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-NiKo +ropz -GuardiaN +oskar -karrigan +chrisJ -rain +sunny -olofm +STYKO -RobbaN +lmbt
2018-03-13 19:01
online bo1 rofl
2018-03-13 19:02
Europe mlok401 
2x bo1 LUL
2018-03-13 19:02
still online
2018-03-13 19:02
Czech Republic Lister 
still cry is freeXD
2018-03-13 19:03
2018-03-13 19:05
a Top1 team should have a good performance online too ;)
2018-03-13 19:06
faze is going on the lan anyways so
2018-03-13 19:06
at least they get to final rofl
2018-03-13 19:08
Israel raaVz 
mouz won a final and faze??
2018-03-13 19:10
cancun + cry is cheap
2018-03-13 19:11
Cancun was last real pls something more actual
2018-03-13 19:38
major, mouz 8th
2018-03-13 19:53
Pls tell me when Fzae won a title in 2018
2018-03-13 20:24
pls tell me when mouz was top 3 team in 21st century
2018-03-13 20:34
Ehmm they are now Faze Mouz Sk
2018-03-13 21:59
I read Faze C9 SK Mousesports
2018-03-13 21:59
HLTV Rankings show recent results, not current strength/form.
2018-03-14 07:44
strength and form reflect in results
2018-03-14 15:37
CS:GO has a "random factor" so even the best does not always win. FaZe lost all 3 finals to different teams which means they are not the strongest team at this moment yet they are #1 in rankings.
2018-03-14 20:39
No other team is consistently reaching most of the finals so they are
2018-03-14 20:45
And I did not say they do not deserve #1 place in rankings or anything like this. They are not the strongest team at this moment, but summary of their recent results is better than results of other teams.
2018-03-15 07:24
Indonesia DemonicNep 
dude, are you high?
2018-03-14 17:31
Care to explain?
2018-03-15 07:23
you mean at most
2018-03-13 19:20
still do
2018-03-13 19:33
and that liquid was obvious throw; inferno 12-0 for mouz, no tac timeout?
2018-03-13 19:09
United States NoKeTchup 
3 lost match on lan of 20 and u say "omegalul"...
2018-03-13 19:39
so sk wasn't top1 because they were losing to ghost online
2018-03-13 19:07
im not saying that 1 loss is the end of the world. But FaZe keeps getting rekt by tier 2-3 teams both OFF/ONline
2018-03-13 19:09
Online? Yeah. Offline, rarely, mainly because teams are just getting better these days, in BO3s they rarely lose, but yeah, they've been struggling recently... After all, it's 2 Online bo1s and losing to an already good tier1 team, what's your point?
2018-03-13 19:10
well okay, keep calling them Top1 and make excuses after every loss
2018-03-13 19:13
I am not making excuses, it's just Online, and they aren't top1 atm, but they are the most consistent in terms of placings.
2018-03-13 19:18
What do you mean by saying "just Online"? It's qualifier to LAN finals, but you have to play something like 30 maps, so you can't use "randomness" as excuse.
2018-03-13 19:29
I didn't use it as an excuse, I didn't even say "they aren't trying", it is the fact that FaZe isn't the best team Online and mouz is far better online. I didn't mean it in a way like: "They aren't trying because it's Online" I meant it in a way like: "It's Online, everybody can beat anyone, some teams are better Online and some aren't as good." Apart from that, FaZe are known not to play good at starts of tournaments, known for just playing pug-style Online, and not known as the best Online team.
2018-03-13 19:57
Or they are just not good right now.
2018-03-13 19:58
They are consistent.. But yeah not playing at their fullest rn.
2018-03-13 19:59
That's true, they are not good enough CONSISTENTLY. :D
2018-03-13 20:03
World DopphMe0w 
do you mean that mouz is a tier2 team?
2018-03-13 19:27
World DopphMe0w 
na'vi is t2 ,but s1mple destroyed FaZe and ate them alive. anyways,who are they losing to except na'vi?
2018-03-13 19:32
2018-03-13 19:39
World DopphMe0w 
Liquid is top 5 rn
2018-03-13 19:49
Navi top 7
2018-03-13 20:24
World DopphMe0w 
2018-03-13 20:41
So if you are saying tier2 liquid is tier2 too Btw I think that both are tier1
2018-03-13 21:58
Dunno, it was not me who said they lose to tier2 teams and I do not track FaZe results tbh. I only remember FaZe lost to Na`Vi and Astralis.
2018-03-13 19:39
Europe mlok401 
2018-03-13 19:03
look top left, cry
2018-03-13 19:05
So did you cry whole 2017?
2018-03-13 19:31
no, faze was still way higher than mirage/onlinesports see ya on lan
2018-03-13 19:34
Your previous argument (#10) doesn't make sense then.
2018-03-13 19:36
na logic
2018-03-13 19:53
what does that make mouz then since they lose every series against FaZe on LAN? they must be terrible
2018-03-13 20:05
"what does that make mouz then since they lose every series against FaZe on LAN?" And it was clearly 50/50 game in ECS S4 Grand final, both teams were equal.
2018-03-14 07:54
Doesn't change the fact that they've in fact lost every series
2018-03-14 17:26
Europe mlok401 
2018-03-13 19:02
r u serious, its obv af that mouz is much better than faze in online. Chill out.
2018-03-13 19:04
onlinesports ??
2018-03-13 19:04
Brazil IdunnoEnglando 
they got their moral in the bottom of the pit by losing 3 consecutive major finals
2018-03-13 19:05
Yes, ez bets against faze in the finals
2018-03-13 19:34
rain | 
Slovakia TrYx_ 
would work for online
2018-03-13 19:10
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