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recommend books?
Malta Wudestkohm 
recommend books in this thread, also create a description to it and why you liked it, anything ranging from mein kampf to anne frank's diary, just post a book.
2018-03-21 05:48
year 1984
2018-03-21 05:49
2018-03-21 18:29
every 14 yo has read that
2018-03-21 18:29
stop tryin to be edgy thomas
2018-03-21 18:32
But it's a fact At least in Russia almost every kid has read 1984 and now claims to be an anti totalitarian fighter
2018-03-21 18:34
Sweden TDK Em1L 
Anne franks' diary Sapiens Mein Kampf
2018-03-21 05:53
did u read those or are just posting for the memes?
2018-03-21 05:55
Sweden TDK Em1L 
You told me to post A book and this is the thanks? Alongside a report, disgusting behavior.
2018-03-21 07:12
no, its because i literally used them as an example, so i thought u were memeing.
2018-03-21 07:13
Sweden TDK Em1L 
No Sapiens there
2018-03-21 07:25
well, thanks for the contribution, this sapiens book looks interesting, i'll see it later
2018-03-21 07:26
Sweden TDK Em1L 
You should read it, not just "see it" later, read it TODAY even.
2018-03-21 07:44
have u ever heard of guns germs and steel?
2018-03-21 07:56
Sweden TDK Em1L 
Nope(heard title b4), but looks like The sort of thing I looked for after Sapiens, but didnt find. Imma add it to My read list, ty
2018-03-21 11:41
Other Antifascist 
2018-03-21 07:07
name checks out
2018-03-21 18:30
I like mystery and sci-fi so I mainly read Agatha Christie and Stephen Hawking Other Books I Have read include The Alchemist and The Martian Would recommend Paul Coelho's books if you want inspiration and Agatha's if you want mimdblown (read Murder of Roger Acroyd and And Then They were none)
2018-03-21 05:55
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
Good fantasy book is called bible
2018-03-21 06:08
coran also
2018-03-21 06:16
United States Cherryyy 
I read it in elementary school but The Compound isn't bad lmao
2018-03-21 06:20
The Lord of the Rings
2018-03-21 06:21
2018-03-21 06:34
The Silmarillion then. xD
2018-03-21 06:39
its cool, but i dont remember too much about it, only keypoints like feanor, melkor, etc.
2018-03-21 06:40
2018-03-21 06:41
The Lord of the Rings > Game of Thrones
2018-03-21 06:40
in making you sleep faster
2018-03-21 06:41
Good books always make you sleep faster.
2018-03-21 06:51
I read lotr . Its written like ancient history . Not saying that it isnt a good book .However i must agree it can be boring to people who arent much book readers and much less fantasy readers. GoT reading wise is better . It keeps you on your toes . Storm of swords was a bit boring owing to tullys story line. But its better than lotr reading wise.
2018-03-21 08:18
War & Peace
2018-03-21 06:35
Sweden TDK Em1L 
Too long?
2018-03-21 07:37
Yeah xd
2018-03-21 11:11
Sweden TDK Em1L 
but very good?
2018-03-21 18:26
Yeah, read it twice.
2018-03-21 18:26
Sweden TDK Em1L 
2018-03-21 18:28
Dev1 | 
Slovakia Marbw0w 
Witcher series are kinda good, i liked to read it
2018-03-21 06:58
The Martian
2018-03-21 07:04
flusha | 
Germany Kupferr 
Murakami - Kafka On The Shore
2018-03-21 07:19
Bangladesh irisviel 
+1 murakami!!!!
2018-03-21 07:31
David Foster Wallace - infinite jest (the book will keep you up for a couple of weeks if not even for month.) all books from Hunter S. Thompson
2018-03-21 07:40
allu | 
Finland samje 
Tim Parks - A Season With Verona I am about halfway through. If you are interested in football, Italy and italian culture its for you.
2018-03-21 07:48
Band of Brothers
2018-03-21 08:00
do you mean boobs instead of books?
2018-03-21 08:23
France yaw 
mein kampf or some manga.
2018-03-21 08:27
Spain Todd_Howard 
mistborn series, stormlight archive, kingkiller chronicke, red rising trilogy, Asoiaf, etc.
2018-03-21 11:13
Sweden TDK Em1L 
Ty 4 red rising triology
2018-03-21 11:23
Spain Todd_Howard 
its awesome
2018-03-21 11:26
The Lord of the Rings > A Song of Ice and Fire
2018-03-21 19:14
Sweden flippig 
American gods, The master and Margarita, the hunger games
2018-03-21 11:25
Books? Dude, it's not fashionable to read books these days, you should smoke weed and be gay instead.
2018-03-21 11:28
Sweden flippig 
Who says weedsmoking homosexuals can't read books?
2018-03-21 18:29
2018-03-21 18:29
Song of Ice and Fire 100000 times better than the TV series, give it a try
2018-03-21 18:31
2018-03-21 18:32
2018-03-21 18:32
some of my favorite right now the alchemist from paulo coelho 48 laws of power from robert greene the 4 hour workweek from timothy ferriss way of the peaceful warrior from dan millman think and grow rich from napoleon hill the art of war from sun tzu the art of travel from alain de botton rework from jason fried siddhartha from herman hesse monkey mind from daniel smith the shack from william young power of now from eckhart tolle the big short by michael lewis catch-22 from joseph heller mayb u find something from this list
2018-03-21 18:34
check out asimov's death dealers and robot series first one takes place in the 50s-60s and tells a story about professor of chemistry whose student was found dead in the lab which at first seemed like an accident but in the end turned out to be a well planned murder the second ones take place in the future where humanity divides into earthers and cosmonites which arent in the best relationships. cosmonites' high placed politician gets murdered on earth and detective bailey comes in to investigate. the cosmonites dont want the investigation to be handled without their control so they send a cyborg(like terminator but friendly, robots cant hurt humans in this universe) to partner up with bailey. the detective soon finds out about the nature of his partner and the great journey several books long begins
2018-03-21 18:41
The Thawrn Series are amazing
2018-03-21 19:09
Anything by Kurt Vonnegut, H. P. Lovecraft, Chuck Palahniuk Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
2018-03-21 19:13
The Deerslayer The Last of the Mohicans The Pathfinder The Pioneers The Prairie
2018-03-21 19:13
Anything by J.R.R. Tolkien
2018-03-21 19:14
long way to a small angry planet
2018-03-21 19:16
France MrTasy 
The Kamasutra, best book i've ever read so far.
2018-03-21 19:16
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