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Sweden LeviAckerman 
Wow, please listen to ''Sad!'' and ''Changes''. This dude is underrated. I've not been a fan of his until i heard these songs, i mean I liked the 17 album but never really into it, but this kid is extremely creative and lot of people (including me) thinks he's a demonic psycho but just like many other he has different sides of him, and he showed it here. Genius. The saviour of music 2018, Drake did good at the beginning with ''God's Plan'' and ''Look alive'' but this is XXXTENTACIONs year!
2018-03-10 10:42
Lemmy | 
Poland MetalMan 
Stopped reading at ''saviour of music 2018'' LMAO
2018-03-10 10:44
But this songs are really insane
2018-03-10 10:46
Lemmy | 
Poland MetalMan 
If you are a teen with suicide thoughts, yes.
2018-03-10 10:47
Finland Lassius 
For suicide thoughts listen to $uicideboy$
2018-03-10 11:57
That shitty music gives me suicide thoughts
2018-03-10 14:39
+1 only sucidal honkeys listen to sucide boys
2018-03-11 04:25
Estonia HannesEZZ 
2018-03-11 15:01
Imo suicideboys makes the best beats and their flow is crazy
2018-03-12 08:27
South Africa BrucieBoi 
they're pretty average you're just new to music or something ?
2018-03-10 10:51
United States BrownSugar 
"they're pretty average" thats subjective
2018-03-10 10:55
Everything is subjective
2018-03-13 23:07
jmqa | 
Russia Tuffywaf 
this was actually the end of his post
2018-03-10 14:42
2018-03-10 14:50
Lemmy | 
Poland MetalMan 
2018-03-10 22:42
u read pretty far tbh
2018-03-13 22:54
NiKo | 
Sweden malkfire 
2018-03-10 10:45
s1mple | 
Russia skipster 
2018-03-10 10:45
Austria luv_is_baiter 
>XXXTENTACION >underrated pick one
2018-03-10 10:46
jks | 
Australia TidePods 
stopped reading after that
2018-03-10 10:48
2018-03-11 15:05
xxx, lils, youngs sucks -_-
2018-03-10 10:46
-____________- reply
2018-03-10 10:47
United States BrownSugar 
if your rap name begins with Lil, XXX, Young, your probably a bad rapper
2018-03-10 10:58
2018-03-10 14:37
cyx | 
Netherlands vldpkha 
Except Lil Fame...
2018-03-10 15:38
Macau fivemorning 
Young Thug bitch kys plz
2018-03-11 16:09
Greece hekzy 
2018-03-13 23:20
fox | 
Portugal VAC69FOX 
Lil Wayne?
2018-03-13 22:11
Serbia DjS 
-__________________________________________________- reply
2018-03-11 15:04
i oNLy LisTeN t0 tUpAc aNd biGgiE eVeRy nEw rApPeR sUcKs
2018-03-13 22:09
I'd rather shove a rusty coat hanger up my ass than listen to that garbage
2018-03-10 10:46
You do that anyways,not fair!!
2018-03-10 10:55
2018-03-11 15:02
2018-03-13 23:07
who cares about that stupid trapper, Logic’s Bobby Tarantino II coming HAWT
2018-03-10 10:47
South Africa BrucieBoi 
logic always cry about being biracial such a baby
2018-03-10 10:52
2018-03-10 10:54
Netherlands ImKuru 
Are you for real?
2018-03-10 10:55
That is why his new album is HAWT cuz isnt about racism and shit
2018-03-10 13:24
Sri Lanka King Ye 
logic lmao get out with that corny shit
2018-03-10 14:37
bet my ass you not even listen to him but what people says only, expected.
2018-03-11 04:21
Estonia HannesEZZ 
Logic trash
2018-03-11 15:02
He's a talented rapper and singer, but people are too ignorant and arrogant to look past his not so good past and listen to him unbiasedly and some just cant appreciate a style of music, even if you dont like it. Thats pure arrogance/ignorance It really is a shame
2018-03-10 10:49
2018-03-10 10:54
Slovakia VladO.  
2018-03-10 13:35
Sweden superocean 
2018-03-12 08:22
I've tried listening to that "music". There's no effort though, at least I hope not. If he's putting effort into his music then he's a worse artist than I originally thought.
2018-03-13 23:09
So basically you dont like his music, alright then, there a lot of people who like it because its good Dont know why you're saying "music", like you're implying that it isnt
2018-03-14 06:23
Netherlands ImKuru 
Listen to Bobby Tarantino II instead, there’s a world of difference between them, not saying i don’t like the music X does now though
2018-03-10 10:56
Sri Lanka King Ye 
Logic is corny trash
2018-03-10 14:38
Netherlands ImKuru 
lol he's not corny at all
2018-03-10 15:52
Macau cs_office 
2018-03-10 10:59
he might quit music
2018-03-10 11:32
When did he say this?
2018-03-10 11:33
On his IG, he has already archived the post where he said so, but after this album he might call it quits
2018-03-10 17:01
shox | 
France kenzi^ 
Nah that was a while ago, I think he’s ok
2018-03-11 15:03
hope so
2018-03-11 21:55
Turkey pardus 
LOL do people call this shit music
2018-03-10 11:55
Primarily because it is.
2018-03-10 11:56
Care to explain how? Or you just going to paint your opinions as fact?
2018-03-10 14:23
you're the one painting your opinions as fact kkkkkkk
2018-03-10 18:15
Care to explain where I have done so?
2018-03-11 12:53 you can't change the definition to your liking
2018-03-11 13:44
As someone who is from a musical family, Mother has a degree with honours in music and I currently study music, we and most musicians will tell you that anything can be music, music is just sound that invokes emotion. With the definition you've presented, not all music has harmony and tbh a lot of X's music has harmony anyway and his music has form and expression of emotion Secondly, where did I paint my opinion as fact? You still havent elaborated on that
2018-03-11 14:02
nobody cares about your family you need explanation for why he said xxxtentacion is music so you probably don't really think it's music btw next time don't write a paragraph about stupid shit and don't waste my time
2018-03-11 14:07
He has great music? Next time, dont claim I did something then dont prove it Dont waste my time either moron
2018-03-11 14:56
-do people call this music? -yes because it is music -care to explain how it's music? or are you gonna paint your opinions as fact? yeah your comment screams "xxxtentacion has great music"
2018-03-11 18:06
Raw emotion. Lmfao. Under produced. Self absorbed. Nacisistic. Melancholy to the point of cringe. Mixing is worse than that on Pharrells 2 solo albums. Has a warning because he believes his mind is so dark people can’t handle it - another case of his delusion. The man is a moron. The album is the same poorly mixed. Underwritten. Emo with no substance bullshit I’ve ever listened to. /close
2018-03-13 23:06
It is raw emotion? You're obviously just too arrogant to actually sit down and properly listen. 17 is a album of pure emotion Everything, but the mixing part is just your opinion and not fact. He doesnt even do the mixing, so dont downplay his artistry for something that he wasnt in charge of /close
2018-03-14 06:26
Hmm. Such raw emotion that Anthony fantano gave it worst album of the year? It’s arrogant, fake and only children would actually believe that fake ass emo shit is raw emotion.
2018-03-14 08:26
Sorry, why is some random guy on YT the final word on something? I've seen more good reactions on YT to 17, then bad ones Well im a grown adult and musician and I feel the raw emotion it. Just because you dont, doesnt mean its not there Please dont be so arrogant and paint your opinions as facts
2018-03-14 10:25
Is it music? Sure. My poop splashing into the toilet water is also music, and probably better tbh
2018-03-13 23:09
Of course its music? You just dont like it, doesnt mean it isnt music
2018-03-14 06:26
"Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure." "Is it music? Sure."
2018-03-15 03:23
fox | 
Portugal VAC69FOX 
2018-03-13 22:11
Emo Bitch Boy. $uicideboy$ > xxx
2018-03-10 11:56
Don´t suicideboys have a music going on about how to suck "nigga dick" and how they take it in the ass?
2018-03-11 16:24
suicideboys literally talk about suicide and taking hardcore drugs and they are emo aswell
2018-03-13 22:11
XXX trash Year of Travis Scott
2018-03-10 11:57
Sweden extra_cheese 
2018 year of logic, bobby tarantino 2 so good
2018-03-10 13:26
Logic is so fucking shit.
2018-03-10 14:36
Estonia HannesEZZ 
2018-03-11 15:03
Russia VeryVPGuy 
logic sucks
2018-03-14 19:13
faggot of the year maybe
2018-03-10 13:28
Plus uno
2018-03-10 14:36
fox | 
Portugal VAC69FOX 
+1 !
2018-03-13 22:12
+1 !
2018-03-13 23:10
agree with you this guy is so underrated, I'm very excited to listen his new album
2018-03-10 13:36
Europe Staley 
he is so fucking mediocre
2018-03-10 14:39
Technically when he doesnt do the 'look at me' style, he's really good and can rap fast Lyrically, he's vastly underrated, not many people will talk about that Singing wise, he can sing and has a unique tone to his voice He's able to rap and sing with many different tones of voice So, elaborate on how he's mediocre
2018-03-10 14:45
Europe Staley 
I do not know anything about rap but I've listened to some songs where he did sing and he was really mediocre. His timbre is nothing special. He didn't show anything that couldn't do 12 year old boy that attends singing lessons for 1 year. His range is pretty poor presumably. He is at least VERY mediocre SINGER.
2018-03-10 14:55
Joyner Lucas is the best new rapper out there, he is on Nas level.
2018-03-10 14:41
+11111 this guy knows ^
2018-03-10 14:47
I honestly believe he will surpass Kendrick Lamar in a few years, the guy is a genius
2018-03-10 14:52
true just give him some time.His storytelling,flowvariations and voice are top and he murders everyones beats.
2018-03-10 14:54
Indeed, i found this guy yesterday. He is kinda reminds me of andre3000, if you like that style then check him out:
2018-03-11 14:45
yeah love that guys flow
2018-03-11 16:44
African Union DevLW4LK 
Joyner Lucas is not a new rapper, maybe he's just getting more well known now but he's been rapping for many years.
2018-03-10 17:16
Im a oldhead, everything after 50 cent is a new rapper to me.
2018-03-11 14:44
Lmao joyner lucas 😂
2018-03-13 09:16
2018-03-10 14:46
2018-03-10 14:51
Estonia HannesEZZ 
Comedyshortsgamer fan lul
2018-03-11 15:04
Nope, i cant be a fan of myself
2018-03-11 16:20
Estonia HannesEZZ 
Very funny, 12btw
2018-03-11 16:57
Lithuania crxyolo 
rich hil better
2018-03-10 14:48
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
no one can deny that is very talented, even tho you hate him you have to respect his music.
2018-03-10 14:55
"rapper" btw
2018-03-11 17:03
Watch this video again and tell me a middle schooler couldn't put it together and come up with these incredibly mediocre lyrics
2018-03-13 23:14
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
really ? are you taking it from him just because you find it mediocre? let me tell you one thing about music, most of the most beautiful pieces of music are made by simple chords. a example, this hit song by the french producer stromae, if you know at least the basics of producing you know how simple and easy it is to replicate that, but what if him never had the idea to make it ? do you think this song would ever be made exactly like it is just because it is easy ?
2018-03-14 01:07
I really miss underground X's
2018-03-10 14:56
Age 12.
2018-03-10 17:03
modern rap is cancer xxxxxxcodsxxxxwagxxxxxx420xxxxultranoscopexxxxx720xxxmemel0rdxxxminecraftpr01337xxxxxxboi666xxxxx
2018-03-10 17:06
It's actually embarassing how far it's devolved.
2018-03-13 23:14
shox | 
France kenzi^ 
i love him
2018-03-10 17:09
best in the game, at the moment.
2018-03-10 18:20
Spain halow1213 
Drake did good at the beginning with ''God's Plan'' LMFAO
2018-03-10 22:46
suicide | 
Germany Gramix 
listen to ufo361 der pate
2018-03-11 14:29
s0m | 
Sweden flipgod 
riot, fuck love, a ghetto christmas carol, spoke to the devil, never and hate will never win are probaly my favourites from x
2018-03-11 14:43
Let me guess, you also use running shoes as main shoes don’t you?
2018-03-11 16:07
Malta fitthaka 
2018-03-11 15:01
dicky stiffy ugh
2018-03-11 15:02
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
child rapist who's musicis awful you mean
2018-03-11 17:30
xxx is fucking trash llmaaaaaooo
2018-03-11 15:02
Estonia HannesEZZ 
Like your life
2018-03-11 15:07
edgy just like x ayy
2018-03-11 15:11
ayy you so edgy making fun of x ayy
2018-03-11 17:10
making fun of a two faced, bipolar and in general a shitty human being is edgy? ok
2018-03-11 17:13
2018-03-11 17:14
qikert | 
Sweden naturen 
no he's trash, sorry
2018-03-11 15:08
Spain Ali3nigena 
xxx is a god but drake is a god too xdd
2018-03-11 15:08
Europe treyhard 
stopped reading at "xxxtentacion"
2018-03-11 15:09
2018-03-11 17:02
Stopped reading after my eyes melted from reading "underrated"
2018-03-13 23:15
i am | 
Estonia Eastonja 
he's honestly so fucking good, he has so much different music for different moods, really talented and has great meaning behind some of his songs.
2018-03-11 15:10
Latvia Tibro 
its shit fake music dalbajobs look at his face
2018-03-11 16:58
Why people call this retard who read words in normal speed rappers? tupac biggie prodigy im sorry this what rappers have become, please take them with you
2018-03-11 17:08
old hip hop isn't better than new hip hop. There are rappers like Kendrick, Tyler the creator, Joey badass, Isaiah Rashad, Asap rocky/ferg, 6lack, flatbush zombies, injury reserve and a lot more.
2018-03-11 17:17
they all trash
2018-03-11 17:49
nah, you're just ignorant then
2018-03-11 18:16
its not new hiphop, its not hiphop at all stfu , youre the ignorant here
2018-03-12 08:15
XDDDDD alright idiot
2018-03-12 09:42
Kendrick's year every year since 2012
2018-03-11 18:14
Poland Franpol1080 
Kanye's year every year since 2004
2018-03-12 08:25
"kid is extremely creative" "can't keep my dick in my pants" LUL
2018-03-12 08:18
Is that the only song of his you've heard? Because he is indeed creative
2018-03-12 09:49
i would disagree. his "creative" work is the definition of "fake deep" and mediocre
2018-03-12 19:13
fake deep? How is it fake deep?
2018-03-13 03:31
it is music that thinks it is deep, and it is not. idk what's hard to understand about that
2018-03-13 04:59
Have you heard Riot or Jocelyn Flores?
2018-03-13 06:35
both are corny as fuck and perfect examples of the concept of fake deep, thank u for proving point brother
2018-03-13 07:00
One speaks about a serious problem with black lives matter and rioting, the other talks about his friend who recently killed herself at the time. Both topics are serious and relevant to him, they're not fake deep at all. You have to be a troll You just dont like his music, which is fine. Doesnt mean your opinion of his art is true
2018-03-13 08:46
"Doesnt mean your opinion of his art is true," and that can be easily said of you. 0/8 nt please listen to rap music that actually says something
2018-03-13 22:04
You're so fucking ignorant, its not even funny
2018-03-14 06:21
expected from xxxtentacion fan LUL
2018-03-14 18:08
Im not even a big fan, I just like a few songs and appreciate his music for what it is
2018-03-14 19:11
fer | 
Argentina MAXEE|SDM 
Yung Lean 2001-2-3
2018-03-12 08:34
didnt read but probably a decent bait
2018-03-12 09:51
Poland walkalone 
tbh he isn't bad, i really liked for example Jocelyn Flores (n1) but I wouldn't call him a "saviour"
2018-03-12 19:21
"17" album was very good. Listened the hell outta "Jocelyn Flores" and "Fuck Love" New album by X will be released in this month I guess, gonna check this shit
2018-03-13 03:42
i am | 
Estonia Eastonja 
march 16th his new album
2018-03-13 22:06
Malaysia Brad_Bait 
He can't sing. Period. Your opinion won't change the fact.
2018-03-13 23:18
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
ur mom gay. Period. Your opinion won't change the fact.
2018-03-14 01:08
Malaysia Brad_Bait 
Gay only applies to males, if she liked people from the same gender she would be lesbian (or the correct definition homosexual) which she's not. Quit your acting and get back to the real world.
2018-03-14 07:30
Sweden huggan 
> Gay only applies to males wrong
2018-03-14 10:36
you only like tentacion if you are a self loathing, introvert little cuck hes so fucking shit i genuinely think its a disgrace to rap culture.
2018-03-13 23:28
shox | 
France kenzi^ 
2018-03-14 06:23
2018-03-14 06:31
some of his songs are ok but just nothing special, I suppose good if u compared it shit pop nowadays.
2018-03-14 06:27
drake? WHAT?
2018-03-14 07:32
He is a woman basher and a criminal, how can you support him?
2018-03-14 08:28
hes songs suck because he beat women and have a horrible past...
2018-03-14 10:33
Germany Tunio 
His style is terrible and i dont Like it
2018-03-14 10:38
Afghanistan I_HATE_SK 
>music >xxxtentacion pick one
2018-03-15 03:25
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