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FODDER & tromhaT Forum Removal
Poland holatchaboy 
Hello, im here to ask a simple question to the admins of and the community. Is there any possible way to remove FODDER and tromhaT's rights to create posts on this website or at least limit it? Possibly a community vote? If there is a way to do this, please let me know. As always, opinions are welcome in this thread.
2012-08-04 03:34
Don't limit it; ban them forever. Deserved.
2012-08-04 03:52
2012-08-04 03:56
2012-08-04 07:11
Welcome to internet. Here, one doesn't need to show up his/her universal ID to post/login/blogging and whatever one can think of. The only way of identifying a user is IP address. But unfortunately, ISP do not provide the static Global IP. Just restart your modem and your IP will change. That's why you cannot permanently deny someone from this site.
2012-08-08 13:48
That will only change your ipv4 address and that is just your local ip and has nothing to do with your public IP adress.
2012-08-08 14:27
nope, restart router and ur global ip will change. your local ip may change after dhcp leases or u change it by hand
2012-08-08 14:41
2012-08-08 14:45
why should your local ip change after a router restart? if u run on dhcp the ip may change after dhcp leases, but not always because your current ip is favoured for your computer... think about it...
2012-08-08 14:51
Romania tr$ 
With my new ISP this doesn't happen, but with my old one the global IP would change every time I restarted my router.
2012-08-08 17:48
Indonesia vyee 
we called it dynamic IP
2012-08-09 09:00
depends on your ISP
2012-08-08 16:23
yeah sure, but its more realistic that global ip gets changed than the local ip...
2012-08-08 17:25
dude... If your "global IP" changes depends on your ISP. Your ISP has nothing do with your local 192.168.x.x IP you have behind a router.
2012-08-08 20:43
you dont say? i said that because of the post of dwrization
2012-08-08 22:38
I guess I misunderstood :D
2012-08-09 11:33
? For getting a static ip like google, facebook etc. etc. you have to pay heavy prices. Whenever the router connects to net, everytime a new unallocated ip is assigned to it. Its the global IP. Local IP depends upon the user, it can either be set manually or DHCP can be put into use. The local IPs too are among the public/free IP pool like to, to etc. I hope it cleared the idea.
2012-08-08 16:11
I have a static IP i pay 7.2 Euro a month for it ;) DHCP also works out side the router, and if you get a new IP depends on your ISP and what settings they use.
2012-08-08 20:47
yeah...thats what i mentioned. Static Global IP costs a little.
2012-08-09 06:54
I wouldn't say 7.2 Euro is a "heavy price" though :D
2012-08-09 11:31
Yes. But here, the prices are little bit higher than 7.2 Euro. Its almost comparable to the internet plan one takes(if not included in the plan already).
2012-08-09 11:40
hmm I pay 29.9 Euro a month for 100/100Mbps but I guess this don't reflect the world so good sins South Korea is the only country with average faster Internet Speed then Sweden :/ 2 points to you, 0 to me :(
2012-08-09 11:56
To be honest, here internet plans are pretty costly. At this price, i would get at max. 10/12Mbps broadband plan with 30/60 GB of free down load then FUP applies. Even the 3G/4G is still a lot costlier than above. You are lucky to have such cheap internet <3
2012-08-09 12:03
they are ban evading some said so u can not ban them for life
2012-08-04 04:02
After he(tromhaT) posted his "fragmovie" and I/we owned him , he kinda dissapeared :D
2012-08-04 04:14
fake! one does not simply own tromhaT/FODDER
2012-08-04 04:16
sorry , he did get owned. #48 okay
2012-08-04 04:17
+1 true dat!:D
2012-08-05 11:31
Canada kapp 
every time you make a thread like this or respond to one you inflate their ego's and validate their existance (i see the irony in my response).
2012-08-04 06:16
Short answer - No, as GoMeZ already has stated. Long answer - Yes, but it would affect the rest of the users in such a negative way that it isn't actually worth to pay such a high price when other methods are available even if there aren't perfect.
2012-08-05 01:42
I would be very satisfied with a 5-year ban for then... Edit: You couldn't do a filter for fodder/tromhat posts, like you did to CS:GO?
2012-08-05 02:07
lol +1
2012-08-05 12:20
I'd like a filter for useless topics. But unfortunately I will see only news and match topics.
2012-08-05 12:53
If it's possible why can't you guys ban them then? Like you guys did to Googl3, Tyler Durden, 1.6 police and many other famous trolls
2012-08-05 19:31
If you had read further you would have seen that the price would be too high for the rest of the users in order to make it possible.
2012-08-06 22:20
why 1.6 police has been banned?
2012-08-06 22:21
There is no user with that nickname banned as far as I know.
2012-08-06 22:28
HLTV can deploy an option to block/hide a particular user, the same way facebook did. Global bans are welcomed but a user should have an option whether to tolerated a particular user. If i block someone, i shouldn't see his posts/blogs/profile etc. etc. i hope this shouldn't be tough.
2012-08-08 16:16
The forum for improvements is right there for you to post your suggestion(s) ;)
2012-08-08 22:31
thnx for reminding :-) But i kinda felt that this is the right moment to put down my opinion :-)
2012-08-09 06:55
somewhow i am unable to find that 'improvement' forum. Will you be kind enough to post me the link. ty!
2012-08-09 07:08
2012-08-09 22:11
Thnx :-))
2012-08-10 06:56
why my comment asking who wasd eleted?do i have to know who these users are?amazing seriously xD
2012-08-05 03:21
India xb0y 
I don't get it, why ban them? O.o
2012-08-05 06:32
what happened? Idc ban them! Tromhat btw the frag movie was epic, I know you missed all the head shots on purpose ;) Your fan.
2012-08-05 15:07
Azerbaijan Talley 
another account :/
2012-08-06 22:22
Yeah, last one got IP banned!
2012-08-08 12:54
Your account cant get IP banned. Its the account that gets the IP banned. You can still log in on other network with same account
2012-08-08 14:33
"Your account cant get IP banned. Its the account that gets the IP banned." What? ;)
2012-08-08 16:21
Got a 10 year IP ban the other day.. this is what it said; "Your ip address (**.***.**.***) has been banned from accessing this site, this is most likely due to past abuse. Abuse from username: dwrization has earned this ip a ban until: 2022-08-04 20:49:06 If this is not your user, or you feel your ban is unwarrented, gather up your evidence and email" "Abuse from username: dwrization has earned this ip a ban until: 2022-08-04 20:49:06" The user earned the IP a ban. Its not the account getting banned but its the IP getting blacklisted
2012-08-08 16:24
That was really just because you were contradicting yourself.. I was well aware of what you meant though :)
2012-08-08 16:29
i dont speak advanced english
2012-08-08 17:02
you were contradicting yourself = du modsagde dig selv.
2012-08-08 18:17
No i didnt. "Your account cant get IP banned. Its the account that gets the IP banned." I think you mistunderstanded me. i mean that the account broke a rule and makes sure that the IP is blacklisted. BECAUSE of the account the IP gets blacklisted. but the account itself will not get banned.
2012-08-08 20:23
1. Your account can't get IP banned. 2. It's the account that gets the IP banned. I know what you mean......It's just the way you're writing it. What you're saying is that: "The account can't get IP banned, it's the account that gets IP banned." - You're contradicting yourself :) I still.. As from the beginning.. understand what you mean. You should simply just have written: "Your account is not getting banned, it's your IP"..
2012-08-08 21:09
You should simply just have written: "Your account is not getting banned, it's your IP".. THATS WHAT I MEAN :-( What i write all the time "The account can't get IP banned, it's the account that gets IP banned." Makes sense to me. The account cant get IP banned (someone said that the ACCOUNT got IP BANNED?!) wich makes no sense. thats why i said it like i did. Its the account that makes the IP that the account log in from blacklisted
2012-08-08 21:11
"The account can't get IP banned, it's the account that gets IP banned." "Din bruger kan ikke blive IP-banned, det er din bruger der bliver IP-banned." That's basicly what you're writing :). Hope it makes sense to you now.
2012-08-08 21:16
India xb0y 
Change global IP address + Make new account. Gotit?
2012-08-08 17:29
Why make a new account? The account is not even banned. THE IP IS BLACKLISTED
2012-08-08 17:33
India xb0y 
If you get an IP Ban, the account associated with that IP also gets banned.
2012-08-08 19:07
Oh yeah. how then can i write here ? I was 10 years IP banned the other day then unbanned but my account didnt get banned :) then i would be writing from a new account
2012-08-08 20:24
India xb0y 
Maybe xyz admin unbanned your account but still the IP from which you was banned is still blacklisted? Only admin can answer it better.
2012-08-08 22:10 is working really really really slow after i got unbanned
2012-08-08 22:14
I think no reason for ban them.
2012-08-06 22:24
Just ignore them? Simple as that
2012-08-08 14:01
its like having little annoying kids who wants merely second of attention before turboing unto next activity, just ignore and they find something else to do, seriously very simple. just behave like a parent and problem solved.
2012-08-08 16:15
POLAOLO is either fodder or tromhat...
2012-08-09 08:40
not possible getting people banned with these tard admins. sadly
2012-08-09 09:13
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