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Mexico romoresp 
who is this guy? i know he was a president from brazil but what was the crime he did or why is he going to jail, can someone explain me?
2018-03-23 06:20
He's not be arrested He will be president once again and Brazil will go to the glory
2018-03-23 06:21
Mexico romoresp 
what he did wrong?
2018-03-23 06:22
Brazil eoteamo 
his crime was "amar demais" also he took 5 billion people off the misery
2018-03-23 06:30
Brazil MarieLaMary 
2018-03-23 06:31
I"ll tell you the true, but i'll have a lot of replys 0/8 anyway The true is, Brazil is split by right and left politics, but the money are in the right side. The right side rule brazil until 2002, when Lula wins the election, Lula win in 2002, plus in 2006, he ruled until 2010, he make a lot of things for Brazil, if you just look around the internet to the brazilian economy or situation until 2002 you'll see, Lula end the starving in Brazil, he make a lot for the poor people, but this do not make the rich people happy, do you know? In 2010, Lula can't go to a reelection, but he put a partner in the election, Dilma Rouseff, who win the election and ruled Brazil for more 4 years, 2010 to 2014, in 2014, another reelection for Dilma (PT), PT is the most significant left side entourage in Brazil, this is the end of line for bourgeois who do not agree the left side ruling Brazil, they used all money they have and incriminated Lula and Dilma, making a Impeachment in Brazil, the Vice President change her side, and goes to the right side till the new election... Now they're making troubles to Lula cause they know if he can be candidate again, he will win, and they really NEED a right political now to make them rich again and make the poors starving once again
2018-03-23 06:33
fer | 
Brazil gphziN 
>right side rule brazil until 2002 OMEGALUL i dropped out here and im not even going to read all of this bullshit that you have typed
2018-03-23 06:47
Spain dreyfuS 
2018-03-23 13:31
and the truth is what he said
2018-03-23 13:49
That's how you spot a delusional Brazilian. Lula, in his eyes, is the closest of a god you'll ever read about. Some people like the creature I am replying above really believe in Lula as a "messiah", when I say that, I won't speculate without any history and facts behind it. In Brazil, and several other cultures and religions, we are moved by image of a messiah, or at least someone that will lead/save us from our troubles. Lula, in 2002, was praised and expected to be that person from people who were both left and right wing, most people who were looking for a change (since corruption was already a big thing). Thanks to his charismatic figure and his poor origins, Lula was elected in 2002 as a new hope for all Brazilians. Little did we know that 16 years later he would be judged for siding the with the ones we were hoping to avoid in the first place. Lula sided with several contractors to accomplish the biggest corruption scandal of all human history, I might sound absurd but I'll give you guys some numbers. The link above can be roughly translate to: Brazil loses around $200 billion Reais (around $60 billions US Dollars) per year. That speculation was also backed by ONU working side by side with MPF. Was Lula related to EVERY corruption scandal in Brazil? Absolutely not, but as the president for 8 years and also the one behind the presidency of Dilma Rouseff, he was able to surrender a whole nation into a corruption scheme. Lula isn't even being judge for that, the thing his is being judged for is just the tip of the iceberg. You can find even more about the whole situation on the internet. PS.: I hope I'm being baited because if the Brazilian who wrote the text above really believes that, he is probably the most delusional person I've ever had any contact with. And I meet all kinds of crazy in public university.
2018-03-23 06:54
rain | 
Venezuela Kremator 
Dude, you "just" skipped the part where you explain how Dilma not only didnt do anything to decrease the corruption but even she let it increase while her 2014 administration, nevermind BR needs to change to a right state ASAP, left wing is gonna be soon "the new right" at the rate they are just locking up in power in whole LATAM
2018-03-23 07:02
Brazil tchbs 
If you really think PSDB and PMDB are right you are retarded.
2018-03-23 07:54
Brazil jeffsobrinho 
2018-03-23 13:31
Brazil SUVACO 
i stoped reading at right and left.... there is no right in brazil
2018-03-23 13:43
Brazil Rust1 
2018-03-23 13:32
Other Bobylon 
he's ex president of brazil and I hope he Die slowly
2018-03-23 06:23
kennyS | 
Brazil ez4henry 
he’a the ex president from brazil and has been acuses of lots of corruption crimes, and i hope he goes to jail
2018-03-23 06:25
lover | 
Other Gala0 
Think hes a Brazilian politician I don't get the hate, until a year or some NBC was saying he was the best president in their history Guess they are all two faced toledos
2018-03-23 06:36
His Bolsa Família welfare program and the Fome Zero government program effectively ended the famines that were killing brazilians in 2002, and reduced poverty. These social programs ended the famine and reduced poverty. Other programs reduced unemployment. He is also a dream come true: he is a self made man that went from almost starving to death to the highest post one can achieve in politics. Again, this is almost a offense for people who have parents, grandparents and the list go on and on that were on politics, that were “people born to lead” and many of them feel that he is a usurper from ther birth right. He is also corrupt, manipulative and a liar. All politicians here are, and no one becomes president of this country (Dare I say ALL?) without understanding of how the game is played, how to manuever people, how to make things look the way you want them to look. Lula was already condemned for one crime by the first instance judge and has 6 other processes under way. To be elected president again, he must be acquitted in all cases or, at least, postpone all decisions for one more year. Huge judicial meltdown. Politically, other candidates have Lula’s vast history of malfeasance and bad decisions to explore during the campaign that make him almost ineligible. So, the other candidates must be really bad, which is a detriment to the country. Even for ethical reasons, he can’t be much worse than Temer and his multiple accusations and his embarrassingly immoral audio recordings. And as far as it concerns to me I still live in Brazil and am surviving. Expect a bunch of idiots to call me leftist or communist for saying all that i've said, but keep in mind i don't support none of these ideologies/political leanings.
2018-03-23 06:38
Brazil VoxLibertatis 
what is the public job that you father have? i know you are not a leftist or communist, you is way worse.
2018-03-23 06:56
"you is way worse" learn english before replying to me pls
2018-03-23 06:58
Brazil VoxLibertatis 
why would i learn english? i only use to talk in HLTV, i don't need this .. i didn't read all, the first and second paragraphs give me a impression that would be 100% talking good about lula, but not at all. you are way worse! better now? now say me, what is the public job that you father have?
2018-03-23 07:47
sorry won't reply to idiots with no argument
2018-03-23 07:48
Brazil VoxLibertatis 
which argument? i said, i didn't read in the first reply, i was thinking that you was a "militante" kkkk after read all i saw that you are not supporting lula and said "impression that would be 100% talking good about lula, but not at all." after did the joke. but why you are in defensive and want a argumentation? maybe you are really supporting lula... maybe you father really have a public job ... OMG now everything is clear !!! kkkkkk
2018-03-23 08:03
Brazil toxicGOD 
+1 his father certainly have a public job OMEGALUL. I want lula in jail cuz he is a fucking corrupt. His son lulinha who use to colect animals shit in zoo (on the past) now have a lot of farms in his name.... I want them all in prision. The four finger man and his fucking son who use to colect shit of animals in zoo.
2018-03-23 08:14
I did not want to defend anyone here on HLTV, but both VoxLibertatis and toxicGOD seems way too dumb to actually read. I will simplify for both of you. Wudestkohm had a balanced argument towards Lula, he did not blindly say that Lula was a complete useless president, and he also pointed out Lula's corruption, bad behavior and lies. Learn to read properly and interpret, or else you'll be played and ruled by another Lula one day again.
2018-03-23 13:39
Brazil VoxLibertatis 
omg dude, you are saying to me learn to read and interpret, but you aren't do that. i was clearly ironic in the second and third reply, don't? it's ok, understand people in internet is very hard, i must put a "(ironic)" after phrases. i'll vote in joao amoedo or in nothing, then relax, i'll not vote in another lula again. and you try not vote to bolsonaro or ciro gomes.
2018-03-24 19:31
You seems educated, and your arguments are 99% correct. I would only point out that "Bolsa Família" wasn't originated in his presidency, it came before and was "improved" during his time. The problem is that it was also abused and became "welfarism", which consists of making a portion of the population dependable of that populist mechanisms. Also, I would add that the whole corruption scheme not necessarily was initiated by Lula, but it was definitely nourished and improved during his presidency, the numbers behind the corruption we suffer won't lie that during our primmest economic time, corruption was being developed even further than we could ever imagine. You probably know all that I stated above, and if you didn't, I never meant to offend or disrespect. I respect your opinion and I value your argument.
2018-03-23 07:08
Lula should have continued the reforms of the previous presidents and today we would have more infrastructure. But Lula only exploited credit (which practically did not exist with inflation and with the fixed exchange rate); reaped many fruits; and made the Bolsa Familia program (which is a very good program from Bolsa Escola), but from which Lula has transformed into a mere and powerful electoral tool under the command of a party secretary until today. If Lula did what he said, if he wanted to help the "people" himself, he should have turned the family grant into law with a guaranteed minimum budget. But his social programs were good and took a lot of people out of misery, that's undetabatable.
2018-03-23 08:54
+1 But it's something we can't praise about it, since all his programs were actually also part of masking the gigantic corruption scheme it was brewing in 2002+. The price for those programs is minimal if they were stealing millions to billions of reais.
2018-03-23 13:32
2018-03-23 13:39
Brazil mibrzera 
Best Brasilian President #Respect FatherOfPoors
2018-03-23 08:00
2018-03-23 08:10
Brazil Rust1 
Best Brasilian President #Respect FatherOfPoors /2
2018-03-23 13:34
Brazil jeffsobrinho 
it's quite s1mple, guys. . on the time Lula was president, the oil barrel was over 100$. He spended a lot of money doing good stuff in the wrong way, and a lot of money on corrupt people. . With oil at that price, nobody gave a shit. his sucessor, Dilma Roussef, tried to do the same, with a oil crysis going on. Lula IS corrupt. Im not sure if my country have at least one that is not.
2018-03-23 13:40
Eduardo Cunha: arrested Sérgio Cabral: arrested Geddel Vieira Lima: arrested Henrique Eduardo Alves: arrested Luiz Argôlo: arrested Gim Argello: arrested Antônio Palocci: arrested Lula: Not guilty Where is the sense? Lula government brought FIFA WC and Olympics just to benefit their interests with money laundry and to make overpriced buildings. Opposite ideologics politicals need to be judged and with more incisive justice for this, but no way Lula is innocent. If leftists really want to be coherent in their logics, they must at least leave Lula away, its an incomprehensible fanatism support him these days.
2018-03-23 13:47
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