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Just Finished two sharpie portraits of s1mple, thoughts?
s1mple | 
United States aryTurns 
2018-03-03 01:34
4/8 Try more.
2018-03-03 01:39
Looks like s1mple's brother to me.
2018-03-03 01:41
Finland VerifiedUser 
2018-03-03 01:42
Russia ez4u 
Ты че, дурак? Это ж шедeвр!
2018-03-09 03:21
fer | 
Brazil HLTVmarker 
doesnt look like s1mple
2018-03-03 01:43
I think it looks pretty good.
2018-03-03 01:45
United States munkE_pOo 
Legit bro. Keep it up. Definitely talent.
2018-03-03 01:46
2018-03-03 01:47
2018-03-03 01:55
Norway rogueplayer 
Okay, im not gonna try sugarcoat it by lying but this looks hideous imo
2018-03-03 01:48
Morocco KH4L1D47 
nice dude
2018-03-03 01:49
thanks bro!
2018-03-03 01:55
United States _SaltY 
very cool!
2018-03-03 01:57
NEO | 
Argentina Cepheus 
it would be nicer if the eyes were leveled
2018-03-03 01:57
Netherlands EJVN 
his eyes are weird though, even though it's a nice picture overall.
2018-03-03 01:57
Netherlands EJVN 
but i do understand it is hard to make a good portrait, it takes time and skill to perfect it. i, for example, had most trouble with drawing actual lips. after some time, i got better at it, but i still fail at that segment sometimes.
2018-03-03 01:58
this was the reference picture, his head is tilted;
2018-03-03 02:04
Netherlands EJVN 
one trick pretty useful in drawing portraits: cover one half of his face with hand, then do the same with other half. you will see that you drew his left side pretty good, but the right side is quite off. right eye is way too big compared to the left one.
2018-03-03 02:06
United States No5712 
what the fuck are those eyes
2018-03-03 01:57
2018-03-03 02:04
United States No5712 
yes but the eyes seem too big and defined as well the eyes just look like he had a stroke
2018-03-03 14:45
thats just how he looks pls dont hate
2018-03-09 03:30
Europe Tejmn 
It looks like shit...
2018-03-03 01:57
The liquid one his right eye looks like it's looking at a diff angle to his left eye. On the other hand you have big talent
2018-03-09 03:26
I didn't know Sharpie portraits were a thing i legit thought I was opening up like a scribble on some paper with a felt tip and I'm quite dissapointed this picture is actually good.
2018-03-09 03:28
i like the artistic style of it if you were going for a full on realistic portrait then 6/8 if not then 100000000/8 idk why but it looks really good to me.
2018-03-09 03:28
Brazil Seleskva 
I like it :D
2018-03-09 03:32
Germany Smelborp 
dope, still not 100% sure you didnt use some filters tho...
2018-03-09 03:33
United States ImFat 
Well done, I understand the original picture is weird, so the eyes make sense. Overall nice job!
2018-03-09 03:35
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