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Norway ask1r 
should be a country <3
2018-02-23 19:42
f0rest | 
Sweden GODTitaN 
Well it isnt :D
2018-02-23 19:43
Turkey Shanon 
2018-02-23 20:59
Turkey Shanon 
2018-02-23 21:54
2018-02-28 14:18
2018-02-23 19:43
please, just stop
2018-02-23 19:45
triggered kebab spotted
2018-02-23 19:46
Turkey Tyhke 
2018-02-23 19:47
Norway ask1r 
roflll maybe for arabs
2018-02-23 19:48
cry is free
2018-02-23 19:51
omg so triggered
2018-02-23 19:58
2018-02-23 20:00
GruBy | 
Poland Yoshi2k 
DO YOU know that stupid kebab polish people earn more money than turkish kebabs you know that ?
2018-02-23 20:56
2018-02-23 19:50
Poland = a mix of Germany and Russians
2018-02-23 20:44
Still better than turkey which is mix of shit and pee
2018-02-23 20:49
2018-02-23 20:57
that was a good one xd
2018-02-23 21:26
+1 what would even be so bad with being a mix of germany and russia, i dont get it. 2 countries with centuries of rich history
2018-02-23 22:26
Turkey = mix of Turks, Greeks, Arabs, Armenians, Georgians, Persians Turks = One of the best fighters that existed and one of the first nations to use horse in battles. Greeks = The country that has the best history and one of the first modern nations Arabs = Egyptians = One of the first nations to have ancient cities Armenians, Georgians = One of the oldest ancient nations to exist, Persians = Fathers of Modern Algebra
2018-02-24 14:20
+11 Glorious comment. Outcome of this:
2018-02-24 14:22
invalid argument. I won. /closed
2018-02-24 14:26
? I said +11? ofc you won, my picture just underlined the masterrace of turkish ppl
2018-02-24 14:27
Turkey = mix of Turks, Greeks, Arabs, Armenians, Georgians, Persians Turks = One of the best fighters that existed and one of the first nations to use horse in battles. Greeks = The country that has the best history and one of the first modern nations Arabs = Egyptians = One of the first nations to have ancient cities Armenians, Georgians = One of the oldest ancient nations to exist, Persians = Fathers of Modern Algebra But poland aka mix of germans and russians Germans = Genociders of 5 million people. nazi shit etc. Russians = Invading the lands of countries in middle asia (kazakhstan, krygzstan etc.) and the most evil country in the world after USA
2018-02-24 14:22
all arabs, turks etc - had civilization first, had some kind of math first. Still with this advantage you guys still live in the middle ages and innovate nothing.
2018-02-25 14:34
1) Old Turkic people didn't have maths, even if they had, we don't have proof for that. 2) All arab sources were destroyed by either mongolians or europeans so its normal that they suck 3) We don't live in middle ages in turkey, this is just what media shows you
2018-02-26 14:09
ropz | 
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
"Kurd in Town" Kappa Kurdistan Nordic people will understand my 11/10 joke
2018-02-23 19:43
Iceland _natas_ 
Can confirm this is 11/10 joke Like Turk på burk also lit joke
2018-02-23 19:49
Rly good joke
2018-02-23 20:52
2018-02-23 20:56
Iceland _natas_ 
Why is all new threads about Sweden?
2018-02-23 19:48
kurdisWHO ?
2018-02-23 19:48
ask the armenians... ohh wait. u can have deniz yücel back btw. id rather stick to the tanks u guys did get for his release. in todays news i read that german government did agree to 32 weapon-sales-agreenments a week before turkey let him out of prison. nice blackmailing skills by erdogan - i have to admit. im ashamed of my government for being so delusional and weak. the paper was encrypted aswell. whatever u guys bought - its very secret apparently. enjoy our tanks and submarines bro. good bang for the buck lel. and wb back deniz. KEK
2018-02-23 19:54
its a shame but expected from gabriel/spd. btw, did you vote like you said a few weeks ago?
2018-02-23 20:02
y. i actually joined SPD to vote gainst groko aswell. i joined just in time. my votation-paper is already in the postal. i tried my best. may god help us all.
2018-02-23 20:04
i was referring to the spd votum ofc. with the latest bild "pseudo" scandal im pretty hopeful that it actually might work. but i dont see coming something better from new elcetions. cdu/csu wont do it without someone to blame when things go wrong :D
2018-02-23 20:06
its about to erase spd now. its an historical opportunity. i always hated SPD, but heiko maas was too much. i struggled alot tbh. but i made my decision. im more frightened of SPD than of CDU and AFD combined. if groko wont make it, i think merkel has to go aswell. cdu and spd did lose last elections basically. and they behave like there were no elections at all, and now they only try to bring their sheep into the shed. and the thing that pisses me off the most is, that they pretend that would be "totally fine". the fuck man. that aint democracy. i want re-elections. i stated this in octobre already. i do not agree with what "they" are doing here.
2018-02-23 20:12
Germany Hazelnus 
Turky was right to imprison this cunt Yücel. He deserves prison.
2018-02-23 20:43
well i dont know tbh. what i read in media says the opposite. but i dont trust media anymore. do u remember the time when some ukrainian guys daughter did get imprisoned? she was the leader of the social democrats or sth. whole european media did tell us that this is a show-process, human rights watch etc. had been around. and with some research u found out that she was actually a criminal. corruption, theft of billions. news became a joke back then. when people started yelling lügenpresse in 2016 it was already a old fashioned value. i highly doubt that there is a free press anymore. i often read swiss or french newspapers - and their newscoverage differs alot already. i kinda recognized that our news dont deal "fair" with the people who are considered bad guys. i dont know shit about mr. yücel. but i kinda think that there is sth. about him. u dont get imprisoned for 1 year for no reason - not even in turkey.
2018-02-23 21:00
these days, in turkey you get prison for a lot of ridiculous things.
2018-02-23 21:18
true dat. but in case of mr. yücel there had been pressure from day 1. could be hes some innocent dude who got turned into a tool. the tool did its job apparently.
2018-02-23 21:20
hes speaking out openly against erdogan for ages now. ofc hes a "terrorist" in their eyes. im astonished that youre trying to argue through a tinfoil hat in this issue..
2018-02-23 21:21
naah im not. like i said i dont know shit about mr. yücel. i didnt care about the issue aswell. im more into iran and gaza and shit. whats ur opinion on the "putsch"?
2018-02-23 21:25
i think it might be an attempt (maybe plans) of a real one but not the way - the size - it got presented. gulen movement isnt that strong anymore since, idk maybe early 90s. they couldnt do that. and turkey is not that ionstabile that cia might make a move. also, theyre nato partners, not some south american "communist" country
2018-02-23 21:28
so no reichstagsbrand?
2018-02-23 21:28
i wouldnt exclude this possibility simple due to the fact, that there is no real "enemy" at hand. it is a half one at leastt, as they blamed a movement that most likely is irrelevant for years and used it to get rid of a lot of their last supporters. or worse: people that are totally normal but only supposedly supporters. "stasi-syndrom."
2018-02-23 21:31
thats pretty much what im thinking aswell.
2018-02-23 21:33
Turkey belongs to Kurdistan /close
2018-02-23 19:49
2018-02-23 19:49
nice dream
2018-02-23 19:55
2018-02-23 19:49
Japan hirohito 
kurdistan>every surrounding country (excluding iran maybe)
2018-02-23 20:06
agreed. just because iran is shia they arent friends. i'd agree to shia > sunnis doe. but kurds are far more western than iran. its a shame that europe betrayed them.
2018-02-23 20:43
2018-02-23 20:39
kekistan should be a country.
2018-02-23 20:50
Biji Rojava :D
2018-02-23 20:55
Turkey OlofGoD_Top_1 
Gr8 b8
2018-02-23 20:56
gtfo here kid
2018-02-23 20:56
France MrTasy 
this wouldn't change the fact that most central asian country are shithole.
2018-02-23 20:57
EliGE | 
Turkey aybars99 
you think you are funny...
2018-02-23 20:59
Kurdistan? Im sorry to say that Europeans but it wont be a country. Look Afrin. Its Kurd versus Turk. And 1900 Kurd die , 40 Turk die. LuL. I think Kurdistan wont be a country.
2018-02-23 21:01
I can't find it on the map can someone give me a hand pls? Thanks you Nice thread btw. Some twitch chat level iq right there
2018-02-23 21:03
I can't give you a hand, but maybe a goat is okay for you? Thx. Baiting and triggering 90% of hltv turks is priceless
2018-02-23 23:29
That's my point. This is horrible even for a b8. Nothing different than turks typing "xantares <3" in twitch chat(even in SL games which SS don't even participate lol) "kurdistan should be a country <3", really my negev? really low iq right there. i could do much better tbh
2018-02-23 23:32
did u steal my post? rly nibba
2018-02-23 21:27
Faroe Islands Arismendi 
2018-02-23 21:27
Iran pawlosek88 
kurds are either isis/pkk/usa/israel terrorist or on social benefits in germany
2018-02-23 21:29
Russia bugsYsiegel 
2018-02-23 21:31
Norway almighty_so 
yes <3
2018-02-23 21:32
apEX | 
Turkey Yarrak 
I really dont understand lol why you eu guys like kurds? They are uncivilized af, any kurdish city in turkey is a shithole with ISIS level of everything and you guys like them just because you dont like us asudhuashduash
2018-02-23 22:31
United Kingdom swellis 
You've just described Turkey, uncivilised, a shit hole, and terrorists nice
2018-02-28 14:29
apEX | 
Turkey Yarrak 
Sorry but i wont have a conversation with a brit
2018-02-28 17:24
United Kingdom swellis 
Good i'd rather you didn't
2018-02-28 19:07
Turkey Emixd 
Ay lmao, Kurdistan > Israel. Both are backed up and supported by Zionists. Im sorry, but there are no place for zionists, and terrorists near Turkey. (((Don't get me wrong, i do not hate Krudish people)))
2018-02-23 23:04
2018-02-23 23:33
****Stans should be united in the Great Kurdistan
2018-02-25 14:37
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