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countries with least and most racism?
Netherlands kane_1_major_s1mple_0_major 
countries with least and most racism?
2018-03-18 17:50
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
russia seems racist
2018-03-18 17:52
shox | 
Russia Shurnd 
Russia is very racist
2018-03-19 11:44
Dosia | 
Russia Reqq1 
are u idiot? Russia is a multinational country - the Federation. What kind of racism?
2018-03-19 21:03
JW | 
Sweden bolognese 
I don’t really know, I just assumed since you guys are so homophobic :)
2018-03-19 21:14
dude they aint same
2018-03-19 22:30
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
That's why he said "I assumed". And it's a fair assumption to make that nations that are extremely homophobic to be racists too. They often go hand-in-hand.
2018-03-21 08:46
kek the country that killed the most nazis has the most neonazis
2018-03-20 15:35
least sweden
2018-03-18 17:53
12% voting for SD
2018-03-19 20:37
japan is rather racist
2018-03-18 17:54
It's because of the weebs man they are the reason Japan outsiders so much
2018-03-18 17:55
how so? i thought its the other way around
2018-03-18 18:30
Austria zaql 
it depends, japan loves countries like germany or austria but hate for example france or so (judging from friends experiences)
2018-03-18 19:49
2018-03-19 11:50
Germany, Austria and Japan were allies in WW II
2018-03-19 12:47
yeah and most of the people from that era is dead so unless there's a sizeable amount of people from those countries living in japan for decades for them to show preference to, then i dont see how the young people in japan care enough to prefer certain europe countries over the others.
2018-03-19 13:05
Things such as war and honor are different in Japan tho. It's more important for them.
2018-03-19 13:07
i dont exactly know why but japan apparently really love classic austrian music like mozart or even falco
2018-03-19 16:01
Falco top 😊👍
2018-03-29 23:49
Happy | 
Vietnam Hadaway 
Thats not true at all. Did japan made a pokemon game with the map of austria? No They did it for france so it obvious that they love France
2018-03-19 12:01
Well the young ones arent so much, but the older generations do seem to despise foreigners. If you're a tourist and in big cities people are usually tend to be nice, while in rural areas well some might hospitable some might not. There are even public places that are off limit to white people. There's also 'tatemae' and 'honne' which is the culture of facade/showing hospitality towards strangers/people they arent close (tatemae) with while in fact it might contrast with what they really think inside/talk to their dearest (honne) which is why it seems that most japanese seen as nice and polite people.
2018-03-19 13:09
Also japanese culture is rather homogenous, which could be the reason why elders dont really like 'changes' coming from foreigners living in japan.
2018-03-19 13:21
Japan Th3Koala 
We are racist? Wtf you talking about. We dont have nothing to black/white/muslims. Some people are just scary of them, but not racist. If we talking about it, like 5-10% of japaneses hate koreans, and thats only one racist thing
2018-03-19 12:52
Turkey 0vercast 
How many of Japanese people hate Chinese ? 50% ?
2018-03-19 15:06
Japan Th3Koala 
For real? we dont care for China, our politicians hate them cuz they still helping north korea
2018-03-19 15:55
Turkey 0vercast 
I get it. Why 5-10% of Japanese people hate Koreans ? I am just curious about it.
2018-03-19 16:41
Japan Th3Koala 
Koreans still live with ww1/2 years. Still angry cuz of occupation from our country
2018-03-19 16:44
Turkey 0vercast 
That is quite silly. Governments and nations are different things and many Japanese governments change after those times.
2018-03-19 16:46
Japan Th3Koala 
just koreans things
2018-03-19 16:54
Korea dev1sta 
Uh.. not really. No one talks about that shit anymore lmao. If you're not Korean please don't presume and judge... If that was the case, there wouldn't be so many Japanese celebrities working in the k-pop industry. Btw, I think it would be totally normal even if we really did despise your country for the occupation? I don't think that is a valid reason to hate us lol... That's just unfair.
2018-03-21 08:45
United States SladesterG 
Racism is funny Quit being so soft about everything and crying and man the fuck up
2018-03-18 17:55
bully spotted or just USA
2018-03-18 18:41
United States SladesterG 
Mad or soft?
2018-03-18 19:25
Bulgaria BroN 
he is from sweden ... ofc soft
2018-03-22 15:43
2018-03-18 19:46
let me guess: youre white
2018-03-19 11:43
United States SladesterG 
What if I'm not
2018-03-19 12:18
then youre pretty uneducated. or outright ignorant on the matter.
2018-03-19 12:50
United States SladesterG 
On what matter
2018-03-19 15:09
racism ..for starters but as lot of others as well
2018-03-19 18:40
United States SladesterG 
How tho care to explain. God what the hell is up with liberals and not giving facts???
2018-03-19 19:52
you know im always up for some debate. but i cannot (and will not) start in kindergarden. if you are indeed part of a dicriminated minority but for some reason in a position where the everyday racsim doesnt effect you, then you should at least show some solidarity to the rest. what that means, you gotta take from your own research. my i-will-explain-the-world-to-you ends here. tbh, i think youre trolling
2018-03-19 19:57
United States SladesterG 
No I ain't trolling im a conservative white southern Christian boy who voted for Trump because of people like you. And the reason you don't wanna debate is because you have no argument and your.uneducated
2018-03-19 19:59
trump the man with thze most (real) arguments of all times. well done, godlover
2018-03-19 20:03
United States SladesterG 
Wtf is this supposed to be. YOU ARE FAKE NEWS
2018-03-19 20:05
just google it for yourself. again, im not your nanny. i did it with about 10 random ones when a few months back someone tried to call me out on it. all of them turned to be out correct.
2018-03-19 20:07
The man you call "god" is fake news.
2018-03-20 20:47
He voted with Trump because of "people like you". I am laughing hard now...and he's pointing you as an ignorant men - what a joke.
2018-03-20 07:50
plus, he has no response to my link. to the hard facts that trump is lying most of the time. somehow all the discussions with rightwingers end this way (here and elsewhere)
2018-03-20 09:22
EDIT: Sorry, I've replied wrong. Read #210.
2018-03-20 11:44
Japan LiLeX 
do you fuck your cousin and sister
2018-03-22 13:09
"if you are indeed part of a dicriminated minority but for some reason in a position where the everyday racsim doesnt effect you, then you should at least show some solidarity to the rest." brainwashed af
2018-03-19 20:52
no argument is no argument. thanks for participating with nothing here!
2018-03-19 20:53
there's no need to prove nor provide arguements that a yellow banana is yellow.
2018-03-19 20:56
ah yeah right.
2018-03-19 21:10
He's basically talking about Ana having apples while you're debating that she may have many apples. Two different subjects of talking yet related at some margins. However, it is so easy to point out with your finger and labeling without providing arguments. The lack of self educational measurements can be responsible for this, even though I cannot explain from where is this massive ignorance coming from.
2018-03-20 08:01
Another braindead swedistani. If u actually understand what he's wrote you'd see enough of a proof to say he's brainwashed af. Another fucking white trash teaching me how to be black. The only racists faggots are you fucks, by making us, blacks, untouchable and putting us over any other race you're being racist and you're spreading racism among people. 'Cause sooner or later any fucking person with any brain will start thinking "wait wtf is wrong, they can laugh about me being asian, but i can't say shit towards blacks 'cause they gonna call me racist". Retards like you spread racism under slogan "we fight against racism" and that's enough to tell you two fucks are brainwashed and retarded af. Mind your own business edit: That parable about Ana couldn't be more fucking useless. I haven't been debating about shit and you come up with conclusion that first of all i'm debating and second of all i've interpreted his post the other way. Stop making logic a bitch which you use only when u want to and don't go too far with ur broken interpretations 'cause ya'r dumb mofo.
2018-03-20 23:43
"Another braindead swedistani" Interesting to see that you're so sure about my nationality. Just because I'm wearing the Swedish flag for now it doesn't mean that I am a true citizen of Sweden. Living by your own assumptions will always drive you to untrue answers and miss understood concepts. "If u actually understand what he's wrote you'd see enough of a proof to say he's brainwashed af" Again, this is only your personal opinion. This conclusion was obtain through a form of process in which the user's message was dissected, processed and compared using actual knowledge and self experience - which can be very particularly to your case. That being said, your opinion is entirely subjective and can easily fall to the path of counterfeit where everything is forged with rotten materials and enveloped in a shiny package. Also I did not state that you're wrong, but the approach of labeling people using self experience and assumptions is wrong. "Another fucking white trash teaching me how to be black"" Living in your own world where everyone's finger pointing you? I'm just assuming things because your madness cannot be explain using rational human logic. I will not quote your next paragraph from the message since is inspired from the endless space of ignorance and madness. You're so angry and tough on internet, behave so high and mighty using strong words while typing behind a monitor where nobody can punish your attitude that's fully inspired by ignorance and madness. It's a personal disgrace to read this message but will be even worse for the creator of this replied post - assuming that common sense is not 100% unknown to yourself. "That parable about Ana couldn't be more fucking useless" Means that you didn't understand it to the full and elect to be ignorant again. Your highly indisputable ignorance can also be observed in the main approach. You chose to be mad and talk nonsense unrelated to my message in the first place, then what? Needed to edit the reply to add something that is false but somewhat related to my reply. Consult a medic, I beg you. "cause ya'r dumb mofo" What a psycho, can't say less.
2018-03-21 10:06
"Living by your own assumptions will always drive you to untrue answers and miss understood concepts." then "I'm just assuming things because your madness cannot be explain using rational human logic." "You're so angry and tough on internet, behave so high and mighty using strong words while typing behind a monitor where nobody can punish your attitude" cause i 'swear'. That's enough, don't even dare to talk in public anymore. U're dumber than amoeba and can't even see that you've fucked up your only arguement. Btw if you call facts and logic an entirely subjective opinion then there is no hope for you. Btw x2 maybe consider going to the psychiatric hospital Jonty, you're braindead af and it doesn't matter what account you gonna use, everyone can spot your retardness in a blink of an eye.
2018-03-21 16:33
"That's enough, don't even dare to talk in public anymore." Remember when I said that you live in your own world? We are having "discussions" on a public forum, how is this public talking? You should learn the meaning of"public talking" my dear internet warrior. Again, remember when I said that you're living in your own world of assumptions? You just assumed that I am Jonty which is completely wrong, delusional and silly. Looks like you're proving my point with each and every reply. The road of patheticism is completely yours and it appears that you just embraced it.
2018-03-21 21:14
u are mental jonty
2018-03-22 01:41
Look in the mirror in order to see how a defeated-face looks like. Cheers!
2018-03-22 13:03
u are mental jonty
2018-03-22 13:26
#257 Fall in the loop of despair? xD
2018-03-22 13:31
u are mental jonty
2018-03-22 14:42
2018-03-22 15:36
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Your slander and exposed double-standards aside, I have no alternate accounts. Do us both a favour and try not to prove every point Skeleton has made out of denial, arrogance and petty immaturity. Have a good day, details.
2018-03-26 11:22
Weekly reminder, you're mental jonty.
2018-03-26 17:05
Fully agree.
2018-03-22 13:18
You are an idiot, the US very much still has a problem with racism
2018-03-20 15:34
United States SladesterG 
Yes every country on Earth has problem with racism by it's A LOT better now then it's every been
2018-03-20 15:51
So you agree that the United States has a problem with racism and that racism still exists?
2018-03-20 15:52
United States SladesterG 
I never said racism doesn't exist and yes I agree EVERY PLACE IN THE WORLD AND ECERY PERSON IS RACIST
2018-03-20 17:25
2018-03-20 21:10
United States SladesterG 
Read and you will understand
2018-03-20 21:44
Is man a lil jelous? Not proud of his nation? Maybe even racist himself?
2018-03-19 11:55
United States SladesterG 
Jealous of what that don't make sense. Not proud of my nation?? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA I AM MORE PROUD THEN ANY. and yeah I'll admit if laughing at and telling racist jokes is funny then I'm racist
2018-03-19 12:17
Expected from murica
2018-03-22 13:08
2018-03-18 18:31
United States SladesterG 
Hardy har har
2018-03-19 20:06
Least: Antartica Most: German Reich you didn't say anything about population or date
2018-03-18 18:33
United States SladesterG 
2018-03-18 19:25
BnTeT | 
Germany cucKing 
2018-03-18 19:26
Antarctica* +1
2018-03-18 19:40
so sorry fellow grammar nazi. i'll punish myself for that mistake *listens gucci gang for 10 hours*
2018-03-18 19:42
yes, let those ears bleed. go on.
2018-03-18 19:44
2018-03-18 19:44
actually listened it for the first time and lowered my IQ thanks, nice bait.
2018-03-18 19:45
Some Metal music fixes it. Trust me it works.
2018-03-18 19:46 easy IQ boost thanks for the advice
2018-03-18 19:48
Europe aNCIOn 
2018-03-19 12:18
Gojira is good but not bestestestest obv. Listen to my bois Be'lakor. They are fucking great.
2018-03-19 12:56
gojira rox but i prefer OPETH
2018-03-19 22:36
Opeth is my fav band already lol alongside with Ne Obliviscaris and Be'lakor ofc.
2018-03-20 07:29
Say hello to a white bear in Antartica, you will see if there is no racism.
2018-03-18 19:54
nah dude, he doesn't care if you are black or white. He will eat you cuz you are a human.
2018-03-18 20:06
And there is no polar bear in Antarctica wtf?
2018-03-18 20:07
Turkey casmere 
Global warming bruh
2018-03-19 11:52
Dude, polar bears live in North Pole, and North Pole is only few Islands covered in ice. I am talking about Antarctica(South Pole). Polar bears doesn't exist in South Pole.
2018-03-19 14:00
kennyS | 
Germany Bense 
2018-03-19 11:37
How was the 3rd reich racist? We litteraly let people from other countries help us in the most important fight of the century(against communism) if they were so racist they wouldt let other people fight for their freedom since they had to be inferior
2018-03-19 12:50
ahem...soap with jew flavour, hate speech for lots of countries about their race. Most racist doesn't mean "counrty which is closed to everyone", it means "country that calls his enemies peasants, dogs because they think they are superior race." And about the think you said. Countries only become friend with other countries for their benefits. German Reich let Romania join them because they think they will help them to take Soviet lands. And Romania joined because they think Nazis would let them to take Ukraine.
2018-03-19 13:58
United States ItsImpact 
Antarctica isn’t a country dumb fuck
2018-03-20 20:34
Netherlands Soviettactics 
netherlands most racism
2018-03-18 19:42
+1 But we dont say we are racist, most of us do it behind the back.
2018-03-19 16:55
2018-03-20 18:50
Serbia, we have no blacks here
2018-03-18 19:42
Poland Funio 
u mean Croatia?
2018-03-18 19:43
2018-03-18 19:44
Poland Funio 
haha nothing bro <3
2018-03-18 19:44
nothing at all...Kappa
2018-03-18 19:47
African Union AstalBatista 
Croatia never rulled over serbian land ever.Expected from polish education system LUL
2018-03-19 12:06
2018-03-19 12:42
Poland Funio 
but u know that was joke?
2018-03-19 15:01
Poland Funio 
its not even funny for me, but i heard and i saw 1 serbian guy who get mad when i call him croatian so i tried again xD
2018-03-19 15:13
Croatia will never rull over Serbian land because croatia is Serbian land, that got stolen for example gay tito gave croatia a fucking 1777km of coast (stole from serbia) in yugoslavia fck that
2018-03-19 15:47
NEO | 
Poland sedi 
i doubt its contained in any education system
2018-03-19 20:46
Poland Spectra_CS 
Africa tho ZULUL
2018-03-19 21:11
really? you have no blacks in Serbia?
2018-03-19 15:15
Israel is the least racist country, we don't have racism we only hate terrorists and want to kill them all
2018-03-18 19:48
+1 Israel is the most tolerant and peaceful country on Earth.
2018-03-18 19:55
Denmark Lev1ce 
2018-03-18 19:57
joke but its true
2018-03-18 20:03
Turkey 0vercast 
you forgot Kappa
2018-03-19 11:42
2018-03-19 11:48
United States PapaObama 
2018-03-19 11:50
2018-03-19 11:35
israel and jews are the most racist people in existence. their entire belief system is based on their superiority as a race "the chosen ones". we dont even need to mention how racist they are to blacks
2018-03-19 11:51
2018-03-19 12:51
2018-03-19 13:14
LOL alot of Jews are black
2018-03-19 13:58
that's the point, idiot. israel is trying to get rid of the black jews and they're treated like subhumans
2018-03-19 16:41
HAHAHAHAHA wtf is wrong with you dude
2018-03-19 17:19
what about germans and wwii
2018-03-19 15:48
2018-03-19 21:24
Poland Spectra_CS 
Worst nation on this planet Just mass move onto a piece of land and call it theirs "Israel" = Palestine
2018-03-19 21:13
palestine is the ancient word - plishtim=invaders, there for Palestinians=invaders
2018-03-19 22:20
U can't come to your old house and say it was my and live there srry bro
2018-03-19 22:41
sry? LOL we are here for already 70 years you Arabs wanted to kick us and got kicked in the ass deal with musrats
2018-03-20 01:55
I am not an Arab learn pls i dont wanna wasre my time with you
2018-03-20 15:11
yeah yeah shumrud
2018-03-20 19:22
btw get back to cleaning toilets what are you doing on here
2018-03-19 22:20
Poland Spectra_CS 
btw get back to gassing urself fkin greedy poor shit
2018-03-20 12:00
greedy/poor LOL i think if you need to clean toilet you are pretty poor
2018-03-20 19:21
Poland Spectra_CS 
i don't u however, are a piece of trash on this planet get out
2018-03-21 13:07
u comment about a country hundered thousand kilometers away and im trash LOL however maybe trash cleaner i should call you
2018-03-25 18:33
Poland Spectra_CS 
yes u are if u believe that those shits deserve a country we dont clean shit btw dead meme
2018-03-25 21:19
is that why you are so fucking dirty? you are nobody to say to anyone if he deserves a country, fucking dirty disgusting dog.
2018-03-25 21:44
Poland Spectra_CS 
rather be a dog/nobody than a cancerous jew tnx for the compliment in that case
2018-03-25 21:58
yet you're interfering in our business, sounds like you're jealous of us Jews for having you polaks clean our toilets?
2018-03-25 22:01
Poland Spectra_CS 
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAA jealous of jews xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD top self embarassment ive even seen lol
2018-03-26 17:07
canada probably
2018-03-18 19:49
2018-03-18 19:59
ya he's a faggot racist. but dude every country has some sadly : /
2018-03-18 20:00
Poland Klenny 
Zimbabwe is racist country
2018-03-18 19:55
Poland most Least idk Kyrgyzstan maybe?
2018-03-18 19:59
Poland Spectra_CS 
Do I smell nationalism?
2018-03-19 21:13
in poland?
2018-03-21 15:44
Poland Spectra_CS 
-1 in ur mind
2018-03-21 16:26
most: gernazy least: idk
2018-03-18 20:00
most : Germany probably least : Canada / Australia
2018-03-19 11:43
Yeah thats why we let so many foreigners in. Stay classy uk <3
2018-03-19 12:52
device | 
Finland Ypp1 
Wat about USA??
2018-03-19 11:54
United States TriHardSeven 
I have never experienced racism, and I'm Asian. Lived in the USA my whole life, and traveled all across the country, even to the most "racist" parts. People have always been very kind.
2018-03-19 16:55
device | 
Finland Ypp1 
Okay, so it was just a hunch.
2018-03-19 17:07
United States TriHardSeven 
It's just a personal experience, I'm sure others have had different experiences. Like Black people.
2018-03-19 17:10
device | 
Finland Ypp1 
I only thought so based on the news about the cops and the blacks.
2018-03-19 17:13
SS | 
Japan Kryptonic_ 
Blacks are the most racist in America
2018-03-20 21:09
ZywOo | 
France ZywHere 
A study give the award of most racist country to Algeria.
2018-03-19 11:56
Happy | 
Vietnam Hadaway 
Most : India and south Africa Least : canada and sweden probably
2018-03-19 11:57
2018-03-19 12:11
LULZ india
2018-03-20 15:40
Finland is not racist but Sweden is racist
2018-03-19 12:14
I actually think that Germany wasn't that racist between 2005 and 2013. I saw a source of this a long time ago. After all immigration that came after the terrorism time I can see clearly that Germany is more racist. Racist against Islam. But to be honest, not only Germany got more racist. Many other countrys also seems to hate islam for example much more. The new racism is against islam.
2018-03-19 12:28
you really must be dumb to be racist over a religion omegalul
2018-03-19 12:58
You really must be dumb to not realize that religion can be a reason or is a reason to be a racist. Whats racism for you? Still the old White vs Black?
2018-03-19 15:17
United Kingdom cacafuego 
If people are hating muslims because of religion please explain to me how it is racist
2018-03-19 15:26
It's a "racism without race". Racism is much more than the white-black separation. We have to know that racism is changing in its form. Let me be clear here. There is nothing rational about Islamophobia. Treating Muslims poorly because they are Muslim is racism in my opinion. You can see that our media clearly want an enemy image of a muslim. Earlier it was the enemy image of a black person which still a few dumb people follow.
2018-03-19 16:20
lul its called islamophobia not racism , you can't just change words how u please. and nowadays its such an easy thing to know which ppl are dumb and wgich are not. if you blame some retarded minority action on a whole religion i know for fact that ur IQ is lower than a garbage can. its a privilege today to know whos dumb and whos not thanks to terrorists, i love it.
2018-03-19 16:53
We can do that the whole day :) If someone hates black person beacuse he/she is black then its racist but if someone hates a muslim girl because of a nijab its no racist? Muslims also look different to european for example so it's nearly the same with white and black. Different look ends in racism. If u say I have low IQ i can accept it. For me theres no difference between hating someone because of color, clothing, religion or culture. It all ends in hate, war and discrimination. If you have seen a black person years ago who got beaten up u would say "Ok a white racist has beaten up a black person" - Racism. If someone beats up an Muslim because of his religion (which clearly exists in our world) or another example because a woman wears a nijab that has nothing to do with racism? U can call it how u want. I only can say that i cant see a difference here.
2018-03-19 17:01
Race Islam choose one
2018-03-19 15:03
Denmark EricoviC 
Depends on population or politician. I think Denmark is the least racism country in EU, when we are talking about the danish people, but the politicians are pretty dumb and racists...
2018-03-19 12:34
Turkey Mejuckei 
yeah danish gov. is like top 5 racist gov. in eu.
2018-03-19 20:41
Japan Th3Koala 
2018-03-19 12:54
Slovakia crushyou 
hahaha Thailand is more racist than US
2018-03-19 20:34
u mean least racist? as every westerners that go to thailand get their asses kissed
2018-03-20 14:12
Most racist is U.S. but that's because of large population. In % a lot of countries are probably more racist but a lot hate crimes happen in U.S.
2018-03-19 13:09
rain | 
Slovakia TrYx_ 
most racist = Slovakia, Czech :))
2018-03-19 14:01
Since lefties in Sweden make everything seem like racism Sweden is probably a top contender :) Meanwhile, according to them minorities such as Somalians can't be racist so Somalia is the least.
2018-03-19 14:02
2018-03-19 15:56
South africa
2018-03-19 16:21
2018-03-19 16:51
Least: Poland
2018-03-19 16:54
Poland Funio 
for real? :D
2018-03-19 17:08
2018-03-19 18:11
Poland Funio 
2018-03-19 18:23
Austria ArthaxAT 
Austria is racist af
2018-03-19 16:55
no u are just conservative and leftists wrongfully say thats racist
2018-03-19 20:34
Austria ArthaxAT 
My great-grandfather was actualy a Gauleiter, i doubt that you are one :(
2018-03-19 23:03
yeah? what was his name and gaue?
2018-03-19 23:03
least : poland
2018-03-19 17:23
Least: Slavicised Turkic Countries Most: Balkan Countries
2018-03-19 18:28
Slavicised Turkic Countries lol
2018-03-19 20:54
? lol for what?
2018-03-20 20:31
most racist UK
2018-03-19 18:29
Spain G3CK0 
Least: Andorra Most: US/ Germany although Spain is bot far behind
2018-03-19 18:33
explain racism in spain
2018-03-19 20:31
Spain G3CK0 
Racism against African/latin America immigrants coming to spain
2018-03-19 21:25
explain germany btw its 2018
2018-03-19 20:33
Turkey Mejuckei 
lul germany is now more racist then nazi germany.
2018-03-19 20:43
yeah the turks that live here are racist
2018-03-19 20:44
Turkey Mejuckei 
they are just dumbfucks. they are not turk and not german, a mixture that makes everyone who contacts with them cancer.
2018-03-19 20:47
and how does that make germany racist again?
2018-03-19 20:48
Turkey Mejuckei 
they are living in germany. i didnt say germans are racist(even though they are), whole country is racist.
2018-03-19 20:50
again what makes u think that germany is racists? we have like 6 million turks living hear we took around 2 million refugees and we have plenty of other minorities living hear in peace
2018-03-19 20:52
Turkey Mejuckei 
6 mil? you only have 3mil turks and they all are not turks. half of them are kurds which they support socialist ideas but somehow they are the most racist ppl on earth. your government is racist and they let nazis to do whatever they want. you cant deny afd and their voters which is very similar to nazi party back in 1933
2018-03-19 20:57
well it would be intolerant to ban AfD because they have a different political opinion???!?!? Erdogan brain Also people who vote/voted for AfD are not racist/nazis.there are no other parties to vote for if u are against mass immigration(its not racist to be against mass imigration)
2018-03-19 20:59
Turkey Mejuckei 
so you justify afd voters just bcs they don't want mass imigration and afd is the only party to promise it? i don't say they you should ban afd, we have extreme parties in tr also but afd's votes are pretty high for an extremist party.
2018-03-19 21:04
AfD is not even close to an extremist party the world has just become far to left thats all think back 30-50 years back and AfD ideas would be considers centre
2018-03-19 21:08
Turkey Mejuckei 
so you say afd is not an extremist party and it's the only choice to stop mass imigration? what next? jews, romans and criples are inferior?
2018-03-19 21:14
what? do you listen to yourself? u think every country should take an unlimited amount of people from an entirerly different culture? sorry mister but thats just retarded
2018-03-19 21:15
Turkey Mejuckei 
you are miss directing my words, I'm not against blocking imigration.we have over 3.5mil syrian refugees and in my opinion they don't belong here but we can't let them die,so being a human is more important.
2018-03-19 21:19
boy ur country is litteraly fighting an offensive war and u talking about being human
2018-03-19 21:21
Turkey Mejuckei 
war happens between two legimite countries,tr is just doing an operation against terrorists that settled next to it's border. it's a self defence.
2018-03-19 21:23
sure self defence is invading a country u know who used this logic too? yeah right Adolf Hitler
2018-03-19 21:24
Turkey Mejuckei 
invading? tr is just helping real syrians to get their soil back from kurdish terrorist that they don't have any right on that lands. kurds in syria is just 5% and they don't have any rights west of the euprates. if you do a little research about euprates shield op, after military aggression, turkish army gave the lands to syrians and ppl who fleed there from came back to their lands.
2018-03-19 21:28
United States D@rkl03d 
most -> my country USA and trump for not building the wall if u can't build borrow it from China like u borrowed 3 trillion USD
2018-03-19 20:11
shox | 
Finland samkuU 
Least:Canada Most: Don't know
2018-03-19 20:45
China, Japan, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Germany
2018-03-19 20:51
We are for sure at top 3 at LEAST racist , now i dont know about 1-2-3 We had only Golden Dawn , and we throwed them at jail lol
2018-03-19 20:55
fox | 
Portugal GoDtK 
Austria, Turkey, France, Germany, Spain and USA are very racist. Less racist, nordic EU countrys and Portugal. Talking only about EU and USA. Africa, SA and Asia, idk.
2018-03-19 21:19
Spain G3CK0 
Portugal is just as racist as spain
2018-03-19 21:25
fox | 
Portugal GoDtK 
Spain hate everyone that isn't spanish bro, look how Madrid treat Cristiano for example, and he's the #1 on the world and gave Madrid all that they earn for this last years. You guys are so racist, that you don't like each other, catalunia don't want to be part of Spain, what a stupid competition. Sorry bro, not saying that all are the same, but you guys look very racist on your actions.
2018-03-20 01:03
Spain G3CK0 
You have no idea. People love cristiano. A lot of people i know were supporting portugal in the eurocup just because cristiano played there. You have no idea bro
2018-03-20 07:53
fox | 
Portugal GoDtK 
ok, i'm happy to know so, that a lot of people like too, maybe is the media showing only the bad part. Glad that you and a lot of people are not racist, love to you and your people with good heart. Peace.
2018-03-20 13:39
Spain G3CK0 
That is just some fetard fucks that know nothing about economy that complain about tourism when its theajor economic source of income
2018-03-20 14:20
2/10 for effort
2018-03-20 21:18
Japan NotAn0x0User 
Most racist ? it depends on which continent, and most of the time it's not even racism but justified (ex: Poland) LUL There is no racism in this world, The most politically correct though, i'd easily say Sweden. They are so tolerant, so politically correct that they've started judging people with the shariah law LUL
2018-03-19 22:25
Germany is pretty racist
2018-03-19 23:05
Australia Dadecum 
australia most, fuck off we're full least racist sweden, putting their own citizens aside for fucking muslims
2018-03-20 01:05
Australia Full pick one
2018-03-20 07:58
Australia Dadecum 
unless you cunts wanna live in the desert, we're full
2018-03-20 13:16
allu | 
Finland samje 
2018-03-20 07:38
polaks wtf
2018-03-20 07:38
Netherlands Deji 
2018-03-20 08:04
least: argentina most: usa :DDDDDDDDDDDD
2018-03-20 14:26
Argentina least racist? haha okay
2018-03-22 13:15
yes :)
2018-03-22 14:31
Brazil k10_legendch 
No way. Do you remember what happened between Desábato and Grafite in a Libertadores Cup match? This is just an example, of course, but I saw similar things when I lived in La Plata. You have no problem saying the "N" word and normally it comes with a bad thing. But unfortunately I have to admit that Brazil is even more racist, which is very sad considering we're the second country in the world when it comes to black population.
2018-03-22 15:51
least racist is definitely Syria, great people down there
2018-03-20 17:27
Germany kng1 
most poland usa least turkiye germany
2018-03-20 21:20
Sweden & Germany, not a joke
2018-03-21 08:55
least - Poland most - Poland
2018-03-22 14:33
Most - Switzerland Least - Canada?
2018-03-22 15:37
Least usa Most: idk
2018-03-26 03:51
Most : South Africa, Zimbabwe, almost any arabian nation Least: Cucked , Feminized Western EU
2018-03-26 17:09
whom are arabs racist against?
2018-03-29 20:47
Christians,yazidis,jews,druids,hindus and other muslims (shias,alawites)
2018-03-29 22:23
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