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gabs | 
Brazil marcinho2509 
Gfallen Lobo LogitecG G403 HyperX Pulsefire I can pay between R$200,00 and R$270,00 thats something like $60~$85. OR If you have a better suggestion, feel free to tell me! Thanks!
2018-03-22 10:03
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Turkey pardus 
gfallen lobo is a rebranded 7 dollars chinese mouse. go for g403.
2018-03-22 10:06
Albania blizaardy 
ali babanin bir ciftligi var
2018-03-22 10:15
buy new skins
2018-03-22 10:04
2018-03-22 10:05
Switzerland VerySwissGuy 
I've been using a Zowie FK1 for the last few months and it is the best mouse I've had so far (I only had a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum and a Roccat Kone XTD)
2018-03-22 10:09
Hungary adzeii 
Well it's kinda personal preference, but right now I've got these mice on stock: Razer DeathAdder Chroma Razer DeathAdder Elite Dreammachines DM1 Pro S Logitech G403 Mionix Avior 7000 Mionix Castor Yellow from these I find the G403 and DM1 Pro S the best, DM1 Pro S is a little bit big for my hands but really light, G403 is a bit heavy but the perfect size for my hands. used the DA Elite in the past week, but the rubber on the sides gets so slippery when I sweat, its almost impossible to aim with it. So I'd go with the G403 from your list
2018-03-22 10:12
Albania blizaardy 
2018-03-22 10:12
United Kingdom calum 
Its true but mine broke :(
2018-03-22 10:17
Armenia cGev This guy is the best guy to help you find the perfect computer mice for you. He has individual proper reviews pretty much for every mouse from proper companies.
2018-03-22 10:13
aizy | 
Norway runz_ 
G303 og EC2-A
2018-03-22 10:18
Ive never used a g403 but i use a g203 and the quality of it is super nice. Logitech products feel super sturdy and high quality so from the listed i would go for the 403
2018-03-22 10:19
if you dude trust me buy zowie EC2-A or Razer deathadder elite both are great if you want a smaller mouse buy logitech g403
2018-03-22 10:20
g403 but you could also get the g203 also a nice mouse and costs less
2018-03-22 10:21
Ukraine diemonds 
gl hf
2018-03-22 10:25
China KingHarlaus 
G403/Steelseries rival 310 both fine but G703 wireless is also OK if u can add a little bit budget
2018-03-22 10:26
jkaem | 
Belgium Konfuze 
Just don't get any Razer product. Shit gear.
2018-03-22 10:26
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