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NA Teams 1-Hit-Wonder
Austria Laolon 
Do you think NA Teams are 1-Hit-Wonders? look at c9, Liquid or last your optic (last year).... they win one tournament everyone is hyping them but after that they are shit again. What do you think?
2018-02-28 11:04
United Kingdom Fizzhaz 
American culture is much more lax than Northern European culture so they don't work *as* hard or have the right mindset to give them tournie wins consistently. As such they'll win when they are "in form" but normally they'll lose.
2018-02-28 11:07
Austria Laolon 
i thought the optic team with rush, naf mixwell and so on last year would have the chance to be a top team.... but they split up... i dont get why they have done this
2018-02-28 11:10
Germany felo 
Liquid will stay Top5 for sure, they have the best NA players + BR minds behind it all, a recipe for success
2018-02-28 11:09
Austria Laolon 
they are pretty good atm but i dont think they will stey in top 5 for long
2018-02-28 11:11
liquid don't look like 1hit, they won summit, top4 starladder and already at least top6 katowice
2018-02-28 11:13
Austria Laolon 
yeah we will see....
2018-02-28 11:15
Dominican Republic Jetskee 
C9 seems like it but Liquid is going strong right now. We'll have to wait and see what happens with them vs Astralis
2018-02-28 11:16
United States kick_tarik_ffs 
Shit again? C9 weren't shit before the major. Unless teams that dont win events are shit to you no matter how many top 4 placings they get
2018-02-28 11:17
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