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new SK NA or EU?
s1mple | 
Poland swstk 
Are they gonna play in NA or EU?
2018-03-23 01:18
in the middle, NAEU XD
2018-03-23 01:19
so in the ocean, nice
2018-03-23 01:21
yes :D
2018-03-23 01:21
Any problem ?
2018-03-23 01:22
Poland HTMFS 
Depends for us nope for them yup
2018-03-23 01:25
You saying that it's fine for you if they play below the water in the middle of the ocean ?
2018-03-23 01:32
Poland HTMFS 
I'm saying I don't have problem with that were they gona play for me they can play even on moon.
2018-03-23 01:34
How could them play on moon ? It's too far and we managed to go there just once. You saying that SK is planing a travel to moon with this new lineup ?
2018-03-23 01:36
Poland HTMFS 
Haha +1
2018-03-23 01:38
they want that, but sadly the technology isnt there yet -Valve
2018-03-23 01:53
What you mean by "the technology isnt there yet" ? On 1969 we step on the moon and you are saying that 49 years later we have no technology to do it again ? SK has a lot of money to do that and they will. This new lineup is too strong to play on Earth, so the Organizations of the united nations kicked them out of the Earth to play the tournaments that are ocurring on the Moon where their power will be balanced and will be fair.
2018-03-23 02:07
OMEGALUL get baited
2018-03-23 02:08
How could I get baited if I'm not a fish ? LUL NETHERLANDS EDUCATION XD
2018-03-23 02:13
LUL NL education > favela education
2018-03-23 02:22
at least we can discover football talents on favelas and netherlands can discover BAITER TALENTS ON INTERNET OMEGALUL XD
2018-03-23 02:24
ok kid explain this U first get rekt by germany with 7-1 then get rekt by NL with 3-0 so shut up about football talent XD
2018-03-23 02:31
Neymar wasn't playing and I for a bonus I explain you this: 2. Brazil - 21. Netherlands Trying to argue football against brazilians ? BAD IDEA O M E G A L U L 3X
2018-03-23 02:33
Boy that list is corrupt af and still lose to nr21 country so stfu
2018-03-23 02:37
THE FANBOY OF SS IS OFFICIALY MAD! We lose the same way we have won countless times against Netherlands xD Dude, if your education is better than ours then start thinking about what to argue against a brazilian, football is not a good subject to argue about against us xD
2018-03-23 02:45
nice excuses there, you start to look like fallen LUL
2018-03-23 02:42
FalleN the GOAT of CS:GO ? Is it a complement ? Thank you! <3
2018-03-23 02:44
dont you see his baits?
2018-03-23 02:52
Don't you see that baiting is stupid and I prefer to ignore or at least enjoy it ?
2018-03-23 02:53
3 of them feel more comfortable to play sitting on palms
2018-03-23 01:35
ur mom ur sister and who else ?
2018-03-23 01:36
2018-03-23 01:46
oh, didn't expect that but I think coldzera will be happy for being able to spend some time with your sister on the palms
2018-03-23 01:53
she doesnt exist yea, sure
2018-03-23 03:08
2018-03-23 03:25
2018-03-23 01:23
shox wants to play with his friends thou
2018-03-23 01:47
Just some friendly banter.
2018-03-23 02:00
Xyp9x | 
United States Pro_bait 
in açores
2018-03-23 02:02
Brazil SKu11 
In the middle, in the left, like Joel Santana
2018-03-23 03:00
United States sickening 
2018-03-23 01:21
na obviously
2018-03-23 01:21
2018-03-23 01:22
Belarus vivabelarus 
They will play CIS qualifiers ez
2018-03-23 01:22
Ez 4 gambit
2018-03-23 01:25
Probably on SA on FalleN's house
2018-03-23 01:23
Cis ofc
2018-03-23 01:24
I guess they will be located on the Azores, so Fer, Fallen and Cold can speak protugies and they play on NA and EU.
2018-03-23 01:50
2018-03-23 01:59
2018-03-23 01:50
well have probably, watched videos in which Fallen said that SK would like to play in Europe, and that just did not go to Europe because of the ESL divisions
2018-03-23 01:51
in azores lul
2018-03-23 01:59
United States vikingswine 
Still NA. 3/5 is still from Brazil. If optic gets to play in NA so does SK haha
2018-03-23 02:02
This comment is weirdly formulated because with what you are saying EU is more likely lol
2018-03-23 02:55
United States vikingswine 
I was trying to say since optic is majority eu and still plays na, SK will most likely also play na because they are majority na
2018-03-23 02:56
2018-03-23 02:10
Well s1mple left liqiud cuz he wanted to be close to home, and SK wanted to move to eu so maybe eu
2018-03-23 02:10
Australia BTwice 
2018-03-23 02:55
United States Consanit 
Probably NA considering that 3/5 of their players will still be considered part of the NA region.
2018-03-23 03:09
Brazil beelaaw 
2018-03-23 03:13
FalleN | 
Brazil ToRu 
NA like Optic
2018-03-23 03:14
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