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Malta yzy23 
as sk is going international, why take someone like flamie when there are tons of players better than him in europe and they dont dodge LAN's lol. even taco could do better than him, as he can bait for his friend baitzera
2018-03-23 01:29
Europe aNCIOn 
flamie will be doing live translations for s1mple
2018-03-23 01:31
2018-03-23 10:01
s1mple has made a demand for them to kick Boltz so flamie could join the team as well.
2018-03-23 01:33
Poland swstk 
Not true, it was a team decision
2018-03-23 01:34
Oh yeah, he corrected himself shortly after but I didn't see it.
2018-03-23 01:35
in american?? i dont talk brazilian
2018-03-23 06:52
Bwills | 
United States hdz` 
click the translate from portuguese button?
2018-03-23 07:04
im not have this button wtf
2018-03-23 09:48
gabs | 
Faroe Islands DiaRhea 
ok i will translate to american. gshwrh hsthtstrj ewwerwh nggdn sgrwhr nrjy afegrh tejeje.
2018-03-23 09:52
AGE: 22 Unexpected.
2018-03-23 09:55
gabs | 
Faroe Islands DiaRhea 
gotta act like kids to keep the kids happy
2018-03-23 09:57
Well, at his profile it shows - AGE: 28 But I understand your point.
2018-03-23 09:58
very noice
2018-03-23 09:58
Argentina I_hate_autism_ 
Taco was not kicked, it was his own decision
2018-03-23 01:33
Malta yzy23 
and who said he was kicked lol
2018-03-23 01:35
you believe this? LMAO KKKKKKKKK taco kicked
2018-03-23 01:35
Fallen is a great guy, why would he lie?
2018-03-23 01:44
2018-03-23 01:50
2018-03-23 01:55
+1 he is the goodest person on conter strik, gabriel 1faced toledo
2018-03-23 01:54
wtf? flamie is a god aimer it FalleN IGL...holy shit New SK is real!
2018-03-23 01:35
2018-03-23 06:49
flamie and s1mple under fallen and coldzera leader ship will go godmode, flamie and s1mple are exacly like felps before SK, insane potential but braindead players
2018-03-23 01:37
i arent think that. s1mple destroy every team he has been in
2018-03-23 01:39
yeah, but s1mple never had a top tier igl to guide him SK has 2 igls
2018-03-23 01:39
as far as I know cold was never igl he just helped call mid round kind of like apex in envy and scream in g2
2018-03-23 01:41
nah he actually igls with fallen, around fallen 60% cold 40% source: games academy has LG-SK practice maps to study, so you can hear SK practicing against EU-NA teams while communicating
2018-03-23 01:43
ic ty for info I really don't like SK going international though, I hope they get hen1 and lucas instead.
2018-03-23 01:44
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
God, pls NO!
2018-03-23 06:45
I think so too but it would still be better than s1mple and flamie Surely there's some brazilian talent outside of the ex-immortals shitshow they can grab.
2018-03-23 06:46
They played together in Kabum and FalleN probably thinks it's not gonna work, especially when HEN1 and Lucas didn't play at top level for last half-year. Meanwhile s1mple is better than both of them combined and he is at the peak of his form right now. Last 2 months showed SK need changes, they need something new, something... fresh. It's good to see FalleN is not afraid to experiment.
2018-03-23 07:01
Mongolia Chuluun 
s1mple isn't brain dead lmao.
2018-03-23 01:57
is s1mple braindead player? are u mad???
2018-03-23 06:48
The main flamie's problem is that he has weak morale and loser's mentality.
2018-03-23 07:04
Brazil vass28 
flamie is actually pretty good, but I agree that have better players in europe
2018-03-23 01:45
France yaw 
+1 sixer > flamie
2018-03-23 07:17
+1 hunden > flamie
2018-03-23 10:00
which one?
2018-03-23 07:22
United States TriHardSeven 
I think a lot of people forget about 2016 Flamie, the guy is a fucking beast of a player. Under the good leadership of the best igl in csgo history GODFALLEN, sk will be TOP1 again and begin another era CRY IS FREE FOR EVERYONE.
2018-03-23 01:51
ikr, people are sleeping on him just like they did with rain
2018-03-23 07:13
Your logic =/= facts If only flamie would be back to his BEST FORM OF HIS LIFE, he would fit into this squad. BUT if flamie will sustain with his current form and SK will have coldzera, fer, s1mple and fallen as IGL - he will be different type of caliber. SK is going for international squad like FaZe. Flamie is there just because of s1mple. Not because of skill.
2018-03-23 07:25
I'd like to see shox in SK but it won't happen.
2018-03-23 06:52
shox for karrigan in FaZe. Why not to give a try? I don't find karrigan super strategic type of leader. NiKo was igl in mouz for some peroid of time. They could both carry the team in igl terms.
2018-03-23 07:37
flamie is a fat terminator.
2018-03-23 07:21
Poland AiYokatashi 
Brother, they picked him because they didn't have money for better player. S1 price is ~1000000$
2018-03-23 07:32
Taco was obviously kicked and all tweets about his own decision is bullshit,just think about who will ever leave top team with insane salary?which idiot?) Due to flamie and simple they are friends and closely communicate because they are fucked with carrying navi and they read all comments and tweets that advise them to leave this shitty team and this is was the reason why duo skipped wesg and etc,definetely. Possibly simple talked to fallen and demanded to get them both with flamie,because he is much btter than taco and boltz
2018-03-23 07:41
Poland Punkstyler 
no more t1 team to support...
2018-03-23 09:56
North America T1RANT 
2018-03-23 10:00
Ukraine Najara 
Xantares batter
2018-03-23 10:01
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