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Luxembourg Nt_favela_cuck 
can someone help if astralis win liquid if sk win clod9 if faze with fnatic if nip win north is it nip vs liquid winner plays faze sk vs fnatic winner plays astralis? i rly want faze looose to fnatic and play sk in bo3 if what i said is correct
2018-03-01 17:05
if faze wins = they goes to semi final/lose they go to quarterfinal
2018-03-01 17:06
The winners of the 2 upper bracket finals go to the semi finals, the losers go to the quarters where they face the winners of the two lower bracket finals.
2018-03-01 17:07
Luxembourg Nt_favela_cuck 
i mean who plays who in quarters looser of upper A vs winner of lower B or loosers of both upper brackets
2018-03-01 17:11
Yeah I don't know that, but it should be the same as with IEM Oakland I assume, just with the brackets instead of placings in groups. So that would be group B lower bracket finalist vs group A upper bracket loser and same on lower bracket winner A vs upper bracket loser B. That's the only way they could do it really, without making teams who have probably already faced go against each other again.
2018-03-01 17:17
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
I also want faze to lose against fnatic xd
2018-03-01 17:07
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