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500hz vs 1000hz
Portugal Wazaq 
Which one should I use and why? zowie za11
2018-03-16 19:06
doesnt matter. you wont become pro anyways.
2018-03-16 19:06
2018-03-20 18:34
higher polling rate = faster reaction when you move it. it is just preference but almost the same thing. edit: if you just want to know which one is better obvy 1000.
2018-03-16 19:08
Portugal Wazaq 
2018-03-16 19:10
Greenland ilikeshrooms 
2018-03-16 19:09
flusha | 
United Arab Emirates difuzioN 
from what i know, if you're using 144hz, use 1000hz. if you're used 60/75hz stick with 500hz. I have 144hz and can use both, but a friend who used his laptop screen said 1000hz made his movement feel jittery. and not just him, but I do believe that 1000hz is too high for 75hz and something about frequencies blah blah not being able to handle i have no fucking clue but yeah
2018-03-16 19:12
stfu if you dont know what you are talking about
2018-03-16 19:13
Portugal Wazaq 
Actually I play in a laptop and since I got this mouse (when I started playing 1000hz) my movement is a little bit jittery as you said, I will try to use 500 hz
2018-03-16 19:14
World DopphMe0w 
I had same issues,i had some mouse lags while using 1000hz but okay when i use 500hz. But still i don't understand why
2018-03-19 18:08
@ difuzioN You're on the right track, anyone 90HZ or below shouldn't really consider 1000HZ unless it's what they're really used to already or they have a strange setup like 1600P or 4K settings. When you get to 120HZ+ on your MONITOR when you're at least at 1920X1080, then you should consider trying 1000HZ for awhile and see if it feels better since your monitor/CPU/GPU/RAM can report enough actions per second to your monitor, sometimes the movement will feel better at this point, still mostly preference. 144 HZ: Same as above 165 HZ (usually overclocked monitors): If the monitor is "overclocked" to 165 HZ, doing 1000HZ polling rate on your mouse can get some weird jittery issues and probably shouldn't be used. 165HZ not overclocked: Very rare only couple of monitors at 165HZ that are not overclocked, at this point everyone at this HZ should be trying 1000HZ polling rate for a good while to see the outcome, especially if running mouse 800 DPI or lower. 240 HZ: This is when you definitely should use 1000 HZ if at 1920X1080, at 240HZ your monitor can easily send enough actions per second to your hardware to report back quick enough on what's being tracked on the screen, one side note tho if you're not even getting close to 240 FPS on the game you're playing it can make the mouse jitter quite abit, still not as much as lower HZ monitors. Also, against popular belief/myth, you don't actually have to hit 240 FPS with a 240 HZ monitor to benefit from 100% of the monitor, more HZ your monitor still helps reduce input lag on your mouse and keyboard no matter if you're hitting that FPS cap, of course hitting that perfect 240 FPS tho is key, and if you're hitting at least 180-200 consistent frames in your games definitely should practice with 1000HZ polling rate, trying it game by game to see how it feels.
2018-09-19 06:51
hmmm.. IDK maybe pick 7500 since its mix of both
2018-03-16 19:13
Whichever works best for you
2018-03-16 19:32
Finland saunamdma 
WTF do people actually have 1k fps or what is this shit?
2018-03-17 16:38
Korea dev1sta 
2018-03-17 16:46
Brazil MommyStealer 
1ms of difference do nothing, i use 500hz cuz seems smother to me.
2018-03-17 16:40
this. 1k felt worse for me so went back and it's all good again. And i'm not on 75hz
2018-03-17 16:55
there is definitely a difference between 500 and 1000(some can say there's no) but anyway it's just personal preference, try both and choose which one is better for u
2018-03-17 17:07
125 hz = 8 ms 250 hz = 4 ms 500 hz = 2 ms 1000 hz = 1 ms
2018-03-17 17:09
1000hz i guess
2018-03-17 17:31
France HYPNO5 
1000 > 500 . seems obvious but well if you ask ...
2018-03-17 20:52
2018-03-18 15:02
eyes only see 24 hertz, nt
2018-03-17 21:05
thats FPS not Hz . ur comment really hertz
2018-03-17 21:07
i arent think that
2018-03-17 21:13
i arent think that
2018-03-24 02:12
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
Wut 1000hz?! I have 144.. dafuq people have such high numbers.. am i unaware about something?
2018-03-17 22:40
Latvia Tibro 
lmao im playing with 50hz im good with it lmao... so lol
2018-03-17 22:41
Norway rogueplayer 
I used to use 500hz for a long time... but realized changing to 1000hz was the way to go At first it felt worse because it didn't feel right but I stuck with it Now I can never go back... it feels so much better and responsive honestly
2018-03-17 22:41
whats the windows default if u dont use mouse software?
2018-03-18 15:04
Portugal Wazaq 
Depends on the mouse I guess
2018-03-19 01:01
Human hands only can use 25hz each 1000 is overkill
2018-03-19 01:03
Canada Emperor1e 
I use 125hz, pay attention to me... No, for real though, I prefer 500hz but you can obviously play well with both, I just started playing on a mouse that didn't run well at 1000hz so I have just been used to 500hz. I find it more crisp.
2018-03-19 16:30
2018-03-19 18:30
zOWIE HAS UNSTABLE 1000hz and fluctuates between 700 and 1000, stick with 500
2018-03-21 19:19
World ZMDR 
its like that for every mouse... 1ms interval is only used when you move your mouse fast enough to need that.
2018-03-21 19:21
not with every, jsut with older sensors, my rival 310 (any 3360 sensor) is just fine
2018-03-21 19:22
World ZMDR 
i have a 3360 sensor too and the refresh rate is directly proportional to how fast i move my mouse. it doesnt have to be consistent.
2018-03-21 19:24
Europe HyperCreep 
not much diff. so dont care about it
2018-03-24 08:24
2018-03-24 08:30
2018-03-24 08:39
I feel it won't matter much honestly xd... I suppose 1000hz should be better in theory but some people still don't like it xd...
2018-03-24 13:49
I prefer 1000 hz it feels smoother.
2018-03-24 20:47
I use 20khz it sounds good
2018-03-24 21:02
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