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Shox team ACTUAL info
France Freshly_baked_baguette 
Stop your bs predictions "omgz scream with shox omgzzz drim tim" (first thing, scream and shox had relations pb in old g2, they won't play together) Smithzz confimed he's gonna make a new team in the next 2 months : - Ex6 - Smithzz - Shox The core team, they have the same vision and it should make french cs great again He confirmed 3 things : - Kenny is very insterested in the project, and might come if the G2 project doesn't work - NBK might come too, proving he's not manipulating ppl or backstabbing. They don't have problems (hi hltv fags). He may also come if the G2 project doesn't work - Confirmed zywoo is an option they're looking at It will be a french speaking team, so no +Taco :(
2018-03-23 11:18
you forgot kioshima.
2018-03-23 11:20
France Deadfish 
everyone knows
2018-03-23 11:21
just to inform and educate hltv morons We just know rumors for now, not facts These are facts Tu savais rien pour Kenny avoue
2018-03-23 11:25
France iwasthelegend 
tg suce bite stfu sucker
2018-03-23 14:24
c'est l'heure de la récré?
2018-03-23 14:26
France iwasthelegend 
haha nt i m on medicine fdp leak more nbk ass and stay unemployed
2018-03-23 14:27
NV fanboy can't stand facts and prefer to ignore them...a bit like Happy
2018-03-23 14:28
ptdrrrrrr delete your comment
2018-04-18 20:27
France GAITS 
Name checks out
2018-03-23 11:42
2018-03-23 13:47
Russia vall3n 
I suggest naming it "Shox & friends"
2018-03-23 11:22
kinda true
2018-03-23 11:41
Netherlands !napz 
Shox n Friends SnF I like the sound of it
2018-03-23 11:42
Brazil 1710710 
Shoxie & The Baguetties
2018-03-25 05:51
+1 my banana friend
2018-03-28 11:56
Indonesia verky 
What do u think the possibility of devo and amanek joins in? Amanek is a really good awper and would be a good addition since smithzz isn't awping, and devo is a great rifler (although they came from NA scene which is arguably not the strongest at the time) So the line up would be Ex6 - IGL Shox - Lurk (star player) Smithzz - probably entry fragger, probably refragger (using a formerly awper as an entry frag is probably not the best idea isn't?) Devo - probably entry fragger, probably refragger Amanek - Awper (he didn't have the chances to prove himself as an awper since he's in a team with ShaZam)
2018-03-23 11:29
they didn't talk about him, but I'd love +Amanek He's pretty insane, and to me has more potential than devo. He's both a great awper and rifler, like mixwell
2018-03-23 11:35
Indonesia verky 
Yeah but if we look at the market, they're the only one 'relevant' players available and they're good as well. If shox & co. decided to pick up zywoo, adding amanek to the mix as an entry/2nd awp would be a great idea, he's a good entry in misfits. I hope they pick up kenny tho..
2018-03-23 13:05
if G2 with mixwell works like shit, he will come with shox
2018-03-23 13:48
Amanek is actually a legit talent even without the awp NA pro's talked about him alot and he carried misfits hard tbh great potential
2018-03-23 13:09
i have to add if G2 doesnt work out in the next 2-3 months kennyS might be joining shox (inside info)
2018-03-23 13:48
Indonesia linekerrr 
devoduvek is pro fortnite player nt tho
2018-03-23 18:18
ScreaM Shox SmithZZ Shox Ex6tenZ PLS!! i want this lineup
2018-03-23 11:32
scream has good aim, but IG...not the best choices
2018-03-23 11:35
yes i know but scream cant stay in envyus.. envyus is shit team. and he need better team.,and i think he playing with Shox/ex6tenz good you think they cant play together? :D i want see this lineup :(
2018-03-23 11:37
scream is one of the reason envyus is a shit team right now. also shox said scream think he is a star and it s diffuclt to play with him so for sure there is no scream
2018-03-24 14:45
Uruguay NDCbaiter 
Scream its bad bro, thats why envh is playing bad lately
2018-03-25 07:45
France GAITS 
-scream +rpk
2018-03-23 11:43
ScreaM is better..,RpK now havent got form..
2018-03-23 11:46
Poland Zgrzyt 
double shox LUL
2018-03-23 13:23
whai 2 shox?
2018-03-23 13:24
India bonelessp3 
Better team - > Ex6tenz Smithzz Shox Shox Shox
2018-03-23 17:43
SmithZz | 
Australia Kyr0xZ 
+1 Hahhahahah
2018-03-23 18:02
ha ha ha no :D
2018-03-23 18:14
2 Shox lmao
2018-03-24 19:19
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
Ct aggression is old out dated meta. French cs will be shit forever sorry. :((
2018-03-23 11:38
i trust them, I aren't think so
2018-03-23 12:00
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
you trust who? ZywooOoooOo? Nah 2faced nbk? Or typical french toast shoxie who has been shit since they made this “super team”. Oh my bad u trust the belgium who is the EU shroud. Fuck! Its gotta be ex6tenz? Did i spell that right? Wait. I apologize, happytop1
2018-03-23 13:10
I'm not saying they're great, but I just support them. New configurations could create something, ex6 is very good. And he frags more than Karrigan
2018-03-23 13:47
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
but he doesn't play the level karrigan plays... cmon. best French team was 2016 g2
2018-03-23 16:05
that what makes me believe in shox's project. They have the 2016 G2 core players + someone with better gamesense than scream + 1 real awper and we should be good
2018-03-23 16:36
Ex6TenZ kennyS shox smithzz ZywOo Would be pretty sick
2018-03-23 13:08
Poland Zgrzyt 
it will but it zywoo will choke first few tournaments due to lack of top level experience and even after that Smithzz and ex6 have to be carried by kenny shox and zywoo. Mediocre team if you ask me, 2 weak players is too much nowadays, look navi with poorly playing Edward and weak Zeus.
2018-03-23 13:21
+1 i love how particularly thorin but also pretty much everyone else is like yeah smithzz is shit but he just has to be the support player, the team player etc that fills a role in ex6 god strats well they forget that ex6 himself is playing on that team and hes already dogshit. 2 dogshit players is too much to be the best team.
2018-03-23 14:19
5 AWP setup pls thanks
2018-03-24 13:57
Where did you get the info about NBK from? Because on the shox podcast, it seemed that NBK wasnt an option..
2018-03-23 13:08
France rezpecful 
smithzz mentionned it but it was mostly about someone filling NBK's role than NBK himself
2018-03-23 13:11
Amanek should be on this team legit talent. carried misfits hard
2018-03-23 13:10
Spain JasonRacism 
Would rather have kennyS and ScreaM if they can get them
2018-03-24 13:54
yes ofc but if not amanek is real good pick up
2018-03-24 18:12
Spain JasonRacism 
Yeah i suppose, He wasn't really THAT aggressive though and i think thats what the 5th player needs to be, I look to the roster and i don't see SmithZz or Ex6TenZ entrying with Shox and kennyS/ZywOo is the AWP
2018-03-25 04:57
2018-03-25 05:19
France rezpecful 
"They don't have problems (hi hltv fags)." don't be that gullible
2018-03-23 13:10
Thought NBK didn't want to play with Ex6 and where did you get the "- NBK might come too, proving he's not manipulating ppl or backstabbing. They don't have problems (hi hltv fags). He may also come if the G2 project doesn't work" can you link the source or wherever you got that from?
2018-03-23 13:10
Belgium Qker 
Well no he can't... on the video he linked, smithzz says that if the g2 project doesn't work with NBK he could be an option if he's interested but he never said he was. That's about it.
2018-03-23 17:36
Ah ok Thanks ^-^
2018-03-23 17:37
Belgium Qker 
NP. They're looking for a player with similar profile as nbk & body. That's the only thing that is certain. : )
2018-03-23 17:41
IMO Apex is the best pickup if they calm him down and actual make him listen cuz without a doubt he is the best Entry on French scene
2018-03-23 23:07
"- NBK might come too" stopped reading right,not gonna happen.closed
2018-03-23 13:15
2018-03-23 13:16
Smithzz said it so.
2018-03-24 14:23
yea and thats the reason why shox wanted to kick him:DDDDDDDD 10/10
2018-03-24 14:24
yep but It's not against him... and if g2 doesn't get results we could see this line up : Shox Smithzz Ex6tenz Nbk kennyS
2018-03-24 16:04
do you really believe to this:D? this lineup will never happen.NEVER
2018-03-24 16:09
It could happen if g2 doesn't get results... that's what smithzz say in the itw
2018-03-24 16:10
link to interview?
2018-03-24 16:12
2018-03-24 16:20
thanks...still dont think that it will happen tho.time will tell:)
2018-03-24 16:25
true... we will see if nbk is able to make g2 better
2018-03-24 16:29
shox smithz kqly sf fxy0
2018-03-23 13:15
2018-03-24 14:23
Nbk is a shit, toxic and overrated player. Any team with him will be a failure
2018-03-23 13:16
+1 him trying to join is just proof he’s trying to weasel his way into a better team to carry his ass- especially if KennyS leaves for shox team. NBK Is the new smithzz in terms of being carried imo...except everyone thinks nbk is good for god knows what reason
2018-03-24 14:35
1) Translate us the very part where he says that ScreaM won't join because of bad blood between them. It's really cool to share a French interview with those who don't speak French. 2) kennyS interest will easily come to an end if NBK succeeds with mixwell. kennyS just wants to win and he has no preferences unlike NBK that hates the very idea of playing with Ex6 or ScreaM. 3) If the trio brings in any additional support player, the team will suck cocks, so they do need an additional madfragger. I agree with bodyy - their project is doomed, a team shouldn't have more than 1 weak hitter in addition to an IGL.
2018-03-23 13:35
1) From 1'55 (talking about how the new early 2017 G2 was created. He said shox already received a first contact with nathan in 2016 to make changes) Then 2nd message : "I think it was in Oakland, he received a message. We were doing bad for 3-4 months...he had problems with people in the team. Not with me on a human aspect, but more on the game aspect. Because I was playing bad, we were talking about my skill ect ... At that time even I didn't want to continue playing, regarding my performances. I didn't want to play sniper anymore. He had relationship problems with Adil, with Cédric (rpk) that time rpk was loosing motivation, didn't want to play much...he was in a bad period. Then they proposed me to become a coach, and join G2."
2018-03-23 14:03
> He said shox already received a first contact with nathan in 2016 to make changes I asked specifically about ScreaM. > He had relationship problems with Adil, with rpk also. But still they're open to teaming up with RpK, why would it be a problem to team up with ScreaM then? I listened to shox' interview and he said he kicked ScreaM because it became hard to control him, as far as I understand ScreaM refused to listen to shox' strats, and yes he may play weird, but if to pick anyone from nV it should be ScreaM because the rest suck even more, you may say they should pick kio but kio is more of a supportive player and they already have SmithZz as support and Ex6 as another weak fragger so they need more firepower, look at FaZe and new SK. Even a team with shox and kennyS should have one more madfragger, otherwise they will suck.
2018-03-23 14:10
i talked about the first message to give you some context ... BTW YOU'RE WELCOME
2018-03-23 14:12
TOld you NBK is a snake. He’s the new smithzz getting carried except people think he’s good. Smithzz was actually OK on rifle. I’d like to hear more about the beef with shox and scream though. Not sure if I understood that right bc the English wasn’t that great (not from your post the other guy)
2018-03-24 14:40
shox said that ScreaM became hard to control in the end and that's why G2 kicked him. And I heard that ScreaM went mad at shox for being kicked and refused to have lunch with him. But... shit happens, e.g. kennyS vs apEX: and translation: And then they re-united in Titan and went together to EnVyUs and were regarded by many as a package deal. I'm sure if Happy fixes his shit and becomes a good IGL again shox may team up with him in a year despite his interview.
2018-03-24 14:49
Denmark Derige 
Doesn't look like a top 10 line-up to me.
2018-03-23 13:51
Spain JasonRacism 
Shox - Entry SmithZz - Support Ex6TenZ - IGL KennyS - AWP ScreaM - Entry Looks like it could go up against teams like FaZe honestly
2018-03-24 13:53
Indonesia verky 
Shox is one of the best lurker in the entire world, don't put him at entry lmao
2018-03-25 10:05
Spain JasonRacism 
Lurking is a dead role, It's super predictable, Why do you think legends like Hiko and GTR have became worse? Because the role they became so good at has overtime had less value
2018-03-25 10:22
Indonesia verky 
So there's no lurker then? Ok just execute the site without no info from lurking, really a not bad idea at all my friend
2018-03-26 01:13
Spain JasonRacism 
Lurking can be good but not for everyone, It has to be unpredictable
2018-03-26 05:44
Romania Anonym20 
- Ex6 - Smithzz - Shox - Taco - Friberg
2018-03-23 14:12
"NBK might come too" - Last I heard, NBK was adamantly against playing with ex6 . Is this just speculation on your part? I don't speak french, but from that vid it sounds like nbk and boddy were not interested and will probably stay together
2018-03-23 14:15
that's the difference between hltv rumors, and actual facts Shox also moved ex6 from G2 because they had problems. Doesn't mean they won't play together
2018-03-23 14:21
Ok, so where in the video does he say that NBK is interested?
2018-03-23 14:21
i'll post you the link
2018-03-23 14:22
from 32:10 (talking about the possible players, he talked about Kenny a few seconds before) "i could be ..nathan, if the G2 project doesn't work"
2018-03-23 14:25
Belgium Qker 
Nbk clearly said in an interview that he respects ex6 but that his style is outdated and that he didn't wanted to play under his lead anymore. That's not a rumour. And about your translation, you say it like nbk would be interrested wich is only speculation. "We're looking for a player with same profile as body, but he won't come even if nbk's project doesn't work since he's not interested. It could even be NBK if his project doesn't work and IF HE'S INTERESTED IN THE PROJECT AND WILLING TO GIVE IT ALL" That only means that they're not closing the door to NBK's face, not that he's willing to follow them if his project does'nt work You're speaking about hltv's rumour yet you're the one translating half sentences and keeping what suits you.
2018-03-23 17:55
Writing the end of a sentence in caps lock won't make a point. He said that, like he could have done it for every other player. Of course you have to get motivated mates? What's the problem? If he had problems wth NBK, he wouldn't even state him in their project.. I think you're just a bit salty he didnt speak about your fellow Scream
2018-03-23 20:46
Work on your French please you retard.
2018-03-24 16:07
It's not even what SmithZz said in the interview. It's true that kenny showed interest for the project, for NBK, it's pure speculation from SmithZz part.
2018-03-23 15:23
That's what I figured, thanks for clarifying
2018-03-23 15:45
What is said exactly is that if G2 fails, kenny is interested and could join and they need a fixe player. They thought about bodyy, which shox seems to really like (and so does kenny, and possibly Ex6 from their old days in G2) but SmithZz said that he doesn't beleive in the project and that NBK could be a solution to fill this role, like many other players he mentionned in the interview
2018-03-23 16:07
And last thing to clarify is about Zywoo : He said that he doesn't want to main awp anymore and zywoo is an option, like to1nou if kenny doesn't come.
2018-03-23 16:09
+Amanek +Devoduvek
2018-03-23 14:22
ex6,smithz,shox,s1mple,flamie to SK current SK to immortals/mibr get shit on fags
2018-03-23 14:23
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
2018-03-23 15:26
KubiK | 
Poland lukmik 
new g2 won't work so new great french team inc
2018-03-23 17:34
wow this looks like a reddit post. unfortunately no karma for you.
2018-03-23 17:41
Portugal BenJF 
Ex6tenZ - IGL KennyS - AWP Shox - lurker RPK / Scream - entry fragger rifler Kio - support french scene's problems solved
2018-03-23 17:46
Shox without smithzz isnt happening unfortunately
2018-03-24 13:46
Portugal BenJF 
yeah that s kinda stupid but we can get surprised by SmithZz form he was really good in TItan
2018-03-24 13:54
After a year outside of pro matches, i dont really see it happening but well he will still be playing as a support player kind of like taco, serves as bait.
2018-03-24 13:55
Portugal BenJF 
in old G2 lineup he was the main AWP and also the support :/ whereas getting SmithZz to support and AWP you can have 2 tier 1 player ( kennyS and kio )
2018-03-24 15:59
problems solved with the problem in the team?
2018-03-24 14:46
Scream and shox are still good friend outside the games and it's likely scream overconfidence won't happen again after his time with nV. so i don't see a reason why not to add one tap
2018-03-23 18:21
you never know...could happen and could be great
2018-03-24 13:12
Spain JasonRacism 
+1 I think it just depends if they can buy him out
2018-03-24 13:52
You better tell me why does Ex6 learn English? May be they want an international lineup?
2018-03-24 13:15
He is trying to make his english better so he can play fpl properly and improve his ingame fragging.
2018-03-24 13:44
Spain JasonRacism 
If kennyS comes i would rather have ScreaM than anyone else, Ex6TenZ and SmithZz will be more supportive players they need another aggressive entry player along with Shox
2018-03-24 13:52
And if Kenny doesnt want to leave G2, they can try to get ZywOo
2018-03-24 13:59
Spain JasonRacism 
2018-03-24 13:59
Some people were saying that zywoo was an option, so he was going to play alongside shox ex6tenz smithzz and kennys, to me that doesnt really make sense because isnt zywoo the awper of his team? ik he is a strong rifler and a decent to good awper but lets say he wants to awp, they wont give the awp to him instead of kenny.
2018-03-24 14:11
He could probably 2nd AWP, also thats why I said if Kenny doesnt leave
2018-03-24 14:28
Whats if he wants to primary, its the same deal with s1mple, the guy is a monster with rifles and still wants to awp, should they give him the oportunity ahead of kenny?
2018-03-24 16:39
I am saying this for the 3rd time, they can aquire ZywOo if Kenny doesnt leave G2, I dont think both of them in the same team is a great idea either
2018-03-24 17:15
Norway rogueplayer 
mixwell and screaM
2018-03-24 14:25
There is the outside chance that Amanek and devoduvek get picked up since theyre a decent duo and they wanna go back to France and play in French teams as well as continue playing together.
2018-03-24 14:26
United States STERBENVII 
I already knew that NBK and shox would come to their senses. No way would shox kick NBK and no way would NBK miss out on that opportunity at this point. NBK wasn't the problem in the team. And this new team could be more balanced than the last, idk. Shox and kenny just only have to frag.
2018-03-24 14:30
2018-03-24 14:42
United States Trump2020KAG 
shox said he wanted to remove nbk n boddy.....y would he want nbk on the new team???
2018-03-24 14:41
Shox was going to remove NBK and apex.
2018-03-24 14:43
United States Trump2020KAG 
apex sorry...couldnt remm who was the other.....ty
2018-03-24 14:45
one toxic and one backstabber ez to remember though :D
2018-03-24 16:18
United States Trump2020KAG 
lmao true that
2018-03-24 16:39
Where did NBK say he would be willing to join it?
2018-03-24 14:41
He doesn't, this guy just doesn't understand French and his translation is dog shit.
2018-03-24 16:09
ahh kk
2018-03-24 19:16
Yeye, all Shox said was if NBK's project fails he would be open to playing with him again in his project, that doesn't mean NBK is interested in joining his team.
2018-03-24 19:19
IF NBK comes this team is instantly tier 3-4 go play with your sg retard. Edit: Just saw that your French translation is dog shit and NBK isn't interested at all so this team is going to have a chance at a succeeding at least.
2018-03-24 16:09
- nbk will not come wtf are you saying, pretty sure shox is done with him because he realize how he is truly. - as for kennys it will be too late to join , choice as to be made he prefer to stay and earn ez money with g2 & stickers. as for shox team's there is 2 solutions : - shox smithzz ex6 amanek & zywoo/devo -or something with envy since happy is probably at the end of his road and couldn't change his lead. so shox ex6 smithzz rpk scream .
2018-03-24 16:17
I'm kind of a newfag so I don't know much about smithz but I know that he didn't play for a while so i'm asking the frenchies, was he good at his peak and do you think he will be sufficient enough to make his new team at least top 4?
2018-03-24 16:41
Indonesia FinZzz 
Him at his peak wont even enter top 20. So yea individually bad. But he is the most experienced french player in the scene actually. So very good player for your team in terms of bringing experience and foundation. He fits being a support.
2018-03-24 16:44
Indonesia FinZzz 
How do you know about the NBK one....source?
2018-03-24 16:43
That guy might easily make up some stuff, there're no English subtitles anyway so... I'm sure NBK still doesn't want to play with Ex6, there were a couple of interviews with Thorin and NBK repeated that Thorin had overrated Ex6.
2018-03-24 16:48
Indonesia FinZzz 
Yea as i recall NBK didnt want to play with ex6 so him teaming up with shox (who voted him off btw) and ex6 sounds very very unlikely
2018-03-26 09:52
NiKo | 
Belgium Akkawaka 
Didn't they also talk about picking up "a tank" but they had to put a lot of money? Is RpK an option?
2018-03-24 16:44
Indonesia Anklun 
Shox should consider young talent.
2018-03-24 18:15
Russia Sur10n 
I'm feeling thank you mr.Freshly_baked_baguette
2018-03-24 19:19
Lithuania Tocha 
shox wanted to remove nbk so i doubt he will join shox`s team.
2018-03-24 19:36
he said it ...
2018-03-30 18:03
NBK hates ex6, i would expect ScreaM or even to1nou would stand more chance of going in this team than NBKry
2018-03-24 19:42
Australia weapon_ 
Wont be any nbk in shox team.. they clash.. same with apex.. +kenny
2018-03-25 06:01
"NBK might come too, proving he's not manipulating ppl or backstabbing" LMAO Jumping ship as soon as it's not working
2018-03-25 08:02
like this never happened in other teams
2018-03-28 11:53
Ex6 confirmed everything again + Smithzz +Shox +they are VERY interested in KennyS, and nbk might come too. Both will come after taking a decision during the 2months mixwell trial/nbk igl
2018-03-28 11:50
NiKo | 
India a1adeen 
New team : Shox KennyS Ex6tence(sorry if I made an error) Boddy Kio/Rpk
2018-03-30 18:05
Shox & Friends - ScreaM - Entry Shox - Lurker SmithZz - Support KennyS - Awper Ex6tenz - IGL/Support
2018-04-18 20:29
ZywOo + KennyS would be interesting. Still think SmithZz isn't top tier talent, and Ex6 surely can't frag with top team IGLs like Karrigan, Fallen etc.
2018-04-18 20:32
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