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Niko thought
Malta Zabikbir 
he might be a choker or inconsistent or lucky or baiter or whatever now but i will never forget nikosport , He always managed to qualify to major
2018-03-13 20:45
I miss nikosport too :(
2018-03-13 20:46
Andorra Octopus1 
no you dont
2018-03-13 20:48
wtf is Andorra
2018-03-13 20:49
Andorra Octopus1 
2018-03-13 20:50
We don't waste time learning about T5000000 nations that bring nothing to the world. Sorry that I've never heard of your 3rd world nation that's literally 100% irrelevant to the world.
2018-03-13 20:53
Netherlands !napz 
Neither do we, but most of us still know where Andorra is. Maybe your geography class is focused too much on the USA? "it better applies to you since you missed the joke." - where's the joke? Nobody's laughing/+1ing
2018-03-13 21:16
Sweden WhisperingEye 
2018-03-13 20:52 I'll send it back to you since it better applies to you since you missed the joke.
2018-03-13 20:54
Sweden WhisperingEye 
2018-03-13 21:09
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