
2018-02-24 06:05
Portugal Leg_Day 
because they have to play two bo3 in one day
2018-02-25 05:23
United States bo0dle 
they aren't bad infact they are quite good. imo they are in a hard slump after adding boltz. I think that once they change orgs they will be very good again. -bo0dle
2018-02-25 05:24
Mouse | 
Macau Bent0 
boltz is at the same level in term of skill with felps but hes not a toxic cunt i think taco isnt the problem
2018-02-25 05:36
trust me, SK have potential to be the best team in history, but they need to kick TACO asap
2018-02-25 20:09
They just don't care about SK brand anymore, they're leaving. Probably keeping energy to destroy under mibr's brand. Btw, the players are probably pissed about SK taking ex-100Thieves in their spot.
2018-02-25 05:42
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