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The future of this world is
Malta Wudestkohm 
Fuked. Not fuked fuked because Mother Nature doesn't care about humans and can reset anytime it wants, but in the future here'll be more plastic per kilogram in the ocean than fish per kilogram, with 7 billion now and 3 billion more about to come in the next 40 years, the problems are nearly insumountable. Not simply because there will be more mouths to feed, but because all these people don't want to be poor like most of the Third World is today. They want 1st world living standards, and who can blame them? But 1st world living standars come at a huge environmental and resource consumption cost, to say nothing about the price in CO2 emissions. If all people alive today were to at once achieve Euro-American living standards, the sheer human impact on Earth's environments would increase about 11 fold. Just imagine that, 11 times more deforestation, consumption and emissions. Those who believe that the population bomb would defuse itself (haha) through natural processes (which could only occur in the 1st world due to its living standards based on insane consumption of natural resources) probably believe that resources and the environment are unlimited and infinitely resilient, respectively. They're wrong. The population bomb will explode and the human population will "naturally" die off to a sustainablelevel, taking most of the Earth along on its extinction trip. My predictions for the future is that those super rich will indeed build space ships to leaver and start a new population on another habitable planet. They wil have a very tight selection process for who grets to come along. They will be the human species that continues to live on while those left on Earth will continue the cycle of killing each other off or Mother Nature will cast "Reset" for us once again. Of course they will go on to another planet, and like the virus that humans are, ultimately do the exact the same thing. Repeat. I know this is science fiction stuff right now, but, as we have already seen, science fiction soon becomes science fact. If this prediction comes to fruition, which i hope it doesn't and is just overreacting, Musk will probably be the new Einstein in terms of person of the century and the next big thing that will happen will be going to Mars, since this planet will come to shiet. Remember one thing, humanity always had problems, that's undeniable, but in the past the human population was tiny and controllable, 10 million? fine! 100 million? fine! 1 billion? fine! Since we've grown from 4 billion to 7.5 billion, we've wiped out 50% of all other species and currently wipe out around 200 species a year. And this while we're still growing at 80 million a year and on track to top 11 billion with perhaps 12 countries free from conflict. And to the predictable optimists sying that Earth has more than enough resources for everyone, how much of this population is riding on the back of fossil fuel? Fossil fuel drives world economy. But will this 11 billion number be sustainable? That means 100 years from now, 200, 500, with the amount of non-renewable resources we use? With the impact of climate change? With the impact we are having on other living organisms? Will we transition to renewable forms of energy? Would such a transition be able to keep up with energy demands? tl;dr - We're screwed.
2018-02-23 19:04
Turkey Shanon 
2018-02-23 19:05
2018-02-23 19:08
"Musk will probably be the new Einstein" you mean the new Tesla?
2018-02-23 19:09
no, Einstein, it doesn't matter if Tesla was more relevant than Einstein or whatnot, but in terms of how that name will have weight. If someone tells something obvious to you, you'll reply "Wow, thanks, Einstein!" in a mocking manner. That's how Einstein was engraved in human memory. If what i'm saying actually comes to fruition, or simply shares some similarity, Musk will be the next Einstein.
2018-02-23 19:11
Musk is not a scientist, Einstein was. With this low level of knowledge how can you expect to be taken seriously?
2018-02-23 19:27
Einstein is the most famous scientist of all time, and is either #1 or #2 greatest scientist of all time, depending on how you compare him to Newton. (in terms of popularity, of course) Elon’s life mission is to create a colony on Mars with a million people. There must be some chance of that happening, otherwise nobody would care about Elon much at all. He is the one who is really thinking about the world…with companies like Tesla,SpaceX and solar city …he is trying to save the world from issues like climate change and global warming, the most important issues of the 21st century. IF he gets successful in setting colony on mars to live…then after 100 years humans will take his name with great respect!!
2018-02-23 19:31
Do you remember the name of the guy who paid for Columbus expedition or you remember Columbus more? Even if some know Ferdinand II, more know Columbus.
2018-02-23 19:38
Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean long time ago and conquered the Americas. The Europeans founded a lot of nations here. Huge cities have been built on this part of the planet, we can mention New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more. The humans have advanced a lot in technology since those years, there have been a lot of innovations and improvements. Elon Musk wants to conquer Mars, how amazing it is! This is possible that in a not so far future we will see small human colonies on other planets and trips to the outer space will become more popular day after day. This is the beginning of a new era. But that's not saying that he isn't imperfect, he probably does some shady shit. Elon Musk is not an authority on education, dating, parenting, medicine, nor for that matter artificial intelligence. His comments on AI and simulation theory are the ideas of others, and the fact that he said them doesn’t mean he’s asking you to believe them - nor does it make those ideas right. Even people who are worshipped and idolized are not perfect and can sometime have even more glaring flaws than ordinary people. Many incredibly successful people have an extremity (whether it be immense confidence or insane work ethic or incessant drive), and often, these extremities cause them other problems in life. But these extremities are what ultimately help them attain that level of success. i'm actually replying this to all the people who'll start accusing me of sucking Elon's dick. I am not.
2018-02-23 19:51
I'm not saying you suck dicks, I'm saying Musk is "just" the founder, not the one taking the physical risk of the expedition or the one coming with science solutions (scientists working for him are). As of today society people get informed with 140 sign messages, you remember the PR guy more than actual scientists, but history won't judge by that. The first man stepping on Mars will be remembered in 500 years, but Musk? Not as much. I'm not saying he is an useless moron, on the opposite. I'd rather have 10 musk than 2 Koch brothers, just chill bro.
2018-03-24 11:48
He might be characterized that way, but I don’t think his role is that substantial, as you say. This happened before with Thomas Edison, it can happen again with Musk. Although, i don't think both can be equally knowledgeable. Elon enjoys huge popularity but I think in future especially after 100 years I don't think he will get all the credit. It will be evenly distributed among all the contributor's who will help us become multi-planetary, but it can go in the opposite direction. Sadly, this is too much deviation from the original meaning of this thread, considering i reserved so little of it to Musk, yet this whole conversation is centered on him.
2018-03-24 21:07
Yeah, but that what's happen when you come with sentence like "Musk is the new Einstein". Or you do it on purpose to make a buzz, then you assume. Or you don't and well, I'm sure you learned about it.
2018-03-24 21:47
Not sure how is one's notoriety is directly associated with one being a scientist or not, instead of one's popularity or achievements and how well they are known to the world. If SpaceX continues the way it's going and the credit goes all the way to Musk, Musk probably will be remembered very positively in 100 years from now, despite Musk not having such a substantial role in his company in the future or being replaced. These things get maximized even more considering he is treating serious issues like climate change and global warming and human presence in other planets.
2018-03-25 01:18
He might be remembered as the one guy spending money to send useless thing in space if he continues that way. After a car, what else? Dolphins? And that's not a good way to be remembered :
2018-03-25 01:20
SpaceX already set their SATs up so at end of lifespan their orbits will decay much faster than the 25 year requirement, meaning they know about Kessler Syndrome and are directly taking steps to avoid it.
2018-03-25 01:27
But again, what the progress of sending car into space?
2018-03-25 01:38
2018-03-24 11:16
sadly what you say is true...
2018-02-23 19:09
yes, hans! but maybe not, i could just be overreacting
2018-02-23 19:16
I aren't think you are
2018-02-23 19:16
I'm drunk and have to sit on plane for 18 hours tomorrow what should I do?
2018-02-23 19:17
idk friend, but there's nothing worse than travel sickness on a long flight :(
2018-02-23 19:25
2018-02-23 19:25
Croatia feelsbadmane 
Didnt read
2018-02-23 19:33
Croatia feelsbadmane 
2018-02-23 19:37
2018-02-23 20:21
bump again
2018-02-24 03:10
f0rest | 
Italy _VAC_ 
you re right we are fucked human extinction is closing in and only the rich will have the money to go to other planets, poor people will die on earth
2018-02-25 23:56
bump againn
2018-02-27 20:20
That's where your wrong. Everything is a lie. And I will prove you wrong. Its only as it seems, the rich filthy and horrid, most cruel and twisted people will make it to space. They will be the people whi would do anything even kill family to get to space. They are the people you dispise most for their ignorant, selfish, and child like mentality. They will make it to space. Only ones left on Earth are the warm hearted and good people who have up their seats on the ship for loved ones and others. Now you can only watch as your family disappears in front of you leaving you in the waste piles. Days pass by and you see the old fall first, dead. Their family either gone mental and now suicidal or in space. One year has passed since their departure and now the strong are left. You have savraficed everything you could, seen your friends suicide but you strong, you loyal, and most of all you friendly. Just then as you go to turn on the computer for another csgo match against boots you hear "okay everyone, you are the only humans left on earth. Population is now stable. You may now take off the lens/contacts." Your startled but land the 360 no scope head shot anyways from all the practice. You turn around but no one therr, outside you hear cheers and joy from those who stood by you but.. their all laughing after poking their eyes what? Your baffled. Just then the message is repeated. You follow instructions, you have trouble but your dick does not end up in the toaster thank God. As you take off the lens that was there for who knows how long you look outside. Where their was piles and heaps of rubbish and waste was giant blossoming mountains, you look to the left you see trees, you haven't seen trees ever. Just then you realize that all of it was a lie to take out all the bad people and leave only the hood behind to continue the human race. You run outside enjoying the fresh air and clean water, a world you have never experienced but now it's magical. I was not okay while writing this please understand...
2018-02-27 21:02
I would edit my spelling but it's hard on mobile ;_;
2018-02-27 21:45
Everything that we know is reductible to the absurd acts of chemicals, and there is therefore no intrinsic value in this material universe
2018-02-27 21:47
that's why we need to start mass extermination now human life = nothing
2018-02-28 09:59
too nihilistic to me
2018-03-24 11:04
the solution to all world problems is the same one. they are all driven by overpopulation. climate change, pollution, environmental destruction, mass migration, unsustainable consumption of resources. it sounds unacceptable to say it, but it's the truth that people are sleepwalking by because they have been indoctrinated to be politically correct. the earth has to be massively depopulated. it's going to happen one way or another.
2018-03-25 01:22
2018-03-22 01:42
Brazil |Guts| and Capitalism.
2018-03-24 21:04
who cares about future lul
2018-03-24 21:05
Brazil EWRO 
1984 will be our future, unless people wake up and notice they dont need a government to say how they must live their lives
2018-03-25 01:16
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2018-03-25 01:39
smart brazilian ? you must be fake flagging
2018-03-25 01:39
2018-04-06 23:17
7.6 billion people in the earth today. doesn't that make you sick? human virus is spreading and spreading. absolutely disgusting. i remember when it was only 6.5bn and that was already too much. when tf are we gonna do smth kids? just gonna let it go up? Future of the world IS SHIT.
2018-09-26 22:39
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