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Gay for Putin
Germany Hazelnuz 
If you are not gay for putin jet then maybe this video will change your mind. Oh yes this masculine walk mhmhmhm Putin is the best president in the world i mean i am not gay or anything but damn.
2018-03-22 01:26
Greece Phlebas117 
you're so fucking precious when you smile
2018-03-22 01:27
Kazakhstan TimaTea 
2018-03-22 01:29
what an alpha man lol, putinKING
2018-03-22 01:31
Merkel is manliest. But not sure it is a good or a bad thing.
2018-03-22 01:38
2018-03-24 00:54
Russia leld 
kgb walk
2018-03-24 00:55
United States mook_ 
yes putin is real man he gets 365 girls a year
2018-03-24 00:56
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