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I think they should kick neo and then do a gamble and pick up someone from codewise or some low tier polish team
2018-03-16 22:11
NEO is a decent low tier Polish player, why should they replace him?
2018-03-16 22:12
2018-03-16 22:13
They should get Shroud.
2018-03-16 22:12
2018-03-16 22:13
would be a downgrade honestly
2018-03-16 22:14
Shroudy would be literally one of best players of the world if he would play in his full pontential, for some reason he couldn't. Not even joking or smth, but the shroud replacement was a joke :D
2018-03-16 22:16
keep up your delusions shroud fanboy you could literally say that about every player ever
2018-03-16 22:16
Okay wannabe SpaceS fan boi from Turkey, probably fake flag as fu.
2018-03-16 22:19
oh far from a fanboy just the team i want to win wesg at this point they are only my 10th favorite team
2018-03-16 22:20
Still fake flag boi.
2018-03-16 22:21
why do you think? because i cant stand the most over rated player ever and his delusional fanboys?
2018-03-16 22:22
Not even his fan boy, I know alot about CS and he was incredible player.
2018-03-16 22:24
mediocre his whole career except for a few tournaments
2018-03-16 22:26
Yeah he was shit pro, but he is a great player, you have to realise he only played in one team, he didn't have chance to show his full potential under a really good IGL.
2018-03-16 22:28
fine that is a very good point i will admit that maybe he could of performed better under a great igl
2018-03-16 22:29
2018-03-16 22:30
My theory was that the LAN computers weren't able to pull the game at 1080p which is what he played. He was probably used to constant 300 fps whereas on LAN it is a known fact that computers are shit.
2018-03-16 22:37
He used to change his resolution, I think this is still not worthy excuse of him not performing, but who knows.
2018-03-16 22:40
- neo + TaZ
2018-03-16 22:14
who cares about VP, polacks in England, Germany and Scandinavia? lul
2018-03-16 22:24
Soon we'll take over Scandinavia and share women between us and muslims. Mark my words.
2018-03-16 22:38
the only women polack get is 50 year old gorillas, my neighbor had a polack boyfriend, she was about 50 at the time, and polack was like 30, always wearing sunglasses like a typical eastern european polack. Even polack men are kurwas in normal part of Europe lul
2018-03-16 23:20
Dude you are so triggered, just kys (I agree with you though)
2018-03-17 00:59
Poland Funio 
xD and i saw one guy from norway and he was retarded with down syndrome all norwegian ppl are retarded with extra chromosome, i dont like them
2018-03-17 01:00
-byali -snax +edward +taz -taz +seized
2018-03-16 23:25
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