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CSGO > Fortnite,PUBG
India Gandhii6 
CSGO > Fortnite,PUBG In year or two this Battle Royale craze is over and CS just keeps going and going and going and going.. True, CS:GO is too hard for many players and therefore will never get as much players, same thing with titles like StarCraft. But that is ok. Look at it this way: CS&SC are like sports cars while battle royale games are like family cars. Sports car are less popular, but that doesn't make them worse.
2018-03-23 09:34
Still comparing a tactical economic based shooter to a luck based battle arena shooter OMEGALUL
2018-03-23 09:36
Nope Also that's what they said when H1Z1 blew up... and when PUBG blew up... and now look, fortnite is the biggest game for months now and growing
2018-03-23 09:39
for 1 month
2018-03-23 10:34
Denmark VeryDanishGuy 
minecraft hungergames is the new shit guys
2018-03-23 09:39
Finland Cumhur2004 
new in 2011 maybe
2018-03-23 09:43
Denmark VeryDanishGuy 
nonononononon minecraft is the new shit' have utried hungergames its so cool
2018-03-23 10:00
Sweden mixlax 
aka Fortnite... ;)
2018-03-23 10:20
Hobbit | 
United Kingdom salad! 
analogy would work if family cars were more fun to drive than sports cars
2018-03-23 09:57
Ukraine Najara 
CS ahahaah lul CS axaxaxa LUL CS huehuehue 100 cheaters / 100 cheaters
2018-03-23 10:04
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
Well said
2018-03-23 10:33
thought it was obvious, but ok. agreed
2018-03-23 10:37
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