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What CSGO needs to become the best esport
Serbia TransPornstar 
-make so that actual ingame ranks matter -make cbble more balanced or change the map -make at least 1,5 million prize pools on major -make a better anticheat -make the game cost less, my recomendation is 5 bucks -remove autosniper,aug,revolver and other guns that make game less balanced and odd -work and cooperate with esea and faceit
2018-03-23 11:34
The game is already cheap enough,it's not a problem.On sale you can buy it for like 6-7 euros,anyone can afforf that if it really wants. Auto,aug and revolver aren't inbalanced,it gets used in maybe 5% of pro matches.Only silvers complain about these guns.
2018-03-23 11:38
Serbia TransPornstar 
ok apreciate your opinion
2018-03-23 11:40
that pretty muvh confirmed that op is silver.
2018-03-23 12:12
-cache +tuscan -nuke +season(or just fix nuke and switch between these two from time to time) Also never add dust2 to the competitive pool again pls(hate that map) About what u said... the key is not having less, is having more, but balancing it, ergo nerf the CZ-75 bring back the negev to the point it were before it cost 2k(price comeback included) could be a good start.
2018-03-23 11:41
season, nt
2018-03-23 11:49
Maybe im just a bit nostalgic, but i had a lot of fun playing that map in source and go
2018-03-23 11:52
Also never add dust2 to the competitive pool again pls(hate that map) can only agree that map is cancer
2018-03-23 12:05
Brazil brancowhite 
CS:GO already is
2018-03-23 11:42
It will when source engine 2 is out
2018-03-23 11:43
source 2 becomes meme tbh
2018-03-23 11:45
2018-03-23 11:47
and when Panorama UI comes out in 2017
2018-03-23 12:05
Hungary BostonTerrier 
And when gaben visits a major in 2033
2018-03-23 12:58
-make a better anticheat -work and cooperate with esea and faceit nice points... however, cs go is already the best esport .
2018-03-23 11:44
na lol is over cs
2018-03-23 12:06
flusha | 
Korea shglet 
with what logic? less viewers, spectator experience is shit, whole lcs system is dogshit, no big tournaments but worlds which has shit prize pool anyway
2018-03-23 13:00
good shit but it already is
2018-03-23 11:48
they cannot make a better anti-cheat.. VAC. That would be against their own rules of service at Valve.. If they did make it "better" they would have to go into our files. And they cannot do that.
2018-03-23 11:53
so what is the problem of having „two games of CSGO“ one with Vac how it is now and one with a VAC which goes trough our files and everyone can decide which they want to play and im sure 90% will play the one with the better AC
2018-03-23 12:08
I personally wouldn't have a problem if they go through my files. I only got games and some tools for PC. I don't own porn or some private files on my gaming PC...
2018-03-23 13:04
Panorama UI and Source 2
2018-03-23 11:54
-make the game cost less, my recomendation is 5 bucks. 5 bucks so more cheaters can join ? Do you even know what is happening with the game when csgo is on sale ? Lmao clueless -remove autosniper,aug,revolver and other guns that make game less balanced and odd. Climb from gold nova and you will see that these guns are perfectly balanced and ur only shit if you cannot hit autosniper for a second while he is spraying. -work and cooperate with esea and faceit. Why ? There is no need to do that. System that is already in place is already good and outside companies like faceit and esea are doing good job and they don't need to merge together. -make at least 1,5 million prize pools on major. Why ? What is that going to do and how it will affect you as a viewer ? It can be 100k and it wouldn't affect you so don't talk about it since you want a better game prize pool won't matter So 50% of your arguments were laughable
2018-03-23 11:55
United Kingdom arsehole 
you cant just remove guns from the game because you clearly dont like them
2018-03-23 11:58
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
OP is clueless and offers whack suggestions. Sorry! Only valid one is improve VAC. One of the things that need to change is the high turnover of players. In my opinion there are too many transfers which are all to frequent. Two transfer windows should be considered to cut down on this - the players have poor job security as it is. However, without an overseeing governing body it's something nigh on impossible to impose.
2018-03-23 12:01
Imo valve are actually in coop with faceit and esea. Let's think. Valve add 128 tick servers now (for free). Why do you play esea and faceit then?
2018-03-23 12:03
you dont have to except you want to go pro
2018-03-23 12:09
If mm servers would be 128 tick what's the reason to pay for 128 tick then? Everyone would move to mms and maybe valve would add some higher "leagues/lvls" than global.
2018-03-23 12:31
ZywOo | 
United Kingdom Dave2303 
I personally don't play faceit just for 128 tick. There are more significant benefits.
2018-03-23 12:52
If you are nolife. There are leagues with prizes but I dont really have that much time to play 10 matches per day as master league players do. The only real benefit are tournaments. They can also get implemented into the game. So valve can kick out faceit + esea "just like that"
2018-03-23 13:25
ZywOo | 
United Kingdom Dave2303 
1. People usually take it more seriously when they're paying for it (although that can be a bad thing in some cases) 2. Higher percentage of people communicate (linked to the previous one) 3. Not restricted by global 4. Much better anti-cheat, don't think ive ever encountered someone ive thought was cheating in premium. 5. Im actually playing UK circuit right now (seperate subscription) and its the best cs experience ive personally had. 6. Can get faceit points for skins and shit if you want. There's probably other things but that'll do.
2018-03-23 13:33
You can actually see the difference between good and "semi good" player. Good player just dont give a shit about mm rank. And semi good is like "you are lem haha you cant do shit".
2018-03-23 13:50
lets sell cs for free so hackers dont even have to spend money anymore
2018-03-23 12:04
France Nxtro1 
yeah if you wan't to make it a free to play which is already hard enough for gabeN then you also have to improve vac which is even harder for this pig
2018-03-23 12:55
-make a better anticheat -make the game cost less, my recomendation is 5 bucks Pick one. If the price will rise to f.e 50$ the amount of cheaters will decrease( At least in a casual modes not including competitive games, etc.)
2018-03-23 12:35
flusha | 
Korea shglet 
-make so that actual ingame ranks matter this would be nice but who cares in the end -make cbble more balanced or change the map cobble is fairly balanced though? -make at least 1,5 million prize pools on major crowdfunding wouldnt be too bad idea tbh, sell some skins or other shit -make a better anticheat +++ -make the game cost less, my recomendation is 5 bucks yes more cheaters please -remove autosniper,aug,revolver and other guns that make game less balanced and odd why?
2018-03-23 13:03
Slovakia Krafko 
Hello TransPornstar from Serbia, I respect your opinion, but I disagree and agree with some: 1. Make competetive skill groups matter. --- Agreed, if you get to Global Elite there is nothing new to get, FACEIT rewards you by putting you into leagues, ladders, and you can get into FPL and then get picked up by a team if you're good enough. 2. Make Cobblestone more balanced. - Agreed. 3. Add 500,000 US dollars to the prize pools of CS:GO Majors. - Agreed, especially if we compare it to the Dota 2 3 million US dollar prize pool or the new Valve game Artifact, which first tournament will have a 1.5 million US dollar prize pool. 4. Make a better anti-cheat - Agreed. They are constantly working on new techniques, deep machine learning, Overwatch, which all helped, but not enough. 5. Make the game cheaper, 5 US dollars. - STRONGLY disagree. The game for it's state is cheap enough. If we made it cheaper, we would have an even bigger influx of cheaters. 6. Remove the G3SG1, SCAR-20, AUG and R8 Revolver. - No need to, since they are not used that much. 7. Work and co-operate with ESEA and FACEIT. - Well, they do, but maybe not in the way you meant. Because what do you mean with work and co-operate?
2018-03-23 13:15
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