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United Kingdom w00dyy 
Shox Kenny ex6 Kio maybe that ZyWoo child or apex?
2018-03-13 17:00
it has 2 stars, 1 mega support god and a little sprinkle of tactics, pick good 5th and top 0 imo
2018-03-13 17:01
more like: Inconsistent player (right now) Good AWP Overrated IGL Overrated support, but good clutcher.
2018-03-13 17:02
cant be over rated at all if you are in a shit ldlc team but still bring them to pro league lol
2018-03-13 17:04
Everyone screaming that he is good IGL, but when he had Shox on fire, RpK, SmithZz (who is anyway better than all LDLC team even when he is not that good as Kenny or someone else) and ScreaM - he did nothing, like when he got kicked they played better with Shox as IGL when shox is a shit IGL and its still worked better than ex6 so he is obv overrated af
2018-03-13 17:16
Australia jsl54 
azk he is the north american player but the titan he is the french stars
2018-03-13 17:01
jsl54 he is the australian player but the titan he is the british stars
2018-03-13 17:04
Turkey VeryDendiGuy 
-ex6tenz +happy wouldnt be bad tho
2018-03-13 17:02
happy lazy baiter and team goes to shit after 3 months. ex6 when he has good players is the best the french scene has, titan before kqly ban was very good top 2 team
2018-03-13 17:03
any combination of shox happy kio kenny scream zywoo nbk apex rpk is fine Any team with ex6 bodyy sixer any ldlc player smithzz i hope you're baiting
2018-03-13 17:10
when ex6 has good players around him he will give results. Titan with fucking maniac on it was a top 2 team hahaha
2018-03-13 17:08
also, happy is shit and the definition of over rated
2018-03-13 17:08
United States benk125 
2018-03-13 17:10
Japan LiLeX 
2018-03-13 17:13
United States SladesterG 
G2 Kenny Shox Scream Rpk Kio Envyus Happy Nbk Apex Zywoo Hadji Ldlc Who The Fuck Even Cares This only works if all "issues" are put aside
2018-03-13 17:16
France Skw4ll 
MAJ3R (IGL) SmithZz (awp) shox (rifle) RpK (rifle) KioShiMa (rifle)
2018-03-13 17:17
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