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No Swedish teams at GameGune
United States Ragamuffin 
I just noticed this. Isn't that weird?? When is the last time you can remember that a MAJOR tournament had no Swedish flags in it? If you ask me, this just proves that 1.6 is on a decline =\
2012-07-27 19:11
yes cs is dead. No one can deny it
2012-07-27 19:16
it was with 1hp and you guys started to care more about CS:GO than 1.6. hope you guys are happy because from now on it's going to be like this! by the way, i forbid all swedish teams to play any major tournament around the world until i change my mind.
2012-07-27 19:39
fnatic is sweden team :S cc did u know that ?
2012-07-27 19:22
fnatic is as swedish as was norwegian
2012-07-27 19:24
Canada xb0y 
Danish now.
2012-07-27 19:24
omfg loled the flag is danish only cuz there is a 3 players from denemark but fnatic like organization is from sweden i think !!
2012-07-27 20:12
no fnatic is from australia...
2012-07-27 20:13
ok i don't know that ok but source ?
2012-07-27 20:14
no, 1.6
2012-07-27 20:15
Try to open site ""
2012-07-27 20:27
2012-07-27 20:28
And you failed once again, fnatic is australian organisation.
2012-07-27 21:07
with three Danes yeah sure
2012-07-27 19:24
+Orga is australian, not swedish
2012-07-27 21:07
The team is Danish and the organisation is Australian.
2012-07-27 19:35
The medals counting as danish ones from now and on, just like the previous ones of fnatic counting as swedish ones. End of discussion.
2012-07-27 19:27
it proves sweden got a good summer this year. 25-30 degrees for over a week now xD
2012-07-27 19:32
lol 25-30 is my country's winter temperature.... summer here is 52*C
2012-07-27 19:50
who wants that warm weather?
2012-07-27 19:51
u emphasized 25-30 being kinda great in summer.... jus gave u an example of summer temps in my country......
2012-07-27 19:53
well it is great :D
2012-07-27 19:59
you probably should know that the same number of degrees doesn't mean the same hot weather in different part of countrys, because of different climate. Talking about North Europe, if the weather would be 37~ degrees, you would feel the same hot weather as it would be 45-50 in your country.
2012-07-27 20:09
nope i din know....... and climate can give u that effect?? dats news to me..... i'll have to verify tho.....
2012-07-27 20:17
because all year the weather is hot in your area, while in north europe most of the time the climate is cold. That's why when degrees reaches 35 or something like that, you feel the same as it would be over 42 in UAE, Egypt, Greece and so on...
2012-07-27 20:28
where are you from? Dont know that flag.
2012-07-27 20:07
waka waka e e
2012-07-27 20:09
suNny | 
Argentina Sunnie 
Lithuania it is ..
2012-07-27 20:10
nope, this is lithuanian flag
2012-07-27 20:14
United Arab Emirates
2012-07-27 20:26
What's great about 52*C ?
2012-07-27 20:10
suNny | 
Argentina Sunnie 
Nothing .. In Argentina's Summer the temperature can reach 45?C and is annoying .. It's insufferable .. I can't imagine 52°C :P ..
2012-07-27 20:13
i would say fnatic is swedish since they speak swedish.
2012-07-27 21:01
who said they speak swedish? trace cant speak swedish thats why SK kicked him out, communicaton problems.
2012-07-27 21:03
it wasnt communication problem omg.... reason why they kicked him is that they didnt fit together, way different player then delpan.
2012-07-27 21:04
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